Sunday, December 16, 2012

Work, Hiking and Another Christmas Parade


This week we did not have any camp guests but there was plenty of work to do.  Billy & Ed installed rollers on most of the kitchen appliances so they could be rolled out for cleaning.  Then they were rolled out for that good cleaning.  They also installed plumbing and cabinets in Mauka unit 1 so long term volunteers could stay in it.  Ed became friends with Mr. Mop while helping Ann and Fran clean the K Cottages.   Billy installed insulation in the directors sunroom ceiling & walls.  Next week he will be hanging bead board paneling.


Ann and Fran cleaned the K cottages.  They also cleaned and painted one section of  the 2nd floor lanai in the Plantation house.  On Wednesday evening we celebrated Ramona’s birthday.  Ann cooked dinner and a Ho Ho Birthday Cake which everyone loved.  Fran spent a good deal of time pruning shrubs & weeding.


Ann and Fran worked at the food pantry preparing the bags and boxes and helping to serve the the meal.  Luke (top left) was there with his grandmother.  He is a virtual walking animal encyclopedia and Ann enjoyed talking (listening) to him.  Tomi and Serah (top left) are two ladies that help each week.


On Thursday afternoon we went to the beach to watch the sun set which was cut a little short by the clouds but was still beautiful.


Friday was our day off so we started it off at Diamondhead State Monument.  It was a long uphill walk but well worth the views.  Billy was amazed that our military set up defense systems at the top and had to haul ammo up there.


After leaving Diamond Head we made a short visit to Hanauma Bay (top right) which is the most famous of all Hawaii’s snorkeling beaches.  We did not have our swimsuits so we may come back later.  Then we went on to the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse.  Again a long walk uphill but the views GOD provides from the top are worth it.


Saturday was parade day for Waianae.  We only had to walk a very short distance to find a good spot for viewing.  We were very pleased to see so many churches represented along with the military.  It was a great day for a parade although it seemed sort of warm to be watching a Christmas parade.

Our hearts are broken because of the tragedy that happened in New Town, CT.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

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