Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild Sept 1-15, 2019


The first week of the month we had no volunteers so we took a working vacation.  Walker spent the night and went to church with us. Then we spent the week painting the lake dock plus the walkway and the deck on the house.  It was long hot days but, hey at least we were at the lake.  Billy headed back to Lumberton on Sunday but Ann had some family stuff to do so she went to Raleigh for a couple of days. While there she took Walker to the Marbles Museum (which he loves) and he had his first encounter with a police officer. He was in the front yard watching the geese and waved at the police car going by.  The very nice police lady stopped to give him a sticker.  He gave her a big hug and then sat in her car and got to press the siren button.


We did have volunteers the first couple of days this week but with Florence coming in they opted to leave on Tuesday.  Thanks to the Region 8 Feeding Team, Biltmore and Mike and Cindy Benedict for doing some rebuild work, helping to get our site ready for the Hurricane Florence, and feeding everyone.  We moved equipment around, parked all our vehicles on the dock and moved our campers to more protected locations. Then it was waiting time. Debbie & Paul provided us a great hurricane watch dinner.

Mission Trip Adventures 9.16

Florence made her appearance on Friday with loads of rain and wind. The water was starting to rise a little by the dock and out to the fence toward the airport but we were still able to stay in the campers.  On Saturday we got out for a drive around town and things didn’t look too bad. After supper we went out on the dock and noticed the water had risen to about 18 inches in front of our camper so David had to move so we could move back to higher ground. Of course all this took place in the pouring rain. 

We have canceled the teams coming in on Monday because we are expecting the Lumber River to crest and we don’t know if we will even be able to get to the homes we are rebuilding.  A feeding unit is waiting at Hyde Park and we may be getting a recovery team here at our site.  Things are not looking good for South and West Lumberton at this time.  Officials are predicting worst flooding than after Hurricane Matthew.  Please keep us, Lumberton and the many other affected locations in your prayers.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton August 26-29, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 9.1.2018 p11-Sous chef Debbie and Chef Paul; 2-Julio and his son Dustin, Holly Springs; 3&4-A bunch of guys from Regions 5 & 6; 5-Does anyone recognize this guy with a broom? We normally see him in the kitchen.

Mission Trip Adventures 9.1.2018 p2.1Teams were small in number so they all joined together. They started out by building a back deck, hanging insulation and sheet rock at the Walker house. On Wednesday they moved to the Pone house to trim out windows, install tub and prime walls. No cooking to be done after breakfast so Paul joined Billy to pick up plans for new house build, trip to dump and then helped do a little clean up when we stopped by to check on the team.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton August 19-25, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 8.25.2018.p1.251-Biltmore Church, Asheville; 2-Region 6 Feeding Team with Debbie and Paul; 3-Highland Baptist, Raliegh;, FBC Garner.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.25.2018 p2.251Number of volunteers were low this week but they all had a heart ready to serve. The Garner group did trim work and painted at the Washington home.  The Biltmore group completed the rough in’s at the Walker home and then went to Mt. Siani to work on electrical. plumbing and trim work. The cook teams continue to help Paul serve some great meals. The Highlands team completed the Jones home and then started the flooring at the Robinson home.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild August 12-18, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 8.18.2018 p1David was in charge while we spent some time at the lake.  The Shiloh group was back for another week.  These young men really work hard.  Everyone was treated to Outback Steakhouse on Wednesday night. Wanda brought her team in on Thursday.  Don and Dave with Region 6 helped Paul cook.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.18.2018.17This is what we did with our time off - WORK, WORK & MORE WORK.  Thanks for the help from good friends JE & Betsy Skinner and Sid and Bettyanne Shearin.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton August 5-11, 2018

Mission Trip1-Shiloh Truelight Church of Christ, Mint Hill; 2-Catawba River Baptist Assocation; 3-Branch's Baptist Church, Richmond, VA; 4-Littleton Baptist Church; 5&6-Sandy Ridge Baptist; 7-Region 4 Feeding with Paul and Debbie.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.11This week we had a lot of volunteers from young to senior and all came with a heart to serve and learn. The Shiloh youth had 3 adult leaders each day who taught them how to install insulation & subfloor and do roofing. They completed the sub floor in one house and stripped and shingled two homes. The Catawba group did trim work and wall painting at the Robinson home. The Branch group worked on final touch up at the Campbell and McKinley homes. The Littleton group worked at Mt Siani Church doing trim work, hanging ceiling tiles, doors and painting.  Sandy Ridge finished the subfloor and built walls at the Walker home. Although it was a hot and humid week the volunteers stayed at it and got lots of rebuild done as well as sharing the gospel.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Hurricane Matthews Lumberton Rebuild August 1-4, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 8.4.2018 p1

1-FBC Southern Pines; 2-JE & Betsy Skinner; 3-FUMC Laurinburg; 4-Front Street Baptist Church, Statesville; 5-Paul & Region 3 Feeding Team; 6-The Summit Church, Kernersville.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.04.2018_p2We had a short week. Teams didn’t start until Thursday morning. The Southern Pines group continued the final work at the Campbell home.  The Laurinburg team worked on completing floor tear outs on 2 homes.  The Front Street team hung sheet rock at the Washington house and replaced floor joists at the Pone house. The Summit group installed the floor system at the Walker home and worked at Mt. Siani Church installing ceiling grid and panels, painting, electrical and trim work.  It was a little extra work getting materials to and inside homes with all the rain but as always GOD provided the clear skies when needed.   Many thanks to The North Carolina Community Foundation for their donation to NCBM so more homes can be rebuilt.  A ribbon cutting was held at the Eady home by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency and thanks was given for all the work volunteers have provided.

Currently we have many weeks between now and December with no volunteers. If you are planning a trip give Ann or I a call.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton July 22-28, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 7.28.2018 p11-Gainsville Baptist, Lincolnton with Lisa, Ellie & Jackie; 2-Region 2 Feeding with Paul and Debbie; 3-Biltmore, Asheville;4-Region 2 Rebuild; 5-Mike & Ellie Wilhelm, Community Bible Church.

66-Rocky River Baptist, Siler City; 7-FlatRock Baptist, Louisburg; 8-Austin Grove Baptist, Marshville; 9-FBC Matthews; 10-Wanda & Friends, Kannapolis.

Mission Trip Adventures 7.28Very busy week in Lumberton. Lots of skill so lots of finish up work was completed. Finally got a replacement window for the Bostic home so it is now 100% complete and they have moved home. The V. Powell home is very close to complete. The flooring done and 95% painted.  It needs a little bit of plumbing and they will be ready to move in.  The Mt Saini Church fellowship hall is close to complete and then they will begin using it for services.  The Biltmore team spent most of the week at the Campbell home. They hoped to complete it but did not.  The ladies spent the week caulking and painting the trim work and doors put up last week. Finished rough in plumbing and electric on 2 homes and sheet rock is now being hung.

We got requests to start a few more homes this week so let us know when your team wants to come to Lumberton to share the Gospel and help families return home.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild July 15-21, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 7.21.2018 ]11-Worship speaker for the week, Jonathan Yarboro, The Collegiate Partnership Team Leader, Baptist State Convention of NC; 2-Cutting grass at the FBC Lumberton Senior Home;  3-Carolina Mission Team - Wendell Baptist and Mauldin, SC Baptist; 4-Mauldin Baptist feeding with Paul and Debbie;  5–Christ Community Church, Southern Pines;  6-Bethlehem Baptist Church, Knightdale.

Mission Trip Adventures 7.21.2018 p2.211With a site full of youth the teams were divided up and set out on many different tasks. There were 3 roofing teams and they completed 4 roofing jobs. Another team installed flooring in 2 homes. A subfloor/joist team replaced bad joists and installed subfloor at the Robinson home. Two teams installed cabinets and did trim work on 7 homes. The final team spent the week cleaning yards and cutting grass. The teams did a great job reaching out to the residents at each of the locations they worked.

Mission Trip Adventures 7.21.2018 p2.21 The Pyler job was the talk of the week. Two teams worked there to replace their roof while the other team worked inside repairing the kitchen floor and doing some cleaning. Their refrigerator went out about three years ago and they didn’t have funds to replace it. On Tuesday night the teams passed the bucket around and Wednesday morning they carried her a refrigerator and a window AC. Ms. Dawn was so happy all she could do was cry and thank God for sending this wonderful team to her home.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton - July 8-14, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 7.14.2018 p11-Irvington Area Churches, Indianapolis, IN; 2-FBC Mooresville; 3-Paul with Region 10 Feeding Team plus Debbie from Region 1; 4-Nightly Worship Time; 5-
Mark, Trinity BC, Raleigh.

MIssion Trip Adventures 7.14.2018 p2We had two good size youth teams this week.  One group worked on the V. Powell home installing insulation, flooring and plumbing. Another group finished the D. Powell home and then moved up the street to install rough in plumbing on the Robinson home. A large group worked at Mt. Siani Church installing insulation, painting and framing doorways. The final group worked at the Leech home bringing it to almost move in stage.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild June 24-30, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 6.301-  FBC Swannanoa: 2- Community Bible Church, High Point; 3- Broad River Baptist, Blacksburg, SC; 4- Paul, Keith & Billy;  5- Broad River Baptist Feeding Team & Chef Paul.

Mission Trip Adventures 6.30-001We had many volunteers this past week. One large team and three small teams. Many homes were worked on. The Eady house in Fair Bluff was completed. The Deloris Jones home in now 90 % done. Just waiting on a door and HVAC. Rough in electrical was completed at Mt Siani so the team hung the sheet rock. Team finished the ramp and HVAC at the McComb home so it is ready for her to return home. Also the Larry Jones home is ready for him to return home. Most everything was completed at Doris Powell home. It will be completed next week so she can return home.

As said before another great week serving GOD. Please remember Sharron from Swannanoa in prayer. As they were packing their trailer Friday afternoon and calling it quits for the week she tripped in the yard, fell on her elbow and broke it. She will be having surgery next week when they get back home.