Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–December 10-16, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 12.1611-Biltmore, Asheville with Mike Benedict & Billy Laughinghouse; 2-Ray Greene; 3-Someone forgot to paint the attic staircase door so David is taking care of it; 4-Region 10 Feeding Team-Lee & Mike Willis.CollagesThe teams this week worked at trying to complete several more homes so families could return home.  Electric was completed to HVAC units on the Becote and Moore house as well as receptacles and switches in others. They also installed some additional security lights at the center.  Trim, painting and flooring was completed at the McNair home. The Becote home is complete and a group that worked on their home over the summer delivered some furniture to them on Friday.  Another group gave them canned goods, cleaning supplies and a Food Lion gift card. The Moore and McMillian homes are almost ready to return to the families. Hope this will take place in a couple of weeks.  Volunteers have helped about 60 families this year either return home or receive a dry roof.

There is still lots more work to be done in the Lumberton area that needs teams that can do rebuild work and witnessing.  Please let us know when your rebuild team would like to join us in Lumberton for a few days. We are taking a break to celebrate Christmas with our families and the work in Lumberton will begin back on December 26.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–December 3-9, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 12.091-FBC Valdese, Michael Locklear, Anthony and our 1st of week cook-Joanne; 2-Michael’s grandson Shane; 3-Our 2nd part of week cook and my admin helper Debbie. Chef Paul is in NH visiting with his mother.Mission Trip Adventures 12.091Teams were small in numbers this week however their hearts were filled with love and helping others.  Floors were finished in one house, 2 roofs installed (3rd started), interior trim work and painting.

Volunteers have helped many families return home this year but we still have over 100 request for help. Check with your team and set a date or week to serve in Lumberton.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thanksgiving Week & Lumberton Rebuild November 26-December 2, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 12.022We had a great week at home for Thanksgiving. We were able to spend time with family and eat some good food.  We have a lot to be thankful for.Mission Trip Adventures 12.021Volunteers: 1-Billy with Paul Langston; 2-Region 8 Feeding Team; 3-Cornith Baptist Church, Elizabeth City; 4-Greystone Baptist, Raleigh; 5-Rocky River Baptist Church,Polkton; 6-Union Baptist Church, Monroe; Not pictured-Billy Laughinghouse.Mission Trip Adventures 12.02Teams were very active this week. Sheetrock hung and finished, subfloor system, doors installed, shingles installed, wall framing, trim work, electrical completed, floor tile and counter tops installed. Very productive week. With the help of volunteers over next couple weeks hope to finish at least 2 more homes before Christmas.

Volunteer list needs lots more names on it for next few months. Give us a call.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild November 12-18, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 11.18-0011-Pleasant Garden Baptist Church; 2-Greystone Baptist Church, Durham; 3-Community Bible Church, High Point; 4-Westwood Baptist Church, Cary; Region 4&6 Feeding Team; 6-Trinity Baptist Church, Raleigh; 7-University Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte; 8-Piney Grove Baptist Church; Faison; Not pictured: David Tippett, Asheville; Lewis & Morris, Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville; David & Nancy Piet, Pittsboro; Ike & Eddie, Momeyer Baptist Church; Boy Scouts Troup 37, Monroe; Samaria Baptist Church; Oak Island Baptist Church; River of Life Baptist Church, Sunset Beach; Church at Charlotte; Tabor City Baptist Church.Mission Trip Adventures 11.18It’s been a very productive and busy week. Floors were laid in 4 different homes, sheetrock hung in 2 homes, electrical in 5 homes, dishes washed and a happy Doreen moved back home.Mission Trip Adventures 11.181Teams also rebuilt part of a floor system and did most of a shingle roof replacement.  And yes more sheet rock being done. 

The Lumberton operation has several homes in most all stages. From installing floor joist to hanging sheet rock to replacing the roof system.  We are in need of many volunteers each week for the next 8 to 12  months.  Special needs for people who will work either on their own or work with volunteers to show and teach them how to do the job properly.

We will be off next week to spend time with our families for Thanksgiving.  We are very grateful for all of the volunteers that have been to Lumberton this year to work and share God’s love.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1 NIV

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild November 4-11, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 11.111-Feeding Region 5; 2-FBC Matthews; 3-Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterian Church, PA.Mission Trip Adventures 11.1114-Daystar Church, Greensboro; 5-FBC Salisbury; 6-Integrity Community Church, Burlington.Collages7-Calvary Baptist Church, Lincolnton; 8-Lafayette Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 9-Grace Baptist Christ & Christ the Cornerstone Academy, Laurinburg; Not Pictured-Tabernacle Baptist, Raleigh & Crew Chiefs-JE, Randy, Richard & Baker.Mission Trip Adventures 11.11-001We had 10 different teams come to Lumberton to help rebuild this week. Teams did some final cleaning to a couple homes, tore out tile in a bathroom, installed flooring and finished rough in electrical on a home.Mission Trip Adventures 11.111-001Other teams laid subflooring, installed insulation, hung sheet rock and laid more flooring. The youth group built a porch and steps along with under skirted a mobile home.

Over the past 2 months volunteers have completed several homes so we have now started some new homes. There is still over 100 homes that we have yet to start.  Let us know when you and your group will be coming to Lumberton to help rebuild and share the Gospel.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–October 22-November 4, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 10.28Volunteers October 22-28: 1-Hillside Church, CA;  2-Green Street Baptist, High Point;  3-Region 3 Feeding;  4-Biltmore, Asheville;  5-Shiloh Bible Church, Danville, PA & Christian Church of Bloomsburg, PA.

Photos (1)Volunteers have been installing metal roofs, hanging sheet rock, taking breaks while painting homes. Yes that’s Deefa.  Paul has also returned from his tour of duties he felt he was called to follow. Since Labor Day he has been to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  Anthony is also back from two weeks in Puerto Rico.  We are happy to have them both back.

Mission Trip Adventures 10.28-001The California group returned and took on the task of finishing up some homes. On Friday they followed Anthony to Whiteville to build another wall and hang sheet rock.

Mission Trip Adventures 11.4-001Volunteers October 29-November 4: 1-FBC Mauldin, SC ;2-Tuckaseigee Bap. Assoc., Sylvia; 3-Region 3 & 4 Feeding; 4-Bennett Baptist; 5-Yes, they were playing soccer after a full work day!

Not Pictured-Park Baptist, Concord;  Lumberton & Southern Pines Rotary Clubs.

Mission Trip Adventures p3One of the volunteers from a Spanish speaking church shared with us why they came.  He told us that when they were building their new church building that many people came to help so they felt led to pay it forward. This was a hard working group that got a lot of work done in three days. They went to finish hanging the sheetrock in Whiteville. Some finished installing the replacement roof at our center before the winter rains set in.  Teams painted at several homes.

Mission Trip Adventures 11.4The other teams installed lots of flooring, installed trim work, hung cabinets and started a new job by replacing floor joist.

Some of the many homes completed over the past 45 days are : Edwards, Bullard, Scott, Susanna McMillian, Lewis and Troy.  We are waiting on grant approval so we can install HVAC systems in the McNeil and Blount homes so they will be complete.

Our goal this week is to complete the Allen, Nair, Howell and Becote homes.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–October 15-21, 2017

10.21This week started out a bit different.  Since we did not have any volunteers coming in until Wednesday Ann went to visit Matt, Tanya & Walker.  On Tuesday they went to the NC State Fair.  Walker really liked driving the tractors and the Groovy Bus. Mission Trip Adventures 10.211-Grey Stone Baptist, Durham; 2-Region 2 and Trinity Feeding; 3-Cornerstone Baptist, Mt. Airy; 4-Ebenezer Baptist, Indian Trail; 5-Latoshia; 6-Salem Baptist, Apex; 7-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh; No Pictures-Oak Island Baptist & Cabin Missionary Baptist, Pink Hill.Mission Trip Adventures 10.21-001Lots of good volunteers and most had lots of skills.  Houses have been wired, flooring laid, walls painted, subfloor installed, roofs put on, painting, tile installed, ramp built along with a new front stoop and steps.  Several homes again are close to being completed and we have started two new rebuilds.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–October 8-14, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 10.141-FBC Hickory; 2-Al Percy with Billy; 3-Debbie Holloway; 4 & 5-Colonial Baptist, Trinity; 6-Church 180, Rock Hill, SC; 7-Daystar Church ,Greensboro.Mission Trip Adventures 10.141Started the week out with one team from Hickory. They were joined by three other churches for the end of the week. Teams have been busy hanging sheetrock, installing cabinets, plumbing, electrical, painting, laying flooring and doing trim work. Also want to say thanks to Christian Aid for continuing to lend a hand in the rebuild efforts of Lumberton. They have worked on three homes for us this week.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild - Day of Service - October 7, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 10.07Governor Cooper and his staff put together a Day of Service to remember Matthew’s visit one year ago.  5 sites were chosen to be work sites. Close to 100 people showed up to help rebuild in Lumberton.  The Governor his wife and daughter helped hang sheet rock at a home on Oregon Street. The rest of the windows were also replaced.

Mission Trip Adventures 10.071Governor Cooper tried to personally thank each volunteer for their help to rebuild Lumberton. Mike Sprayberry was also in Lumberton and did his part at helping out.  One of the groups was from a local high school. Their teacher plans to bring them back several times so he can teach them basic building skills. This will help us out a lot as well as the students being able to learn skills.

The rebuild project in Lumberton is like most other disasters. Once the news media leaves the rest of the public believes all is done and help goes away but we are still here and can use your help.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–September 24-30, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 9.301-Union Baptist, Monroe; 2-FBC Matthews; 3-Ed Coletrain; 4-Sid & BettyAnn; 5-Swananoa Baptist Church; 6-Community Bible Church, High Point; 7-Feeding Region 2; 8-Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Cramerton; 9-Vertical Church, Lumberton; Not pictured: Al Percy & Orange County Democratic Party.

Mission Trip Adventures 9.301Another week of dedicated volunteers who came to Lumberton with a heart full of compassion and ready to serve GOD as needed. This week teams have installed two metal roofs, replaced windows on two homes, installed sub flooring, laid flooring, built walls, installed and finished wiring, lots of painting, hung insulation and did two tear outs.  One of our highlights this week was when Susanna McNeil moved her stuff back into her rebuilt home. David and I had a chance to chat and pray with her on Saturday. She called many of the volunteers who worked on her house by name and thanked the Lord for each one.