Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–September 10-16, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 9.161-Cheryl & Antony; 2-Park Place BC, Thomasville;  3-Paul Langston & JE Skinner; 4-Feeding Region 3-Earl, RW, Doreen & Scott (All back for a second week); 5-Grey Stone BC, Durham; 6-Daystar Church, Greensboro; 7-Christ Community Church-Pinehurst. Mission Trip Adventures 9.16-001 The number of volunteers was low this week but they made up for the low numbers with the desire to serve to their full ability as the LORD provided. They have gotten three more homes ready for final inspection on Monday as well as moving other jobs way along in the rebuild process.  Some of them love serving the LORD so much you would say they just dug right into it.  In reality Paul and Ed were under homes and in attics and when you sweat and do that you gonna get dirty.  J E came down for a few days to help us get some cabinets finished and then he built another much needed shelf in the tool room.

As for the concrete we saw a portion of the dock area started to sink in so we cut and dug it out to find out most likely the fill dirt was not properly packed before it was poured 40 years ago.  But it is now all repaired.

Governor Cooper is promoting a Volunteer Day in NC on October 7th.  Lumberton will be one of the work sites. We are looking for leaders with rebuild skills to help lead teams on the 7th.  So please call us to sign up to serve.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–August 26–September 9, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 9.9First Week: 1-FBC Salisbury; Second Week: 2-Southeast BC, Greensboro; 3-Tom Yarbrough, Winston-Salem; 4-Region 3 Feeding; 5-Life Community Church, Greensboro; 6-Ideal Electrical Services, Indian Trail; 7-FBC Mauldin, SC.

Mission Trip Adventures 9.9-001We only had a one team scheduled  for last week we took the week off. We had a nice time at home and with family. David took off this week and Anthony a few days each week.  By rotating our time the site remained open and lots of work got done.  Teams have been working lately to complete some of the many homes we are working on. Sophie worked on electrical issues last week and then on Friday Jeff Little brought a large electric crew in to help out. Most volunteers have done trim work touch up painting and floor installation. A group this week also installed floor decking.  In other words a little of every thing has been done over the past two weeks. One of the most asked question this week was were we closing up and going to Texas or Florida.  NC Baptist Men does have teams in Texas and others will respond south when and as needed.  As for the Lumberton operation the plan is for it to stay open and operating.  So if you have already made plans to come to Lumberton I pray you will stay the course.  And if you want to volunteer to help others in need but don’t want to travel to Texas or Florida then please come to Lumberton to help rebuild homes so the people here can return to their home.  Also with big cooking teams going out of state we are being left short handed in the kitchen. So we still need many volunteers to rebuild Hurricane Matthew damaged homes and cook to feed the volunteers.

Also, Ann walked in the First Annual Robeson County Walk to Remember today (Saturday) at Luther Britt Park and received a Challenge Coin.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–August 20-26, 2017

8.26Volunteers this week: 1-Sophie with Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 2-Reg 4 Feeding Part 1; 3-Southeast Baptist, Greensboro; 4-Al Percy; 5-Calvary Chapel, Greensboro; 6-Charlie Stroud; 7-Ginger & Robert Isenhour; 8-Reg 4 Feeding Part 2; 9-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh.

Mission Trip Advendures 8.26It has been a great week in Lumberton.  Had some small groups full of people with servants hearts wanting to help as needed.  Teams have painted, installed insulation, installed floor decking, laid flooring, did lots of trim work, hung doors, hung siding and so much more.  We will be able to call for final inspection on more homes on Monday and soon Joanne, Susannah and the Lewis’s  will be headed home.  It is definitely a blessing to serve helping to rebuild a home so people can return home.  If you have never done it call us to arrange your day or week.

As normal for this time of the year volunteer numbers are low.  The ones who come make a difference in somebodies life.  Hope to hear from more volunteers so we will have volunteers each week during the remaining summer, fall and winter months.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild–August 13-19, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 08.19Our volunteers: 1-River Community Church, Fayetteville; 2-Park Place Baptist, Thomasville; 3-Union Baptist, Monroe; 4-Part of Region 3 Feeding; 5-Morris, Biltmore Baptist & Sothie, KC Missouri - Our electricial team; 6-David & Fred, Edenton & Bill, Sanford; 7-Life Community Church, Greensboro; 8-Euto Baptist, Marshville; 9-1st  United Methodist, Cary.Mission Trip Adventures 08.19It’s been a very productive week even with the heat and humidity.  Teams have been under the homes , in them and on the roof.  Some of the teams joined up to work on the same homes.  Teams have laid shingles, installed insulation, hung sheet rock, wired, plumbed stained , painted, installed cabinets and built counter tops, installed floor decking and much more.  It’s amazing how much work can be done with only a few volunteers.  My thought is THANK YOU LORD.  We are still in need of skilled electricians, plumbers and trim finishers so we can complete the 30 homes we are currently working on and start more.  Currently we have over 100 request that we have not begun to help yet. We all are very happy to have Anthony back.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–August 6-12, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 8.121-Ed Coletrane; 2-Al Percy; 3-Bethany Bethany Baptist, Winston-Salam; 4-Branch's Baptist Church, Richmond, VA; 5-Reg 2 Feeding with local help; 6-Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church, Hertford.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.12-002Teams were busy this week. Painting, installing floor decking and flooring, plumbing, shingling and lots more.

Mission Trip Adventures 8.12-001Part of the Bethany team did two Backyard Bible Clubs each day. They had lots of fun while showing these kids the love of Jesus.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–July 30-August 5, 2017

8.5Volunteers: 1-Region 1 Feeding; 2-Village Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 3-The Summit Church, Kernersville; 4-Wanda's Friends, Kannapolis; 5-Life Community Church, Greensboro.Mission Trip Adventures 8.5The summer rush is over. This is the first time in a while that we had low numbers and only a half week of that.  However each group came with a heart to serve at whatever needed to be done even if it wasn’t their favorite task.  A team worked on the Moore home hauling in sand to fill low spots under the home and then installed all new floor joists.  Another team installed kitchen cabinets and did trim work in two homes while the rest of their group followed them with caulking and paint.  Another group installed sheet rock and subflooring. A group arrive that we forgot to put on forecast and they installed sheetrock, mudded it and painted the rest of the house.  So yes they were small in numbers but by having a servants heart and following HIS call a lot of work and even more witnessing was done.

The weather is changing and the number of volunteers on our forecast are low.  Please consider bringing a team to serve at one of the 5 eastern North Carolina rebuild sites.  And yes we hope it is Lumberton.  We have bunk beds and inside showers for all as well as a great kitchen and dining hall. Hope to see your group soon!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild July 23-29, 2017

Groups1-Beech Glen Baptist Church, Mars Hill; 2- Wesley Memorial UMC, Wilmington;3- Episcopal Diocese of NC - Province IV Youth Ministries & South Africa; 4-First of Week-Region 6 Feeding Team; 5-End of Week- Region 6 Feeding Plus Others. Lllwellyen also helped Ann in the office and Joyce did a variety of jobs.

Groups1We put out an emergency call for crew chiefs and boy did we get them.  We could not have made it without them. 6-Ray; 7-Sid, Michael, Paul L., Paul M. & Walt; 8-Sid; 9-Chris, Roger & Rodney; 10-Paul L; 11-Robert with Cookie, the youth group leader.

Beech GlenThe Beech Glen group came with a servants heart willing to try anything.  They insulated two homes, finished a tear out on another.  After all that fun they laid laminate floors in one home while installing floor joist in another.  Wesley Memorial also joined us for the week. They work on three different homes doing vinyl siding, tile floors, trim work and painting.

Youth workingThe youth group was very large and split into several teams.  They hung dry wall, laid shingles, installed a metal roof, installed crawlspace insulation,  Cleaned out a crawl pace and rest of floor joist on a home.  One of the teams finished painting a lot of molding which had been donated.  A special THANK YOU to all the men and ladies who stepped up to help lead these youth.  It turns out they were not only talented construction workers but they were also great teachers. The youth commented that they first learned why we are in Lumberton and then they learned about a skill they can now use to help others in sharing the gospel.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–July 16-22, 2017

7.221-Region 7 Feeding Team-First of Week; 2-Region 7 Feeding Team-End of Week; 3-College Park Baptist Church (lodged at Godwin Heights BC); 4-Crew Chiefs Monty & Beth Rogers; 5-CMT team from FBC Simpsonville, SC (lodged with us); Not Pictured-Crew Chiefs JE & Betsy Skinner & CMT teams from Wendell BC, Edenton BC, Zion BC & FBC Mauldin, SC (stayed at Hyde Park).

PhotosIt was a very hot and busy week in Lumberton. This was Carolina Mission Team week. They brought 210 volunteers from five churches. We had teams in most every direction and did multiple jobs. Teams installed metal and shingle roofs, painted, installed flooring, cabinets, trim work, floor decking, insulation, wired and plumbed homes and lots more. Best of all the volunteers spent time with several of the home owners and shared why they came to help a total stranger. Some volunteers did ministry work throughout the town. Each night they had a worship time over at Hyde Park. Thanks to the extra cook and support staff which came to help us out.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild July 9-15, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 7.151-Grace Baptist Church, New Bethlehem, PA; 2-Kathy Evans, FBC Maysville worked with Life Community Church, Greensboro; 3- Region 8 Feeding; 4- Biltmore Church, Asheville; 5- Mt Zion Wesleyan, Thomasville.Mission Trip Adventures 7.1516-Daystar Church, Greensboro; 7-Purchase the lastest in Disaster Rebuild fashion when you volunteer at one of the five rebuild sites; 8-Florence Baptist Association; 9-Princeton Church, Football coaches and players; 10-Mission Discovery group from Bloomfield, NJ; Not pictured-Bill Martin, Billy Carter, Paul Staph, Michael Locklear; Shane & Isaiah, see below.Mission Trip Adventures 7.15-001This week has been filled with lots of ministry and labor of love. I (Billy) apologize to start off for not getting building pictures. But this operation is so big and busy at this time I had trouble getting away from the rebuild center to even look at what’s happening in the field. However, I do know that we had many volunteers this week who have done an awesome job. Three homes were completed so families could return home, painting, flooring laid, door and windows installed, sheetrock hung and finished, electrical and plumbing done both rough in and completions, roofing, insulation and even more tear out jobs completed. Let’s just say much work was done this week by volunteers with a servant’s heart that came to Lumberton to serve as GOD needs them to and it was a big success.Mission Trip Adventures 7.151-001Now for the most exciting news. On Friday we had a first for Lumberton Rebuild Center.  We had a young lady with a team from PA who gave her testimony during our devotion time on Wednesday night.  She shared with us what her life had been like with an alcoholic father and divorced non Christian parents. She told us she had recently accepted Jesus into her life and what a difference it had made. The next night she told her group leader that she wanted him to baptize her while they were still here.  Even though he was not a pastor he agreed to do it if we could provide the vessel for the water.

We set out to find what we needed to make it happen.  Billy went over to the construction company to see if they had anything we could use.  They had a bathtub sitting in their yard. He brought it over we got it cleaned up and filled with water.

Billy had talked to a man that worked over at the construction company that told him his 8 year old granddaughter had accepted Jesus two weeks ago.  She didn't want to be baptized in the ocean or the river so they talked about bringing her over to get  baptized in the tub. He wanted to bring about 10 family members so we invited them to join us for dinner.

So on Friday night after dinner and a short devotion we all went out to the prayer garden and two young girls were baptized. Then we all sang Amazing Grace.   It was a glorious evening that we will never forget.

PS-Don’t think that because so much got done this week that the operation is anywhere near complete. Today we have 30 homes on the working list which still leaves 120 on the waiting list to get started on and new requests coming in almost every day. Call, text or e-mail us or NCBM office to get your group on the schedule to help rebuild the Lumberton area. We need many skilled teams so the teams who are not so skilled can fill in and help when they respond.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–June 25-July 1

07.11- FBC Knightdale; 2- Shannon Baptist Church; 3- Shiloh Bible Church, Danville, PA; 4- Freedom Baptist Church, Forest, VA; 5- FBC Salisbury. Mission Trip Adventures 7.01 6- Region 10 Feeding; 7- The guys that keep everything going; 8- Mission Discovery; 9- Crew Chiefs-Billy & Walt; 10- Visit from Gov. Roy Cooper to announce recipients of Governor’s Fund Grant.Mission Trip Adventures 7.301June has been a very busy month in Lumberton. This past week was no exception. We had several volunteer teams working on multiple projects. Teams replaced 4 roofs, painted homes and trim work, cleaned up, did tear outs, replaced insulation, electrical, plumbing, hung sheetrock , installed subfloor and lots more. We now have several homes almost complete and ready for the homeowners to return home. Thanks to all the adults and youth that have been GOD’s hand and feet over the past 6 months. HIS word is spreading due to so many volunteers hearing the call to go and responding.

The LORD has blessed us with many young volunteers for July. If you have any spare time and willing to help us out please give one of us a call. Looks like July will be hot as normal so I ask you to pray for the volunteers to stay safe and hydrated.

Oh yeah, Grandson Matthew got his first Harley ride.