Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–May 13-19, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 5.191-FBC Salisbury; 2-Fishing Creek Baptist, North Wilkesboro; 3-Region 2 Feeding; 4-Abbotts Creek MBC; 6-Summit, Apex; 7-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst; Not pictured-David Earley; Orange Co Democrats; Trinity Baptist Church, Monroe.

5.19The number of volunteers as well as the length of stay has been low lately. However, they have come with a heart ready to serve. This week teams got a house primed and painted which next week a team will start the window trim and flooring.  Another home was prepped and most of the primer done so the group starting there Monday can paint, trim windows and start flooring. The Jones house now has flooring laid, doors installed along with most of the molding installed. Now waiting on a paint crew. Electrical has been completed at the V. Powell home. The S. King home needs about a days work and then final inspection and she can return home. Got some odd and ins to finish at the C. King, McComb and Bracy homes so they can also get a final inspection.

June and July is pretty full. We are looking help to assist David with overseeing the work being done as well as somebody to run supplies. If you can help for a week PLEASE call Billy or Ann with what dates you are available.

If you have a small group of talented volunteers we do have a few places we could fit your group in during the next 60 days.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Matthew May 6-12, 2018

Photos1-Truitt Baptist Assoc., Murphy; 2-Wanda, Peggy & Michael; 3-Region 1 Feeding; 4-Joyce & Curtis; 5-Highland Baptist, Raleigh; 6-Trinity BC Raleigh.Photos (1)Another great week in Lumberton. Several men and a few ladies all with a servants heart got lots of work done. sheet rock hung and finished, old windows taken out and new ones installed, flooring going down in 3 homes, trim work in 3 homes and don’t forget about all the painting that took place.

June and July are booked up full in Lumberton so we need some extra leadership help. Need folks to deliver supplies and people to help watch over teams to ensure home is being rebuilt as NCBM has agreed to. Call Billy, Ann or David if you can give a few days or a week.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild April 22-28, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 4.281-Sunset Road Baptist, Charlotte; 2-Region 9 Feeding; 3-Biltmore, Asheville; 4-Life Community Church, Jamestown; 5-The Sunset Bag Ladies; 6-Sharon & David Sinclair.


7-Wanda & Friends; 8-Jorgenson Brothers; 9-FBC Southern Pines; 10-Shiloh Truelight Church of Christ, Monroe; 11-More Life Community Church;12-More Southern Pines.

Mission Trip Adventures 4.28-001Another great week in Lumberton. Several teams with hearts ready to serve GOD whereever he calls. Teams started another home by doing rough in plumbing and electric, then another team moved right in installing insulation and subfloor.  Several volunteers painted , hung sheet rock, installed plumbing and electrical fixtures, laid shingles and installed floor covering. No volunteers next week but by mid May we should complete four more homes.  Volunteers seem to be on a roll now getting work done at a steady pace and still finding time to share the gospel.  Had two salvations this past week.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild April 15-21, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 4.211-Ken & Morris, Biltmore; 2-Region 8 Feeding Team #1; 3-Trinity UMC, Charlotte; 4-FBC Garner; 5-Memorial & Piney Grove Baptist, Williamston; 6-Abbotts Creek MBC, High Point.

Collages  7-Union Grove Baptist, Marshville; 8-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst; 9-Flat Rock Baptist Church, Louisburg; 10-Region 8 Feeding Team #2; 11-Highland Baptist, Raleigh; Not Pictured-Greystone Baptist Church, Raleigh.

Mission Trip Adventures 4.21-001Another great week of team work. Teams worked on many jobs from rough ins to final trimmings. Flooring was installed in three homes & trim work in four homes,. Three homes had sheet rock sanded, floors and walls cleaned and then primed.  Two more homes had rough in plumbing and electric finished and inspected. Sheet rock hanging was started in one home as well as some framing repairs made. On Saturday a team took out the subfloor in a home so new subfloor and rough-in plumbing and electric can be done next week.

We are still receiving request for help. Some of them had been waiting on mitigation funding but now realize that may be several more years. Therefore they are asking for help now so they can return home. So give Ann a call to set up a week for your group.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton April 8-14, 2018

Misson Trip Adventures 4.141-Feeding Region 7; 2-FBC West Jefferson; 3-Shiloh Bible Church & Bloomsburg Church, PA; 4-Seneca Trail Christian Academy, WV; 5-Trinity Baptist Church, Raleigh; 6-Moravia Moravian Church, Oakridge.

Misson Trip Adventures 4.1417-Shiloh Truelight Church of Christ, Monroe; 8-Brooks & Harold, BCC, Clayton; 9-FBC Henderson Youth; 10-FBC Summerfield; 11-Beulah Association; 12-Rowan Baptist, Clinton.

4.14We have been very busy in Lumberton this week. Several teams came with a desire to serve so much was done. Sheet rock hanging completed on four homes, four interiors painted and flooring started.  Rough in plumbing and electric done on two homes. Shingles laid on two homes. Vinyl siding and metal trim installed as well as subfloor laid in two homes. I know I have missed something however it was a great week and GOD’s hands were seen many times.

One team worked at completing a home they helped start last year. While they were working Leonard a neighbor who had helped them with tear out came by. They talked and asked if he had been using the study bible they gave him last year. He smiled and responded YES but my daughter asked if she could read it so he gave it to her. So the team gave him another one.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–April 2-7, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 4.07

1-Baptist Center Church, Clayton; 2-Pee Dee Baptist Association; 3-Reg 6 Feeding Team; 4-University Hills BC, Charlotte; 5-Thursday night supper at Pier 41 Seafood enjoyed by all; 6-David & Steve; 7-Sid and BettyAnne, FBC Littleton; 8-McGee Construction Co., Monroe; 9-FBC Morganton.

4.7Several small teams this week. They spread out and got lots done. The Pee Dee group replaced a roof. Others hung insulation and sheet rock and cleaned, primed and painted walls. Some laid flooring, did trim work including caulking and painting. Som sites were cleaned up behind previous volunteer teams.  We didn’t complete any jobs this week but got several a lot closer to being finished.

Ann and I joined many others in Charlotte for the Mission Conference. It was great to see many old friends while studying for future mission work.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton March 25-31, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 3.3111-Region 5 Feeding Team; 2-FBC Matthews; 3-Westwood Baptist, Cary; 4-FBC Rutherfordton; Not Pictured-David Sinclair.

Mission Trip Adventures 3.31Teams worked this week installing floors, painting, wiring and plumbing. The Rutherfordton group striped shingles off part of a house and then on Saturday they installed new shingles  Next week we will be finishing a few homes and starting more new homes.  Looking for lots of skilled help.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–March 18-24, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 3.241-Region 4 Feeding; 2-Community Bible Church, HIgh Point; 3-Surry Baptist Men; 4-FBC Sailsbury; 5-Biltmore, Asheville.Mission Trip Adventures 3.2416-Church 180, Rock Hill, SC;  7-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst & Summit Church, Apex; 8-Flemings Chapel, Lenior; 9-Rankin Lake Baptist, Dallas; 10-Highland Baptist, Raleigh; 11-Oak Island Baptist; Not Pictured-New Hope, Laurinburg.Mission Trip Adventures 3.24-001Several groups of volunteers from many churches this week. We finished the Freeman home and almost finished the C. King home on Spruce.  We are waiting on Lowe’s for the 6th week to get us a set of shower walls.  Maybe next week. Subfloor and walls were installed in 3 homes. Insulation and sheetrock installed in 2 homes, trim work in several homes as well as lots of electrical and plumbing.  Waiting on more HVAC duct to be finished. Best way to put it is “lots got done this week and home owners are happy.”

Put together a skilled team and give us a call on when y’all want to come to Lumberton to help share the gospel and rebuild homes.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild March 11-17, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 3.171-The Summit Church & International Students, Inc. Duke University; 2-Region 3 Feeding Team; 3-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 4-Grey Stone Baptist, Durham;5-Hope Moravian, Indiana.Mission Trip Adventures 3.1716-Debbie & Cathy on their way to NCBM training; 7-Hope Baptist Church, Cary; 8-Christ the Cornerstone Academy, Laurinburg; 9-Bethel Baptist, Ronda; 10-The Two Davids; 11-Fishing Creek, Wilkesboro.Mission Trip Adventures 3.171It has been a very interesting week in Lumberton. One team stayed all week and several others came for a few days or just one day. Painting was completed until kitchen cabinets are installed at the J McMillian home. The Thomas home is now complete thanks to the international group who spent many hours painting, cleaning, hooking up plumbing and the final trim work. The Freeman home will get HVAC next week along with some final TLC and it will be complete. In the C King home the flooring is almost finished, kitchen cabinets and vanities are in waiting on tops, most doors and trim work complete as well as electrical.  The S. King home got flooring and trim work started as well as bath hooked up after some minor changes.  Also the homes on Hay Street moved a lot closer to being ready to start towards finishing.  Part of a team painted the dock entrance to the rebuild facility.

Still lots of work to be done in Lumberton. Our needs at this time are for small volunteer teams with building skills. We have several homes that teams have replaced the roof and now the inside repairs need to be done while the home owners are still living there. We also have homes that need plumbing rough in and hook up done.

Give us a call to schedule your trip.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–March 4-10, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures p1Volunteers: 1-The Smith Family, Charlotte and Cathy, Wisconsin; 2-Steve & JE, Williamston; 3-Calvary Baptist, Reidsville; 4-Greystone Baptist, Raleigh; 5-Region 2 Feeding Team with Paul; 6-South Point, Belmont.

Mission Trip Adventures p2Teams spent a lot of time this week on their knees laying flooring and installing subfloor.  Some did hang doors and trim out windows. We completed two more roof jobs with the help of Christian Aid. We still have a big need for experienced teams. Need plumbers, trim carpenters, framers, trim metal workers and finished flooring installers.