Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild March 11-17, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 3.171-The Summit Church & International Students, Inc. Duke University; 2-Region 3 Feeding Team; 3-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 4-Grey Stone Baptist, Durham;5-Hope Moravian, Indiana.Mission Trip Adventures 3.1716-Debbie & Cathy on their way to NCBM training; 7-Hope Baptist Church, Cary; 8-Christ the Cornerstone Academy, Laurinburg; 9-Bethel Baptist, Ronda; 10-The Two Davids; 11-Fishing Creek, Wilkesboro.Mission Trip Adventures 3.171It has been a very interesting week in Lumberton. One team stayed all week and several others came for a few days or just one day. Painting was completed until kitchen cabinets are installed at the J McMillian home. The Thomas home is now complete thanks to the international group who spent many hours painting, cleaning, hooking up plumbing and the final trim work. The Freeman home will get HVAC next week along with some final TLC and it will be complete. In the C King home the flooring is almost finished, kitchen cabinets and vanities are in waiting on tops, most doors and trim work complete as well as electrical.  The S. King home got flooring and trim work started as well as bath hooked up after some minor changes.  Also the homes on Hay Street moved a lot closer to being ready to start towards finishing.  Part of a team painted the dock entrance to the rebuild facility.

Still lots of work to be done in Lumberton. Our needs at this time are for small volunteer teams with building skills. We have several homes that teams have replaced the roof and now the inside repairs need to be done while the home owners are still living there. We also have homes that need plumbing rough in and hook up done.

Give us a call to schedule your trip.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–March 4-10, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures p1Volunteers: 1-The Smith Family, Charlotte and Cathy, Wisconsin; 2-Steve & JE, Williamston; 3-Calvary Baptist, Reidsville; 4-Greystone Baptist, Raleigh; 5-Region 2 Feeding Team with Paul; 6-South Point, Belmont.

Mission Trip Adventures p2Teams spent a lot of time this week on their knees laying flooring and installing subfloor.  Some did hang doors and trim out windows. We completed two more roof jobs with the help of Christian Aid. We still have a big need for experienced teams. Need plumbers, trim carpenters, framers, trim metal workers and finished flooring installers.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–February 25-March 3, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 3.0311-Hillside Community Church, Wrightwood, CA; 2-Bagley Swamp Wesleyan Church, Hertford; 3-Rocky Hock Baptist Church, Edenton;  4-Walt’s Team, Monroe; 5-Region 1 Feeding/Rebuild Team; Not pictured: David Sinclair, Crew Chief; Episcopal Diocese of NC, Raleigh; Wanda's Team.

Mission Trip Adventures 3.03It’s been a very busy week in Lumberton. Had several past volunteers to come help rebuild. It is great to have teams that have been before. Not only is it a volunteer reunion but you already know what the group is qualified to do. This week experienced teams worked at many homes. Some worked at Shirley King’s home hanging sheet rock and rearranging her bath.  The Thomas home had the hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets installed.  The Freeman home also got flooring installed and electrical finished .  J. McMillian’s home got hardwood and tile completed, doors hung and trim installed as well as mostly painted. The McComb home has been painted and is now ready for window trim and flooring . The Eady and McCoy homes are almost finished gutting.  Floor system replacement should start this week.  Christian Aid has helped with two roof replacements also.

Last Sunday afternoon we attended the Black History Celebration at Sandy Grove Baptist Church and received a plaque for NCBM volunteer service in Lumberton.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–February 18-24, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 2.241-Region 10 Feeding; 2-FBC Garner; 3-Pleasant Gardens Baptist- Marion; 4-Michael Locklear; 5-Village Baptist, Fayetteville.

Collages6-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst; 7-Samaria Baptist, Middlesex; 8-Highlands Baptist, Raleigh;9-FBC Oak Island.

Mission Trip Adventures 2.241Been another busy week in Lumberton. Teams have been busy witnessing and rebuilding. Jobs this week ranged from the ground to the roof.  Footers formed for new foundation, Insulation installed in several home, flooring, trim work and painting. On Saturday teams helped clean up behind other volunteers at several homes. So many homes are now closer to being complete and the yards are clean. David got final inspections on the P. McMillian home and the B. Simpson home on Friday so these two families can now return home. 

We still have 97 job request on our list and only working on 27 at this time.  Therefore we could use your help in Lumberton.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild–February 11-17, 2018

2.171-FBC Mauldin, SC; 2-Regions 9 & 10 Feeding Team (not pictured Horace & Eunice, Reg. 4); 3-Al Percy; 4-Westwood Baptist Church, Cary; 5&6-Eagle Exteriors, NY (5 includes Charlie Stroud, crew chief); 7-Greystone Baptist, Durham; 8-Biltmore, Asheville; Not pictured-Crew Chiefs Richard Weeks & Dennis Holloway.Mission Trip Adventures 2.17-001We’ve had a very productive week in Lumberton with five volunteer teams full of kindness and a desire to serve GOD. Teams rough wired 3 homes, hung insulation, rough plumbed one home, laid flooring, hung sheetrock in 2 homes, finished sheetrock, painted, installed a new shingle roof, lots of trim work, started reworking the floor system in another rebuild, and the list goes on. Many thanks to the Eagle group ladies and children who did a final cleaning on the McArthur and Graves homes which are now ready for the families to return home. Also thanks to each and every volunteer who has or will be serving in Lumberton to help rebuild homes and share the gospel with all.

Charlie, Richard and Dennis were great help in helping David lead and oversee teams this week. We already have a need for additional help for 8 weeks during the upcoming months. Please let us know if you can step up and help out.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton-February 4-10, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 2.10Volunteers: 1-Region 7 & 8 Feeding; 2-Parkwood Baptist, Gastonia; 3-Tuckaseigee Baptist Association.Mission Trip Adventures 2.101Got the odd and ends done at the McAuthur and Graves homes this week. That’s 2 more families moving back home.  Also started the insulation on the McComb home so team can hang sheet rock this coming week.

Our prayers go out to the families who lost love ones this week in the accident with Christian Aid Ministries. This group has been a great help on some of our projects here in Lumberton.

From the CAM website -

On Tuesday, February 6, around 5:30 p.m., a volunteer work crew was returning to the Christian Aid Ministries Disaster Response base in Lumberton, North Carolina, when they were involved in a serious traffic accident. Two volunteers were killed and two others were seriously injured.

Josiah Miller, age 47, and Kevin Yoder, age 18, died in the crash. Both were from the New Order Amish community in Hustonville, Kentucky. Josiah leaves behind his wife Susan and 10 children, 8 still at home.

Eric Yoder, age 20, and Ben Miller (Josiah’s son), age 15, remain in the hospital in critical condition. They were also from Hustonville. The driver, Wesley Miller, was not seriously injured but needs prayers and support.

The men were helping with Christian Aid Ministries’ rebuilding efforts in Lumberton for people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Your prayers for the families and all those affected by this tragedy would be greatly appreciated.

A fund has been set up to help the families with funeral and hospital expenses and other needs. If you would like to show your support during this difficult time, please use the donation form at the link below.(

You can also mail your donation—earmarked Miller/Yoder tragedy—to Christian Aid Ministries, P.O. Box 360, Berlin, Ohio 44610. All funds will be directed to the families involved.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–Week Ended February 3, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 2.03Volunteers: 1-Summerfield Baptist, Greensboro; 2-Wanda & Friends; 3-Pee Dee Association; 4-Northside Church, Wilmington; 5-Charlie Stroud-Garner; 6-Paul & his Brother in Christ, Stefan, did a great job in the kitchen; Not Pictured-Al Percy.

Al and Paul were our only volunteers until Thursday morning. However by Saturday it was rush rush for David and Billy. God knew we would need some help so he sent Charlie Stroud to see if there was anything he could do. Thank you Charlie and all the volunteers for listening to GOD's call.

Mission Trip Adventures 2.03-001It was a short week but the volunteers came with a heart to serve. The Stanley family got a new roof and lots of sheet rock replaced inside. The Watson and Smith families got inside repairs started following a new roof put on several months ago. Mrs. McCombs got new siding installed and new electrical wiring. The S King home got the electrical wiring started.  At the C King home they laid subfloor and hung sheet rock. In other words it has been very busy in Lumberton the past 3 days,

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–Week Ending January 27, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 1.27-001

Volunteers: 1-Sid & Bettyanne Shearin-Littleton Baptist;  2-Anthony & JE; 3-Highland Baptist, Raleigh; 4-Surry Baptist Association; 5-FBC Matthews; 6-Carmel Christian School, Matthews; 7-FBC Swannanoa; 8 & 9-Red Neck Crew-Monroe; 10-Region 5 Feeding; 11-FBC West Jefferson.

Mission Trip Aventures 1.27Another very productive week in Lumberton. The McComb home now has a floor system and wiring. The Graves home has floor insulation and a HVAC system now so with a little TLC next week it will be complete along with the Williamson home.  Sheetrock was hung at 2 other homes. Mrs. King now has energy efficient windows and walls in her home. As soon as another electrician shows up we will wire it and then hang sheet rock.  Floor decking was installed and exterior painted at the C. King home.  To go along with all that time was taken to share the gospel with several neighbors.  We have several small jobs that need to be handled by a group of 3 to 6 people for 2 or 3 days.  Also we are in process of starting 5 complete rebuilds that need lots of skilled people so the job can be done correctly and safely.  Give us a call or sign up at the NC Missions website.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–January 14-20, 2018

PhotosVolunteers: 1-Biltmore Church, Asheville; 2-FBC Matthews; 3-West Cabarrus Church, Concord; 4-FBC Salisbury; 5-Region 5 Feeding; 6-Orange County Democrats; no group picture-Oak Island Baptist Church.

CollagesDespite the cold temperatures this week teams stayed busy rebuilding homes and witnessing to the community. Flooring and trim work was installed at the Moore house in Whiteville. Trim work and doors were installed at the McAurthur home. Doors, trim work and plumbing fixtures were installed at the Graves home. Rough in plumbing and electrical was also installed at 3 homes. With all that got done there is still plenty to be done. If a good amount of skilled volunteers continue to come to Lumberton to help us rebuild this project could be completed by early fall. However GOD is in control so we will plan on being here until the job is complete or he sends us elsewhere.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hurricane Matthew Rebuild Lumberton–Week Ending January 13, 2018

Mission Trip Adventures 1.13Volunteers this week: 1-Morganton Baptist Church with The Moores; 2-Region 4 Feeding-Nancy Johnson with Paul; 3-FBC Asheville; 4-Al Percy our assessor; 8-Billy & Robert from Swansboro Baptist.Mission Trip Adventures 1.13-001With several good volunteers from NC Baptist and Christian Aid a lot was accomplished this past week. Cabinets and molding installed and painted at the Moore home puts it as almost complete. Cabinets, flooring trim and painting was done at the MacArthur home. Tear out was done at 4 homes so major rebuild can start next week. Two roofs were replaced by the Christian Aid group along with plumbing, cabinet and trim installation, final painting and touch up at the Williamson home. Floor joist and subfloor replaced at the Freeman home and lots more. And folks wonder why we get tired. The days are long and we answer lots of question each day. BUT when a home owner walks into their newly rebuilt home and starts to tear up and you hear them saying thank you Jesus well that makes it all worth while.  The Lumberton site is currently working on 30 homes with over 70 that have been assessed.  We are in need of skilled plumbers, electricians and framers at this time.  Hope we see y’all soon.