Monday, December 23, 2013

Alliance Bible Fellowship’s 4th Trip to New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 12.21.13 pg1Most of our group were returners.  Some actually spent last Christmas break in New Jersey doing tear outs.  However this was their first rebuild project.  They agree rebuild is totally different from tear out.  They were able to meet 3 of the home owners and spend some time with them.   As you see it did snow again this week.  The good part of snow in Jersey it is usually gone the next day.  Our feeding team was from Reg. 2 and Reg. 8.Mission Trip Adventures 12.21For one team most of the week was spent hanging sheet rock.  The other team painted walls, stained molding, hung insulation and moved furniture back into a home.

We are in need of people to finish sheet rock.  We have three  jobs waiting to finish and another one gets hung first week of January.

We will be home for a week to celebrate Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cooks Become Rebuilders

Mission Trip Adventures 12.14.2013 pg1With no rebuild volunteers this Region 1 cook team could have stayed home.  But they didn’t  because they knew joy awaited them in Jersey.  The guys were delayed by snow and ice and didn’t arrive until Monday.  They spent the rest of Monday painting at our soon to be new home.  The rest of the week they spent laying flooring and being blessed by the Peterson home owners.  Thanks AB, Keith and Elton.Mission Trip Adventures 12.14.2013Billy was leveling these shelves and really getting into the job.  Ann has painted a second coat on the floors of the Seaside Heights church.  We are ready to move in as soon as the inspectors give us their blessing.  It’s looking a lot like Christmas around here with decorations and snow.  We have had three snow storms in one week.  Wonder if that is a sign of what the winter will be like.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Home for Thanksgiving & Almost Ready to Move (a 2 week post)

Home for Thanksgiving 2013With no volunteers for Thanksgiving week we headed home.  It was great to be able to attend church and visit many people around Momeyer for the week.  We also helped out at Yellow Dog Bread so they could fill the many Thanksgiving special orders they received.  Since we will be back home for Christmas and have family there on Christmas morning we began decorating.   On Thanksgiving day we ate lunch with Tanya’s family and then headed off to Nags Head to spend time with the Batchelor family including a little holiday light tour.  On Friday we went to Salvo for the day to visit with a few of the many friends we made while we were serving there last year.Mission Trip Adventures 12.07Region 8 feeding team came in on Sunday evening and did the cooking and they were our rebuild team for the week.  We love flexible volunteers.  They all spent the first three days working on the church in Seaside Heights doing last minute things so we can request a Certificate of Occupancy and then move the NCBM operation there.        Mission Trip Adventures 12.071On Wednesday night Pat & Leonard arrived with the truck.  So on Thursday morning  after they moved our storage trailer to Seaside we all pitched in and unloaded it into storage units and the church.  Didn’t realize Tennessee had sent us so much paper products.  After the truck was unloaded most of the guys went to Margaret’s and started hanging her sheet rockMission Trip Adventures 12.072On Friday we all enjoyed a seafood lunch at the Crab Shack.  Ann decided that even though we have not moved into the Seaside Heights church that it was still in need of some Christmas cheer.  The ladies had a “Hanging of the Greens” and now it doesn’t look so deserted.  Friday night the homeschool co-op put on a fund raiser Christmas show in the gym which was enjoyed very much by our volunteers.  Ann rode the train to NYC on Saturday to spend some time with her NC friends Marsha, Susan and Deborah.  She enjoyed being with them and seeing the Christmas decorations.  One of the advantages of moving to Seaside Heights will be   volunteers will be able to walk to the boardwalk in the evenings and get ice cream.  Well, maybe when it warms up some.