Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dedication of Ms. Betsy’s House

Mission Trip Adventures 3.26.2016 p1     1 & 2-The highlight of the week was lunch at Ms. Betsy’s house on Thursday and the dedication of her home on Friday.  It was a very emotional day for many as Billy presented her a Bible signed by many of the volunteers; 3-Biltmore Baptist was here for their monthly visit and where able to put the finishing touches on Betsy’s house; 4-Our feeding team was from Region 5; 5-Three young ladies came from Redeemer Hoboken Presbyterian, Hoboken, NJ; 6-Harold & Sandy came to help with Admin and David was here to help Billy; 7-On Wednesday Judy Stone brought a group from Long Branch Baptist, Lumberton.Mission Trip Adventures 3.26-001     When rebuilding homes and churches it is cheaper to make a door a special size than to order one.  Tom and Cal have been doing lots of sheet rock work for us.  The Redeemer ladies learned how to install light fixtures, trim paint, cut and install molding.  One of them is actually studying HVAC drafting in school so She joined Gary and Cal for some hands on experience.  The guys laid lots of flooring this week.  Dian and Shelia did sanding, painting and cleaning.   The Lumberton group worked on finishing the shingles at Mary Wilson’s home.

We were able to complete 2 rebuilds this past week but had an additional 5 to come in.  At present time we have 40 owner request for help ranging from steps, insulating, sheet rock, painting to roofing. Let me know when you want to plan your trip.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Great Teams This Week

Mission Trip Adventures 3.19     1-Seneca Methodist, Seneca, PA plus Bob from Raleigh. Joining us for dinner was Rev. Wendell White from Mt. Moriah Church; 2-Region 4 Feeding Team (the three wearing aprons) plus Garner Baptist Rebuild Group; 3-Ann and the ladies have been attending Lenten Services on Tuesdays across the street at the Methodist Church. They have been enjoying the service and the lunch; 4-Hope Moravian Church, Hope, IN; 5-Seleah helped her granddad Don celebrate his 85th birthday; 6-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh; 7-Our leadership helpers this week, Joyce and Curtis Thrift.Mission Trip Adventures 3.19-001     The Seneca team installed a metal roof and then reframed another roof. Their church ladies make prayer blankets which they presented to the home owners. The Hope group did sheet rock finishing, sheet rock and floor repair, hung vinyl siding and then built a porch and ramp.  The other teams finished and built 5 porches and hung more sheet rock.

Due to a touch of the flu for Billy and bronchitis that turned into pneumonia for Ann we tried to stay away from the teams this week.  It was a pleasure to have Curtis and Joyce back to help with the operation again.  We both are feeling lots better now.  Hope to see each of you in Johnsonville soon.  Request for help is coming in faster than jobs being completed.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

College Spring Break Week

Mission-Trip-Adventures-p1_thumb  1-Ann celebrated her 60th Birthday with a strawberry cake; 2-The Immanuel girls still here; 3-UNC Charlotte BCM; 4-Deep Springs Baptist, Peachland; 5-Perlo-a favorite food in this area; 6-Mt. Vernon Baptist, Boone; 7-Sid & Bettyann Shearin, Littleton Baptist; 8-Larry’s back to do another story on the college kids this time; 9-Region 3 Feeding Team; 10-Eastern Baptist Association.Mission-Trip-Adventures-3.12_thumb1     God again blessed us this week with two groups of college students willing to do what was needed.  With some good leadership they got a lot done. They insulated under three homes, installed under skirting , painted and hung sheet rock. At the end of the week the Eastern Association came down,  They built a back deck, removed two from another home and replaced them,  got almost all the flooring laid at Betsy’s along with painting the doors and trim work.  Deep Springs worked on a porch. The families in the Neck are happy for the help and they fed the teams lunch three days this week.  GOD is opening the doors for his people to spread the gospel.  I pray many will answer the call and sign up to serve in Johnsonville soon.

Progress Made on Three Jobs-Week of March 5

Mission-Trip-Adventures-3.05.2016-p1[1]  1-Rocky Hock Baptist, Edenton; 2-Farmville Baptist; 3-Riverview Baptist, Greenville; 4-Chris The HVAC Guy from NJ & David Fuss-Billy’s right hand man this week; 5-Plymouth Baptist; 6-Region 2 Feeding Team; 7-Larry Hyde, Raleigh (Gaylon’s spy, I mean story writer; 8-A small group from Biltmore Baptist; 9-Immanuel Baptist, Greenville. Check out the story Larry wrote here:     When NCBM starts a almost total rebuild it seams to take forever until you start to see the completion nearing. These teams worked on 3 such jobs. Betsy Humphries, Lynn Marsh and Mt. Moriah Church.  Luthur installed a new water heater in the NCBM camper. Some installed the metal roof on Mt, Moriah while others removed the old windows and installed new ones.  The Riverview team worked at the Marsh home. They completed hanging the sheet rock and started the mud work. Chris Kerslake came down from New Jersey to help get the duct work mostly done. GOD as usual was good and sent a helper for Chris.

The work of rebuilding and sharing the Gospel continues.  Looking forward to many more volunteers coming.