Saturday, February 22, 2014

Polar Bear Plunge

2.22  With no volunteer teams this week Paul pitched in each day so the work could continue. We have moved one of the storage units to make room for Tim & Vickie Etheridge’s camper.  They will join us next weekend and stay for the year.  Some of the other work included installing a tub and hanging sheetrock at Jayne’s house and finishing some sheet rock at the Jolly’s house.  On Saturday we went to the beach for the Polar Bear Plunge.  Thankfully it was a much warmer day than we have been having. Paul has connections and was able to get us on the beach so we could get an up front view of the plungers going in and coming out.  Traffic was bad but they raised a lot of money ($1,184,448) for Special Olympics.  Of course the traffic didn’t bother us because we walked.

No teams this coming week either.  Have you booked your week to come and minister in New Jersey yet?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back to Work in New Jersey

If you missed us last week we were back at home for a week.  Billy did some repair work, Ann worked at the Yellow Dog Bread Company and both spent time with family and friends.  This week we are back with a team we really enjoy from Region 8.  Joyce Beam with that team journaled their week on Facebook so she is letting me use her posts as a guest blogger.

Monday Morning: We are in New Jersey. It is beautiful outside as it snowed last night. Pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning and then to get our schedules of work for today. Pray for us as we minister to those we come in contact with today as we work in homes in the area!Mon  Monday Night: A busy day in New Jersey. Was assigned fire watch from 4-6. Helped cook breakfast. The men left to work at a house and the ladies organized a bunk room that had been piled with storage items and then we organized all the Baptist Men's shirts so Ann will have an easy find. This afternoon we went to a home and sanded Sheetrock. Darlene, Dianne, and I took a cold stroll to the beach. Now we have showered and are going to help Jane fix supper!Tues  Tuesday: We worked in a home putting insulation in the bottom floor. The owner was working also to put in electricity. It is very cold here as you can see so we came back at lunch and Dianne and I climbed under my electric blanket to get our feet warm!Wed  Wednesday: Worked today filling nail holes with putty, rolling walls, and painting trim. Some of the team put ceiling insulation in Andy's house! A very good day working for The Lord! The team in New Jersey ended the day with a Bible Study from James by Pastor Todd!Thurs  Thursday: The New Jersey Team worked in 3 different houses today. Some were painting, plumbing, putting up storm doors, and odds and ends. It was a busy day but we took time to go out and eat lunch at The Crab shack!Fri  Friday: On our last day in New Jersey, our teams from First Baptist Hickory and Elizabeth Baptist Shelby, Zion in Shelby and Mt. Zion in Casar painted doors, walls, and trim, framed doors and windows, put putty in nail holes,carried lots of trash off. We have worked in three different houses this week. Along with our work in the houses the five ladies cooked for the 17 of us.Grace Haven  On Thursday night a new team from Grace Haven Church in Wake Forrest came in.  They have installed cabinets, flooring, insulation and a storm door.  Tomorrow they are taking a trip to NYC and attending church there.  The team will be here until Tuesday.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Region 5 Feeding Team or Rebuild Team?

Mission Trip Adventures 2.1  John Johnson was scheduled to be our feeding lead for this week.  Unfortunately we did not have any rebuild volunteers coming.  Billy told John that he did not have to come to feed but he was welcome to bring up a rebuild team and he did just that.  His team was from Pleasant Garden Baptist in Greensboro.  Carl and Richard came too and this made their 5th New Jersey trip. The group worked on sheetrock most of the week.  They finished up Bruce’s house (for those of you here the week before). Local resident Paul has become Billy’s right hand man.  He has been so much help.  We had snow again this week but on Monday the weather was nice enough that Ann took a walk on the beach in between her cooking and other duties. 

We don’t have volunteers for next week so have gone home for a visit.