Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carolina Rebuild July 24-30, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 7.30     1-Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 2-David Fuss; 3-Stevens Chapel Baptist Church, Smithfield; 4-Summerville Baptist Church; 5-Region 5 Feeding, Faye, Johnny, Randy and Teresa; 6-Momeyer Baptist Church.Mission Trip Adventures 7.301     It's been another hot but positive week in Johnsonville.  Teams have been working on finishing sheet rock, painting, laying flooring, building a ramp, rebuilding a wall so they could replace a window, and putting up under skirting.  Many of you have worked on the Parrott home. The house is complete now and Connie and Eugene are so happy.  The Helping Hands ladies brought them a plant for their “new” home.

We are looking for volunteers to help work in Johnsonville for the next several week

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carolina Rebuild–July 17-24, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 7.23     Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we had a great week-1-Community Bible Church, High Point; 2-Lisa Sherrill, Greenville, SC; 3-Westend Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI; 4-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 5-Feeding team from Pleasant Ridge Baptist, State Road joined by Jane & Carl with the WCRC; 6-Pleasant Ridge Baptist roofing team.Mission Trip Adventures 7.231     They just kept coming-7-Michael & Gary, Asheville; 8-Godwin Heights Baptist, Lumberton; 9-Northbrook Baptist, Spartanburg SC; 10-Zion Tabernacle, Lumberton; 11-Walt, Sammy & Gene, Monroe; 12-Kent & Lois, Long, SC.Mission Trip Adventures 7.231-001     We had a house full of wonderful volunteers.  They came to share the gospel and to work. It was hot but the teams stayed at it. They completed five new roofs this week.Mission Trip Adventures 7.23-001     The teams also replaced floors, replaced and painted siding, hung and finished sheetrock, installed under skirting and cooked.  There were issues with the heat and humidity but they all did a superb job.  The feeding team went the extra mile and served breakfast at 5:30 so the teams could get a early start. 

We know God was at work in Johnsonville this week not only by the amount of work that was done but also by the five confessions of faith that were made by homeowners. THANK YOU teams for helping us share GOD’s love.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Carolina Rebuild July 3-9, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 07.091     We got a delightful surprise Wednesday morning.  Michael brought 3 others and was at Daphne's waiting on us. David went to meet them. They tore out and hung sheet rock and Wanda made sure the house was cleaned up before they left.Mission Trip Adventures 07.09     On Thursday and Friday we had a group of ladies from Camp La Vita (That’s the SC version of Mundo Vista). David and Michael taught them how to install insulation and put up under skirting.  The ladies came with a heart to serve and with 2 GODLY leaders they learned another way to serve. 

We will be at home the week of July 10th.  The week of the 17th will be very busy with 106 volunteers on site.  Please pray for us that we will lead as called.  After that week we have many weeks with no volunteers.  Please consider a trip to Johnsonville.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 26-July 2

Mission Trip Adventures 7.02     1, 2 & 3-Chatham Township Presbyterian Church, NJ; 4-Easley SC Tarp Team; 5-Centerview Baptist, Marshville; 6-SC Pee Dee Baptist Association. Mission Trip Adventures 7.02-001  The New Jersey group was large so they worked on several homes.  They insulated the floors and built a ramp at the Stone house,  replaced dirt that had washed out under a home and started the underpinning, shingled a home and hung some drywall.  Two South Carolina teams came in and did temporary roof tarping.  The Centerview group finished up the Parrott home. A group from Mt. Moriah came on Saturday and replaced a deck.

We are still in need of roofing teams.  We have 63 roofs to repair or replace.  These roofs will have to be repaired or replaced before the inside work can begin.  There is still over 100 work requests waiting to be done.  Please sign up and come help rebuild in the Johnsonville area as we share GOD’s love and word.