Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Great Week for Fish


On Monday the Momeyer Team arrived in time for lunch.  Of course Doug was on his second week here.  Linda and Ann were planning to have chicken for supper when we got a call that we were being given three tuna fish.  They quickly changed gears and thanks to lots of help cleaning those huge fish we were able to have fresh grilled tuna instead.  It was yummy.  On Wednesday night we went to revival at Cape Hatteras Baptist Church were Billy and Russ celebrated their birthdays.

Momeyer Tem

The Momeyer Team worked on several different projects this week.  They painted at Kathy Williams’ house in Avon.  Eddie did some rough in caulking in the Little Red House.  Ann and Pastor Paul visited several people including Dean, Donna and Mrs. Janie (aka Granny).

Momeyer Tem1

The team also worked inside and outside at Kathy Morrett’s house and put a new roof on Pastor Steve’s house.  Alan Harris helped on the new roof too.

Fishing trip

On Thursday Ann, Doug and Jeffrey were treated to a fishing trip by our friend Captain Tim Etheridge on his boat.  They got up before sunrise to drive down to Hatteras Village to board Born Again. Tim was a brave man to take out three rookies that had never been fishing on a boat in the ocean.   Thunderstorms were threatening but it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Thanks to our great captain we brought home thirty-two Spanish Mackerel and three Blue Fish.

Right now we only have two volunteers for next week due to a team canceling.  If you are feeling the call to serve please give us a call.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

College Week

Methodist group

Group of college students from NC State Raleigh Wesley Foundation came out to serve for 4 days. They stayed in Kitty Hawk but worked here with us. They removed insulation from under homes, cleaned up trash pile in back of a home, demolished a shed, helped install shingles on The Little Red House,

Methodist group1

They also removed and helped replace shake shingles on Lifeboat Church, helped unload the food pantry truck, helped gut out a home and a few went to Avon to paint with Charles.  Wow, they did a lot but then there was 24 of them. Great group of students willing to serve GOD.

.Momeyer and Sanford

More college students came on Tuesday Douglas (NC State), Erica (Nash Community College) & Isaac (South Eastern Seminary & Wake Forest University) came on Tuesday from Momeyer. They helped install shakes at Elsie’s along with shingles at Deans. Erica also jumped in to help Linda cook since Ann was away for a few days.  Members of Cool Springs also came out to serve. The first day the worked on Elsie’s house and then they repaired around the stain glass window at Lifeboat and then installed the shakes with help from college students.


Billy has tomatoes on his vines.  Can you see it?  Ann went to Melinda’s 30th birthday party at the Lifeboat Church on Tuesday night.  She left the island on Wednesday afternoon to go to Marion, NC  via Momeyer to help with NCBM training.  She worked with the badge team (Candy, Pam and Brian) and also taught the Admin Recert class on Saturday.  Luckily she didn’t have to drive all the way to Marion but caught a ride with the Stancil’s on their luxury RV.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Largest Team So Far


Our volunteers for the week: Tim came for another couple of days and brought Bill & Billy.   We had a large group (21 of them) from  New Hope Baptist in Laurinburg.  Jerry Barbee came down and has been doing lots of plumbing.  Charles spent the week at Susan’s doing last minute stuff her contractor did not complete.  He also did some adjustments to our outside showers to help make them more user friendly.  Ann kept hearing about the Chicken Dance so Nelma, with the New Hope group, did a command performance before breakfast on Friday.  Nelma is the kind of lady that is happy all the time and she doesn’t mind showing it.  She says she has been doing the dance all her life ever since a talent contest as a young girl.  Our friend Gabe (local) did the knock down in Kathy’s kitchen.  Willie, Judy and William from Pilot Mountain also joined us this week.


The Little Red House: We started off the week planning to remove the roof & walls of the front room. The more we removed the more issues we found.  When we got to the floor it was in worse shape than we thought so it went also.  With all removed we started rebuilding the room with new materials and a higher ceiling.

K Williams

Kathy’s House in Avon:  Most of the New Hope team spent the week in Avon at Kathy’s house. They primed and painted walls, tiled the bathroom floor, finished the exterior on the porch we raised the roof on and trimmed out the windows.


Food and Fun: This week Ann and Linda cooked some great meals and desserts and made a new friend here on the island.  Mrs. Nancy is a delightful lady with lots of interesting tales to tell.  Ann witnessed a wedding on the beach and a beautiful sunset over the Pamlico Sound.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress Being Made on The Little Red House


Other than Tuesday we had a small crew this week.  However the LORD’s work continues.  The new rear room and main part of old house is ready for rough in.  Yes I know we left off a row of sheeting at the bottom.  That is so we can tie the home to the pilings once it is raised.

K Williams

Sheetrock and siding work was done on the Williams house.  Since volunteers were low in numbers this week Ann & Linda finished painting  Linda Hooper’s house that Elaine and Alice from Pilot Baptist started.  Alan & Bob installed a walk for the temporary outdoor showers to handle the larger teams coming during May.  Our prayer is that the extra showers will also be needed in June , July & August for the many teams that have not signed up yet.  Don from Roxboro was a big help this week mainly doing sheetrock finishing.  Somehow we missed getting a picture of him.

Fun and Food

If you enjoy the beach, great food and serving GOD then the OBX Rebuild Project is where you need to be.  Ann & Linda both enjoy cooking and anybody that has been here will agree - GREAT MEALS LADIES.   Linda had some visitors this week and Ann took the time to play grandma and play with Sydney and Millie on the beach.  Ann & I went to Home Depot on Saturday afternoon to pick up some cabinets.  On the way up the beach we came across a family who had pulled off the road to switch drivers. Not a good idea.  They were attempting to push the car out of the sand but were not getting very far so NCBM lent a helping hand and pulled them out.  You never know what or where GOD will send you to work so keep your eyes and your heart open.