Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress Being Made on The Little Red House


Other than Tuesday we had a small crew this week.  However the LORD’s work continues.  The new rear room and main part of old house is ready for rough in.  Yes I know we left off a row of sheeting at the bottom.  That is so we can tie the home to the pilings once it is raised.

K Williams

Sheetrock and siding work was done on the Williams house.  Since volunteers were low in numbers this week Ann & Linda finished painting  Linda Hooper’s house that Elaine and Alice from Pilot Baptist started.  Alan & Bob installed a walk for the temporary outdoor showers to handle the larger teams coming during May.  Our prayer is that the extra showers will also be needed in June , July & August for the many teams that have not signed up yet.  Don from Roxboro was a big help this week mainly doing sheetrock finishing.  Somehow we missed getting a picture of him.

Fun and Food

If you enjoy the beach, great food and serving GOD then the OBX Rebuild Project is where you need to be.  Ann & Linda both enjoy cooking and anybody that has been here will agree - GREAT MEALS LADIES.   Linda had some visitors this week and Ann took the time to play grandma and play with Sydney and Millie on the beach.  Ann & I went to Home Depot on Saturday afternoon to pick up some cabinets.  On the way up the beach we came across a family who had pulled off the road to switch drivers. Not a good idea.  They were attempting to push the car out of the sand but were not getting very far so NCBM lent a helping hand and pulled them out.  You never know what or where GOD will send you to work so keep your eyes and your heart open.

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