Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday and a Free Car Wash


Ike started out our day with a morning devotion straight from his heart.  Iva and Billy put the final touches on the library.  Amy is so happy to have Wi-Fi now. Me too.

Wednesday Carwash

Pastor Roger took his kids, a few other church members, Lynn, Eddie, Pastor Paul, Amy, Toni, Vandy and Elizabeth over to Captain D’s to do a free cash wash.  Of course they were not only washing cars, trucks and motorcycles.  They were sharing the Gospel and praying with those that needed prayers.

Wednesday Floor

Ike, Doug and Jeffrey did such a good job on the fence Tuesday that they formed a team again on Wednesday.  This time they repaired that big whole in the floor left from the baptistry removal.  Job well done guys. 

Are you are wondering what I’m doing here this week beside taking pictures and blogging?  I am getting up early to have breakfast on the table at 7 am,  lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 6 pm.  Billy has been a big help mornings but he thinks I don’t know how to cook breakfast.  I can’t imagine why.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

After attending worship service on Sunday morning, we went out to eat with Pastor Roger’s family and several other church members at K & W.  Then we came back to the church to plan our week’s work.  Vandy and Elizabeth joined us Sunday night and Isaac and Doug came on Monday night .


Sunday night the Momeyer Walking Team went out for a walk.


Monday Pastor Paul led our morning devotion after breakfast and then the work began.  Another team had built shelves for the library and they needed to be sanded and painted.  Lynn, Elizabeth, Iva,  Amy, Vandy and Toni worked on this project all day and nearly finished it.


Ike, Isaac and Doug installed a chain link fence for the playground.


Billy works on the library shelving and more painting is done on Tuesday.


The guys removed the baptistry.  They do their baptising in the lake so it is being donated to another church.  What a job that was getting it outside. 

The church has been having Summer Movie Nights this week.  Monday night we watched Pollyanna and Tuesday night we watched The Bishop’s Wife.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Team Bluefield


Our mission team left Saturday morning headed to Bluefield, VA to spent a week serving the Lord.  We started out with 10 members but will be adding more later in the week.  Team members are Amy, Pastor Paul, Lynn, Eddie, Ike, Toni, Billy, Ann, Jeffrey and Iva.IMAG0434

We made a stop in Pilot Mountain to pick up some fencing which we will be installing for a playground.  Our good friends Brian and Sharon graciously prepared at hotdog lunch for us in their home.


Eddie got a new hairdo while we were there.


This is where we will be spending the week. You can check out their web site.

CrossPoint Fellowship Church


Last night we experienced a different type of worship service called Hype.  It is focused on getting the young people out of the clubs and into the church on Saturday night.  Crosspoint has their own Worship Dance team and they are really good.


We also got to do some dancing.