Sunday, March 30, 2014

Staff and Locals at Work

Mission Trip Adventures 3.29.14  Tim, Vickie, Ann and Billy returned to Jersey on Tuesday. We had no volunteer teams this week so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent painting at Kenny’s house.  Paul, Chris (the sheetrock guy) and the home owner helped.  On Saturday Chris (the HVAC guy) and Pastor Todd helped Billy and Tim at the Jolly house finishing their kitchen and getting it all but ready for them to return home.

We still have many weeks open for volunteers.  Call us if you feel the call to help.  We welcome groups and individuals.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Georgia State Week

Mission Trip Adventures 3.22 (2)  1-With only one work team we had a small but good cook team from Region 9.  2-On Tuesday night Lucrecia (homeowner Anthony’s wife) came over and made home made Italian meat balls. 3- Paul helped the Georgia team hang sheet rock at Anthony’s. 4-Our college team from Georgia State. 6&7-The ladies helped move Catherine to a new tempoary home.  In doing so they discovered she had no furniture. So Vicki, Tim, Debbie and two of the GA girls took her a air mattress.  The next day Vicki, Tim, Paul and Pastor Todd got her a real bed, couch, chair, dining room set and some food and carried it all back to her.

5-We left on Thursday morning to go to The NC Mission Conference in Charlotte.  Billy was able to share a brief word on what has been done in New Jersey as well as request for more volunteers.  Ann set up and worked the Mission Fair exhibit while Billy did three break out sessions.  We talked to several people about coming to help this year but did not get anyone to say they would come.  At present time we have many weeks that still need to be filled with volunteers.  Please contact us to let us know when your group would like to come.Mission Trip Adventures 3.22.14 p  The GA team came with not one but two Recovery Blue Hats. Most of the week they worked at Anthony’s learning how to cut and install sheet rock.  The girls helped move Catherine and spent some time Wednesday afternoon cleaning up a yard for a couple.  They were a great team and I think they learned a lot.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome Home Jolly Family

Mission Trip Adventures 3.152  Alliance College Connection-Boone: The Jolly house had been sitting empty for many months since Sandy came for a visit. NCBM volunteers had helped hang the sheet rock last May. Ron was going to finish the home. However he got sick and has not been able to do much of anything.  Volunteers for the past two weeks have worked towards completing the home so the Jolly’s can return home.  Billy and Mary helped lead the Alliance team as they did trim work, installed kitchen cabinets, painted and cleaned the yard.  On Friday before they left we had a house dedication although it is not quite complete. This was Alliance’s fifth mission trip to New Jersey.Mission Trip Adventures 3.15  Mount Vernon Baptist Church-Boone: The Mount Vernon team split up and did several jobs.  They hung lots of sheet rock at Anthony’s house as well as cleaning up his yard.  Others removed decks from a home, preparing the way so the home could be lifted.  At another home they removed the insulation from the crawl space.Mission Trip Adventures 3.151  University of Delaware-Alternative Spring Break Program: On Friday evening a group from Universe of Delaware came up so they could work on Saturday.  Most of them hung sheet rock at Helen’s house. Some of the ladies cleaned up at 2 other homes so the sheet rock finishers could work. Larry, our feeding Blue Hat this week knew this group from when they worked in Bayboro so he worked with them today.Mission Trip Adventures 3.153  On Wednesday night Todd came and did his Bible study to a full room. Lots of volunteers and several locals had a very interactive study.  Paul always enjoys the great food prepared by our cocking teams.  Larry Brush led the feeding team from Region 3. Tim and Billy finished removing a bathroom tile floor so it could be repaired.  Ann took a little time to enjoy a walk on the Board Walk on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

We are in need of sheetrock finishers. In order to get home owners back into their home this Spring we have 2 finishing jobs being contracted out.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Groups Working Together

Mission Trip Adventures 3.8.14 p1   1-First Baptist Wilmington College Group; 2-New full time staff members Vicki and Tim Etheridge; 3-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 4-Billy and Ann; 5-Region 7 Feeding Team led by Larry Woodrow.Mission Trip Adventures 3.141  What do you do when you have a college team with little rebuild experience and a well experienced (older) team? You put them together of course. The UNC Wilmington group came with a servants heart and a desire to learn. They learned how to carry sheet rock, measure it, cut it and hang it thanks to the Biltmore group.Collages  The Biltmore group also painted and laid flooring at the Jolly house.  After that they and the UNC group moved and hung sheet rock.  The two groups worked well together and were a blessing to each other.Mission Trip Adventures 3.8.14 p4  1-Andy is ready to hit the waves. 2-Barbara and May found a snowman on the beach. 3-Ann went to the Seaside Heights’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  She enjoyed hearing all the Pipe and Drums bands playing Amazing Grace. 4-Gaylon had a meeting in PA so he came by for a brief visit.  At least he was able to see some Jersey snow and feel some of the cold air we have dealt with this year.  5-As for Jimmy, once he wakes up he is ready to go but it’s usually after he has eaten breakfast.

If you noticed that we skipped a week it was because we did not have any volunteers that week and Ann went home for a few days.  Billy is happy to have her back.

We are in need of sheetrock finishers.