Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two Groups Working Together

Mission Trip Adventures 3.8.14 p1   1-First Baptist Wilmington College Group; 2-New full time staff members Vicki and Tim Etheridge; 3-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 4-Billy and Ann; 5-Region 7 Feeding Team led by Larry Woodrow.Mission Trip Adventures 3.141  What do you do when you have a college team with little rebuild experience and a well experienced (older) team? You put them together of course. The UNC Wilmington group came with a servants heart and a desire to learn. They learned how to carry sheet rock, measure it, cut it and hang it thanks to the Biltmore group.Collages  The Biltmore group also painted and laid flooring at the Jolly house.  After that they and the UNC group moved and hung sheet rock.  The two groups worked well together and were a blessing to each other.Mission Trip Adventures 3.8.14 p4  1-Andy is ready to hit the waves. 2-Barbara and May found a snowman on the beach. 3-Ann went to the Seaside Heights’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  She enjoyed hearing all the Pipe and Drums bands playing Amazing Grace. 4-Gaylon had a meeting in PA so he came by for a brief visit.  At least he was able to see some Jersey snow and feel some of the cold air we have dealt with this year.  5-As for Jimmy, once he wakes up he is ready to go but it’s usually after he has eaten breakfast.

If you noticed that we skipped a week it was because we did not have any volunteers that week and Ann went home for a few days.  Billy is happy to have her back.

We are in need of sheetrock finishers.

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