Saturday, May 30, 2009


IMG_1652 The volunteer team went out sightseeing today. First Baptist hired three  framers to help us get the walls up and off to a good start so Rex & I stayed back and helped them today.IMG_1653 We have the walls laid out, holes drilled, corners built and headers cut. Monday morning we will put walls together and start standing them up.

The guys that have been working on excavation, concrete and framing all seam to be good guys but lack the faith we have in GOD.  Pray for us to make an impact on them that will help change their life and beliefs.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Got Concrete!

IMG_1645 Today is starting early. Carey's Taxi service to NC left at 6:15.

Comment from Ann-“They’re looking kind of rough. I think Billy must have worked them too hard.”IMG_1647 The concrete crew arrived at 6:00 to double check and set up equipment. IMG_1648 Pouring of the floor slab started around 6:20. IMG_1650 The last cement was poured at 9:00. The rest of the day will be putting the finish on the floor as it starts drying, along with the new team arrival this evening.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

IMG_1636 The guys put the roof decking on the shed this morning.IMG_1637 Progress on foundation looking good.IMG_1638 I spoke too soon. The packer is broke down. However a replacement in on order.IMG_1639 JD , Rex & Billy put rubber on roof of shed.IMG_1641 

Picture of team less Randy, somebody had to cook supper.               

Rex, Carey, Billy, Billy, Garlin, JD


IMG_1632 We are located only 4 blocks from downtown and we still get visited by the deer. We spotted them today in the meadow across the street.IMG_1633 Billy Roy is cutting rafters for the shed under the supervision of JD & Carey. IMG_1634 The compaction fill is 80 % complete and the concrete prep will be done on Thursday. If the Lord is willing concrete trucks arrive Friday morning @ 6 a.m. and timber that afternoon. Therefore we should be able to lay out wall locations on  Saturday and start framing Monday morning.IMG_1635 Rex, Billy, Carey & Garlin built rafters for the shed and installed them today.

At the church,s Wednesday night service everyone circled around and prayed for us and the construction of the building.  I reminded them that GOD is in charge of the building process and we are here to be his hands and share his love. Therefore, when they come by at later dates remember to praise GOD for the building and all he does. I also request they do as I request of each of you -  WHEN GOD CALLS RESPOND THEN, don't wait cause all things need to be done in GOD's time not human time.

Pray for the team leaving Friday morning and driving home. Also pray for the team that is flying to Bayfield

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Lake Vallecito

003  Last night we road out to the lake and viewed the snow covered mountains.004  The excavation crew is working today so we are doing other things. JD pulled the short straw and cut grass.006  The others worked on rebuilding the shed.008 After the plumbing passed inspection we helped with backfill. Pray that the rest of the backfill and compaction will be completed tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First day of work

IMG_1620 After waking up this morning I was doing my quiet time when I noticed 2 deer about 40 yards from the camper. Later in the day the rest of the herd came around.IMG_1621 Billy Ray, JD & Lois set up more bunks today.IMG_1622 Most of the day Carey, Garlin & I drained and pumped off water  from the foundation.  Then we helped Doug finish rough plumbing and backfilling the pipes.

Shortly after lunch it rained again so we went inside and install a drape around ladies sleeping area. IMG_1623 Afterwards they demolished a shed that had collapsed.  A  wood shed will be built tomorrow while anotherl crew works on foundation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Billy goes to Bayfield


Thursday morning at 6:30 I kissed Billy goodbye as he headed out on his trip to Bayfield, CO.  He will be gone until the end of July.  I think he’s going miss me and I know I’ll miss him.

I will attempt to blog his adventures back here at home as long as he does his part and sends me pictures so the rest of this post is from Billy.


I left home on Thur. morning and met up with 5 other men ( J D Clapp, Carey Fleming, Billy Royal, Garlin Patrick, Randy Thomas) in Mocksville.


JD taking his turn in the back seat.


We drove through the night (36 hours) and arrived in South Fork at what is called the barn. This barn belongs to a man who visits here about 1 time a month. He stays in the main house and lets family and others stay in the barn which to me is better than most motels. After breakfast and devotions on Sat morning we headed for Bayfield.


I thought I had been in hills before but today we crossed Wolf Pass. Around 10,000 feet up and some of GOD's best views.


We stopped along the way down the mountain and viewed the road below where we were headed. We arrived in Bayfield, Co about 10:30 Saturday morning and began set up of bunks, unloaded gear and food. I set up our camper and started running temporary sewer lines. The shower / laundry unit arrived from TX. around 11:30. After lunch we continued with unpacking and set up. Garlin and Carey built me some steps and a hitch support due to the height of my camper. The others went to Wal-Mart to buy food and boots. By mid afternoon the rain had set in and we called it a day. .


We woke up to rain on Sunday. After breakfast and cleaning up we went upstairs to Sunday school and then church.  Three people had told us the crowd would be off due to people gone for Memorial Day, However we saw a sanctuary 80% full and when we asked the Pastor he said yes attendance was down today. This tells me that the new larger sanctuary is needed. It has rained off and on all morning and after lunch hail fell for about 30 minutes. Now the sun has come out and it is warming up.


Rex and Lois arrived from Texas.


JD having some fun at the ranch.