Saturday, August 27, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 1-27, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.27     1-Region 4 Feeding Team=Nancy, Bill, Paula & Bill; 2-SC Campers on Mission; 3-Red Branch Baptist, Carthage; 4-South Point Baptist, Belmont (joined by one from the feeding team); 5-Galatia Baptist, Murfreesboro. Plus a team from Porter Swamp Baptist, Cerro Gorda worked on Saturday. Mission Trip Adventures 8.27-001     Been a busy week with five rebuild teams. The teams spread out and tackled many task this week.  Decks and ramps were built.  Flooring was installed. A ceiling was torn out so it can be reframed and sheet rocked.  Two roofs were completed and three roofs roof coated. Eve trim installed, electrical and the list goes on.  Lots of work was done this week since we had volunteers with a heart to serve wherever needed and each team had people who knew what to do and how to lead others.

Volunteer numbers are way down for the next several weeks so PLEASE try to put a group together and come to Johnsonville to serve GOD.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 14-20, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 08.20-001     Each of the teams were only able to come for a few days.  But they came ready to serve.  They all shared the gospel with the home owners and then went to work.  One team completed the Cribb roof and front porch.  Then they started porches at another home.  Another team all but finished the Miller house. A little more painting this week and a final inspection then they came move back home. They also finished the Davis bathroom.  Billy Joe brought a couple guys down again and did some tarp work.Mission Trip Adventures 08.20-002     What a great blessing to see some jobs being completed.  However there is still much more witnessing and rebuilding to be done in Johnsonville. Hope you can put a team together and come join us for a few days or even a week.

Thanks to Bobby and David for serving in the kitchen this week.  Ann helped them by making the desserts.  As normal the food was great.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 7-13, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.13     1-Region 7 Feeding Team, Brenda, Melba, Alma & John; 2-Walt, Ricky, Gene & Sammy, Monroe; 3-Chris Blanton, Dobson; 4-Branch's Baptist Church, Richmond, VA; 5-Bill Martin, Winston-Salem; 6-Hopewell Baptist, Monroe; 7-1st Baptist New Bern; Sharon Presbyterian Youth, Charlotte (no picture).Mission Trip Adventures 8.13-001     Volunteer teams are continuing the rebuild process in the Johnsonville area. This past week they completed three more roof jobs and started another.  One team spent the week at the Miller home.  They installed doors, trim work, cabinets, flooring and painted.  The Miller’s should be able to return home after next week.  On two occasions last week GOD provided us with views of beautiful rainbows.   

With the great turn out we have had with roofing teams we are now able to start working on the inside of several homes.  However there is still many more roofs that need to be repaired or replaced before most of our work requests can start inside.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Carolina Rebuild–July 31-August 6, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.06     1-Shady Grove Baptist, Belton, SC; 2-1st Baptist, Morganton, Deaf Mission with home owners; 3-Faymont Baptist, Fayetteville; 4-Region 6 Feeding Team led by Jerry Barbee; 5-Mark & Cheryl Hinson; 6-Crew Chiefs, Medical, Mold Fogging & Photographer: Lisa, Bill, Bobby, Kent, Stan, Alan. & Gary; 7-First Baptist Lancaster, SC; 8-Mt. Beulah Baptist-Windsor, SC. Mission Trip Adventures 8.06-002     This week the teams worked on many projects.  installing sub flooring, plumbing, electric,  under skirting mobile homes,  built decks and a ramp, laid flooring and best of all they spent time to visit and talk gospel with the families.Collages2     The Lancaster team continued the work at the Miller house.  Painting, flooring, cabinets and trim work.  On Wednesday the team was served fish cooked on site by a friend.  Billy and Ann were invited over for lunch also.Mission Trip Adventures 8.06-001     Can you say roof roof roof roof?  Teams did 4 and 1/2 roofs this week. GOD has been awesome these past few weeks and sent teams willing to do roofs.  It is necessary to get these roofs repaired or reroofed to stop the leaks before the teams can get rid of the mold and then start inside repair work.  We have two small teams coming next week also planning to do roof work.  We have a need for groups to come and install tarps on 8 roofs, roof coat 5 mobile homes, install shingles on 30 home and 12 metal roofs.  Most of these jobs are just remove and replace.  However several will need repair work to the sheeting also.

Highlight of the week: The deaf team went to install under skirting on a double wide which was not on their list of things to do when they arrived.  The home owners sister grew up death so they knew sign language and was able to talk with the team.  I call it GOD’s perfect timing.