Friday, November 4, 2016

Carolina Rebuild October 30–November 2, 2016

11.5     1-Tennessee Chainsaw Team, Knoxville; 2-Morganton Baptist Church; 3-Jack & Sharon McCormick-SC Coordinators; 4-Jim & Nancy-Survivor Care Chaplains; 5&8-TN Chainsaw team at work; 9-Some of the SC Feeding team; 7-A chainsaw cross; 9-Headed home.

This has been a emotional week for us.  In case you haven’t heard-we are leaving SC so we can help out in NC. We will surely miss all of the friends we have made here since we started back in January. Jack and Sharon will be coordinating the operation now for SC Baptist.  

We started the week with two great teams doing rebuild and tree work.  David, Ann and Billy spent a good part of the weekend and Monday packing up.  On Tuesday morning David headed out to spend time with Cathy before being called to a NC site.  Ann and Billy left Johnsonville on Wednesday afternoon.  We will be spending some time around Momeyer and then move to a site somewhere in NC.

A special THANK YOU to each and every person who has served with us in Johnsonville this year.  We also thank God for sending you. Together we have made a difference in the area.  Please continue to pray for the area and stay in touch with the home owners you met.

Carolina Rebuild October 23-29, 2016

10.291     This week we had volunteers from First Baptist-Iva, First Creek-Iva and SC Campers on Mission. Our neighbor Mason volunteered for his second week. With no chainsaw teams this week we were able to concentrate on rebuild again.  Teams worked on floors, ceilings and tarping roofs.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Carolina Rebuild October 16-22, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.22     1-Two Illinois Chainsaw Teams; 2-Northbrook Baptist, Boiling Springs, SC; 3-Region 8 Feeding; 4-Hickory Grove Baptist, Charlotte; 5-David Fuss (Not sure what we would have done without him); 6-Curtis & Joyce Thrift (two more that helped keep our sanity); 7-Reg. 8 Rebuild and Randy & Pat from Florida.Mission Trip Adventures 10.221  For the second week straight we have had a full house of volunteers,  Some have continued to do rebuild work installing floors, finishing sheet rock, installing tile and building decks. Others did chain saw work.  They cut trees on the ground and on top of homes.  The removal of trees from the top of a home requires skilled cutters.  They were assisted by a boom truck provided by William of Johnsonville Mechanical which made the job a lot easier and faster.  Teams have all gone home now but there is still lots of tree jobs, rebuild jobs and a few tear outs to be done. Ann took a day off from her admin duties and went to Lumberton to work with the childcare unit.

Carolina Rebuild October 9-15, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.15     1-Grassy Pond Baptist, Gaffney, SC; 2-Johnsonville Baptist Youth; 3-Morris Knaup, Ashville;  4-Bennett Baptist; 5-Cumberland Plateau Baptist Association, TN; 6-Lisa & Bill Sherill, Greenville, SC; 7-Ewing Baptist, KY; 8-Heath Team, Greer, SC; 9-Gary & Royce, Knoxville, TN; 10-Prosperity, SC Chainsaw Team; 11-Region 7 Feeding (Diane, Larry, Barbara & Bernice); No photo: Tucapau Baptist.Mission Trip Adventures 10.151     Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit on Saturday so our work started Sunday morning with the arrival of our first chain saw team. They only had to walk out back and across the street to start. During the week they spread out from Johnsonville to Hemingway and Lake City.  Fortunately for the flood victims from last year the flooding was not as bad this time.Mission Trip Adventures 10.152     On Sunday afternoon the rebuild teams began to arrive with all offering to do what ever was needed.  With more saw teams coming Billy choose to keep them doing rebuild.  They installed and finished sheet rock, repaired overhangs on a home and worked on flooring.

The Johnsonville site is still in need of volunteers to remove insulation, spray homes for mold, cut trees and rebuild homes from last years storm.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Carolina Rebuild October 2-8, 2016

10.08   Only had 5 volunteers last week (Community Bible, Highpoint, Winton Baptist and Hayes Barton) and that was just for a few days. Billy was busy working on finishing a roof and working with contractor who is helping us get a handle on the roof jobs so he didn’t get many pictures.  However volunteers did repair some electric, remove moldy wet carpet, hang insulation and sheet rock in a house.  Hoping Matthew doesn’t cause problems and Chris can come do mud work next week.

Like each of you we have been praying for the people and areas affected by Matthew.  We know many of you will respond and help as mush as you can.  We to would like to join you BUT a few years back we felt the call to serve in the rebuild ministry of NCBM and have been blessed by doing so.  Ann and I are glad that NCBM made the decision also to stay with a project when we feel it is one GOD has called us to do.  So we are staying in Johnsonville during the passing of Matthew putting trust in GOD that he will protect us. Two small teams arrive Sunday and we will resume the task of rebuilding and sharing the gospel Monday morning.  Several have canceled for next week.  I ask you to pray and follow the call where GOD wants you to serve.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 25-October 1, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.01.2016 (2)     1-Region 5 Feeding Team (Jamie, Patsy, Bill & Tom); 2-David Fuss finishing up his month here; 3-Chapel Church-York, PA; 4-Colonial Baptist-Thomasville; 5-Union Baptist Association.Picture     This week we had two small groups all week.  One group took on a roof project and after it was dried in and the rain came they started to remove damaged and molded areas inside.  The other team worked with David on two homes we were doing a total rebuild on and they are now complete and the families are returning home 11 months after moving out.  On Saturday we had a group of 24 including youth and all the way to senior. They all went to one home and split up. A group tackled the sand which needed to be put under the home as well as a diversion ditch in order to help keep water from standing under this home.  The others split up inside to replace insulation, ceiling sheet rock and floor decking.  For this family it is a blessing to have a roof that no longer leaks and a home that is becoming free of mold and unsafe floors.

It has been a year since the rain/flood event happened in South Carolina.  Although many homes have been repaired and families are now living in a safe and secure home many have yet to be repaired.  Most of these families have little choice but to continue to live in their home which still have roof leaks, mold in the walls, ceiling and floors along with floors that can not be walked on. Currently NCBM has 89 open rebuild jobs on the roster.  However I know of two other lists that include 48 additional homes in the Johnsonville area that have asked for help but have not received any help yet or put on any rebuild list.  Please pray for these home owners and consider a trip to Johnsonville to help rebuild hope and homes as we share the gospel while repairing homes.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 18-24, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 9.24.2016     Our volunteers this week: 1-Region 2 Feeding Team (Janet, Andy & Rita); 2-Green River Baptist Assoc. Rutherfordton; 3-Welcome our newest staff member Patches who watches over the beverage table; 4-Biltmore Baptist; 5-Flat Rock Baptist, Hamptonville.Mission Trip Adventures 9.24     Teams worked on various projects this past week.  They kept David and I on the move so we did not get many pictures.  However lots of work on homes and souls was done.  Three homes received new floors and covering along with ceiling replacements. A set of steps was built along with under skirting a mobile home.  Lots of painting done.  Molding installed, doors hung, plumbing completed, electric and other stuff on two home which are all but ready for the families to return home.  As I write this and think back on how much was done this past week it is obvious why we didn’t get many pictures and that GOD was definitely present.

SCBC has agreed to hire a local Christian contractor to help get shingles installed on the many roofs that have been leaking or have tarps on them for the past 11 months.  This will help get homes dried in so teams can concentrate on the inside work.  But we still need help doing roofs and now the inside work amounts increase so let us know when your team will be coming to South Carolina to help rebuild homes and share the gospel.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 4-17, 2016

9.10     Week of September 4-10: We took some time to go home but Billy was missing Johnsonville so much that he came back early. While David and Billy were waiting on teams to arrive they did some prep work at Mrs. Rosa’s.  William, who lives there also, pitched in to help as we laid floor decking.   Shiloh Baptist, Garner arrived on Thursday night to work Friday and Saturday. They were a large team so they split up and worked on multiple homes and projects. They did trim work, sprayed ceilings, reinstalled doors and stained trim.Mission Trip Adventures 9.17.2016     Week of September 11-17: 1-Region 3 Feeding Team, BJ, RW, Nancy & Debra; 2-Shoup's Grove BC, Icard with David Fuss, Meena Evans, & Doug Estep; 3-We had a bit of rain this week; 4-Friday night lights in Johnsonville; 5-New Hope Baptist, Monroe and Fairfield Community Baptist, Marshville with Paul Langston.Recovered Autosave     The Shoup's Grove team laid flooring, did lots of trim work, painted and plumbed.  God knew we needed a few guys who understood mobile homes and they were a big help.  New Hope and Fairfield came together and then split up to install 2 metal roofs.  The mobile home roof was a basic install but the older house had lots of repair before they could install the roof.  Both roofs are complete and look great. 

Progress on repairing homes continue at a good pace.  Best of all the teams have been able to share the gospel with lots of the home owners.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 28-September 3, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 9.03.2016     The SC Campers On Mission were with us for another week.  The guys heard about a family on our list that needed a new roof so they choose to replace the roof.  A B and Ruth Ann came to do feeding and brought Chevy.  As normal they worked on a site in the mornings.  They helped hang insulation, sheet rock and paneling.  William jumped in to help also.  At the Wednesday night service they needed a piano player so Ruth Anne stepped up. We all headed out early due to Hurricane Hermine was on the way. 

We don’t have any volunteers until next Saturday so we will be in Momeyer for the week.  I know it’s that time of the year when volunteer turn out is low BUT NCBM still has 94 job requests waiting and 45 of them include roof repair and tarping.  These 45 homes could use roofing teams before the next storm comes ashore.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 1-27, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.27     1-Region 4 Feeding Team=Nancy, Bill, Paula & Bill; 2-SC Campers on Mission; 3-Red Branch Baptist, Carthage; 4-South Point Baptist, Belmont (joined by one from the feeding team); 5-Galatia Baptist, Murfreesboro. Plus a team from Porter Swamp Baptist, Cerro Gorda worked on Saturday. Mission Trip Adventures 8.27-001     Been a busy week with five rebuild teams. The teams spread out and tackled many task this week.  Decks and ramps were built.  Flooring was installed. A ceiling was torn out so it can be reframed and sheet rocked.  Two roofs were completed and three roofs roof coated. Eve trim installed, electrical and the list goes on.  Lots of work was done this week since we had volunteers with a heart to serve wherever needed and each team had people who knew what to do and how to lead others.

Volunteer numbers are way down for the next several weeks so PLEASE try to put a group together and come to Johnsonville to serve GOD.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 14-20, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 08.20-001     Each of the teams were only able to come for a few days.  But they came ready to serve.  They all shared the gospel with the home owners and then went to work.  One team completed the Cribb roof and front porch.  Then they started porches at another home.  Another team all but finished the Miller house. A little more painting this week and a final inspection then they came move back home. They also finished the Davis bathroom.  Billy Joe brought a couple guys down again and did some tarp work.Mission Trip Adventures 08.20-002     What a great blessing to see some jobs being completed.  However there is still much more witnessing and rebuilding to be done in Johnsonville. Hope you can put a team together and come join us for a few days or even a week.

Thanks to Bobby and David for serving in the kitchen this week.  Ann helped them by making the desserts.  As normal the food was great.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 7-13, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.13     1-Region 7 Feeding Team, Brenda, Melba, Alma & John; 2-Walt, Ricky, Gene & Sammy, Monroe; 3-Chris Blanton, Dobson; 4-Branch's Baptist Church, Richmond, VA; 5-Bill Martin, Winston-Salem; 6-Hopewell Baptist, Monroe; 7-1st Baptist New Bern; Sharon Presbyterian Youth, Charlotte (no picture).Mission Trip Adventures 8.13-001     Volunteer teams are continuing the rebuild process in the Johnsonville area. This past week they completed three more roof jobs and started another.  One team spent the week at the Miller home.  They installed doors, trim work, cabinets, flooring and painted.  The Miller’s should be able to return home after next week.  On two occasions last week GOD provided us with views of beautiful rainbows.   

With the great turn out we have had with roofing teams we are now able to start working on the inside of several homes.  However there is still many more roofs that need to be repaired or replaced before most of our work requests can start inside.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Carolina Rebuild–July 31-August 6, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 8.06     1-Shady Grove Baptist, Belton, SC; 2-1st Baptist, Morganton, Deaf Mission with home owners; 3-Faymont Baptist, Fayetteville; 4-Region 6 Feeding Team led by Jerry Barbee; 5-Mark & Cheryl Hinson; 6-Crew Chiefs, Medical, Mold Fogging & Photographer: Lisa, Bill, Bobby, Kent, Stan, Alan. & Gary; 7-First Baptist Lancaster, SC; 8-Mt. Beulah Baptist-Windsor, SC. Mission Trip Adventures 8.06-002     This week the teams worked on many projects.  installing sub flooring, plumbing, electric,  under skirting mobile homes,  built decks and a ramp, laid flooring and best of all they spent time to visit and talk gospel with the families.Collages2     The Lancaster team continued the work at the Miller house.  Painting, flooring, cabinets and trim work.  On Wednesday the team was served fish cooked on site by a friend.  Billy and Ann were invited over for lunch also.Mission Trip Adventures 8.06-001     Can you say roof roof roof roof?  Teams did 4 and 1/2 roofs this week. GOD has been awesome these past few weeks and sent teams willing to do roofs.  It is necessary to get these roofs repaired or reroofed to stop the leaks before the teams can get rid of the mold and then start inside repair work.  We have two small teams coming next week also planning to do roof work.  We have a need for groups to come and install tarps on 8 roofs, roof coat 5 mobile homes, install shingles on 30 home and 12 metal roofs.  Most of these jobs are just remove and replace.  However several will need repair work to the sheeting also.

Highlight of the week: The deaf team went to install under skirting on a double wide which was not on their list of things to do when they arrived.  The home owners sister grew up death so they knew sign language and was able to talk with the team.  I call it GOD’s perfect timing.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carolina Rebuild July 24-30, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 7.30     1-Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 2-David Fuss; 3-Stevens Chapel Baptist Church, Smithfield; 4-Summerville Baptist Church; 5-Region 5 Feeding, Faye, Johnny, Randy and Teresa; 6-Momeyer Baptist Church.Mission Trip Adventures 7.301     It's been another hot but positive week in Johnsonville.  Teams have been working on finishing sheet rock, painting, laying flooring, building a ramp, rebuilding a wall so they could replace a window, and putting up under skirting.  Many of you have worked on the Parrott home. The house is complete now and Connie and Eugene are so happy.  The Helping Hands ladies brought them a plant for their “new” home.

We are looking for volunteers to help work in Johnsonville for the next several week

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carolina Rebuild–July 17-24, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 7.23     Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we had a great week-1-Community Bible Church, High Point; 2-Lisa Sherrill, Greenville, SC; 3-Westend Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI; 4-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 5-Feeding team from Pleasant Ridge Baptist, State Road joined by Jane & Carl with the WCRC; 6-Pleasant Ridge Baptist roofing team.Mission Trip Adventures 7.231     They just kept coming-7-Michael & Gary, Asheville; 8-Godwin Heights Baptist, Lumberton; 9-Northbrook Baptist, Spartanburg SC; 10-Zion Tabernacle, Lumberton; 11-Walt, Sammy & Gene, Monroe; 12-Kent & Lois, Long, SC.Mission Trip Adventures 7.231-001     We had a house full of wonderful volunteers.  They came to share the gospel and to work. It was hot but the teams stayed at it. They completed five new roofs this week.Mission Trip Adventures 7.23-001     The teams also replaced floors, replaced and painted siding, hung and finished sheetrock, installed under skirting and cooked.  There were issues with the heat and humidity but they all did a superb job.  The feeding team went the extra mile and served breakfast at 5:30 so the teams could get a early start. 

We know God was at work in Johnsonville this week not only by the amount of work that was done but also by the five confessions of faith that were made by homeowners. THANK YOU teams for helping us share GOD’s love.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Carolina Rebuild July 3-9, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 07.091     We got a delightful surprise Wednesday morning.  Michael brought 3 others and was at Daphne's waiting on us. David went to meet them. They tore out and hung sheet rock and Wanda made sure the house was cleaned up before they left.Mission Trip Adventures 07.09     On Thursday and Friday we had a group of ladies from Camp La Vita (That’s the SC version of Mundo Vista). David and Michael taught them how to install insulation and put up under skirting.  The ladies came with a heart to serve and with 2 GODLY leaders they learned another way to serve. 

We will be at home the week of July 10th.  The week of the 17th will be very busy with 106 volunteers on site.  Please pray for us that we will lead as called.  After that week we have many weeks with no volunteers.  Please consider a trip to Johnsonville.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 26-July 2

Mission Trip Adventures 7.02     1, 2 & 3-Chatham Township Presbyterian Church, NJ; 4-Easley SC Tarp Team; 5-Centerview Baptist, Marshville; 6-SC Pee Dee Baptist Association. Mission Trip Adventures 7.02-001  The New Jersey group was large so they worked on several homes.  They insulated the floors and built a ramp at the Stone house,  replaced dirt that had washed out under a home and started the underpinning, shingled a home and hung some drywall.  Two South Carolina teams came in and did temporary roof tarping.  The Centerview group finished up the Parrott home. A group from Mt. Moriah came on Saturday and replaced a deck.

We are still in need of roofing teams.  We have 63 roofs to repair or replace.  These roofs will have to be repaired or replaced before the inside work can begin.  There is still over 100 work requests waiting to be done.  Please sign up and come help rebuild in the Johnsonville area as we share GOD’s love and word.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 19-25, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 06.25.2016 p1     Volunteers this week: 1&2-Gray UMC Youth Choir; 3-SC Feeding Team; 4-Northwest Community Church, Cincinnati, OH; 5-Cornerstone BC, Mt. Airy; 6-Billy & Chris (Florence DOM) with Ms Mae; 7-Swannanoa Baptist; 8-Calvary BC, Cary.Mission Trip Adventures 06.25-001     After several weeks of working at the Parrott home it was getting close to being HOME again.  I decided to send the Swannonna group there for the week with a request to get the house ready so Connie and Eugene could move home. They installed siding, hung windows, finished the kitchen, installed trim work and doors and did lots of painting and cleaning up. Some of the Calvary ladies helped them out on Friday and Saturday.  The Gray team insulated most of the floors at the Burr house. Cornerstone helped finish the job and underskirt it on Saturday.  Jack and Mark lead the Northwest group as they removed and replaced the shingles at the Brown residence.  The guys and couple of ladies from Calvary did tear out and then replaced the floors at the Baccus house.  On Tuesday the FLTRG asked us to join them for the dedication of Mae Woodbury's home.  She seams to be so happy with her rebuilt home.  She is blind so she can not see all the beautiful work but she says "I can feel it."

Thanks again for all the great volunteers that have responded to Johnsonville to help NCBM share the gospel and rebuild the area.  I still see so much more to be done so I know GOD is not done here.  Please come and join us be HIS hands and feet.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 12-18, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 6.18  1-Mark & Cheryl celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Monday; 2-Austin Grove & Union Grove, Marshville; 3-Youth from Hahira UMC, GA; 4-Betty Anne & Sid, Littleton Baptist; 5 Region 8 Feeding Team, Larry, Don & David.Mission Trip Adventures 6.18-001     The Hahira team removed and replaced shingles on the Bascom home as well as underpinned the home and replaced the rear steps.  Austin and Union Grove team tore out the kitchen cabinets , kitchen floors and then the dining room floors at the Eddy home.  Then they replaced it all with new, dry and unmolded floor decking and cabinets.  Sid and Betty Anne did some mold treatments and then trim work at the Parrott home.

Friday night the NAMB Survivor Care team provided dinner and a great bluegrass band for entertainment for many of the homeowners we have served.

Many people wonder why volunteers are needed 8 months after the rain storm & flood of 2015.  This week we again saw it with our own eyes. Floor decking that had not been torn out because it was dry on top.  Well there was four layers of floor decking and moisture along with mold was between each layer.  Also the kitchen cabinets were growing mold between each other and the wall.  Then there was the roof that was still leaking. Yes it was 12 years old but the excessive rain had washed off most all of the rock and tar and exposed the fibers of the shingles.  HOWEVER best part of the week was the time the teams were able to spend with the home owners & families to let them know why we came - to serve GOD, share His Gospel and help rebuild their homes.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do

Mission Trip Adventures 6.11     1-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 2-Flat Rock Baptist, Hamptonville; 3-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 4-Reg 7 Feeding Team, Carol, John & Louise; 5-Cheryl & Mark; 6-Carl, Ruth & Richard; 7-Memorial Baptist, Williamston.Mission Trip Adventures 6.111     The Providence team worked on flooring at the Woodbury and Parrott homes. The Flat Rock group replaced the shingle roof and then under skirted the Matthews mobile home. Biltmore completed the McWhite flooring, doors and tile work. Ruth spent the week installing tile.  She did a back splash for David and then floor and bath tile for Leslie.  Carl and Richard spent the week spraying shock wave to get rid of mold.  One of those jobs you don’t see a lot of progress in but now these homes are safer for volunteers to work in as well as for the home owners who refuse to leave their home.  Memorial finished a metal roof, hung sheet rock, finished sheet rock, painted and finished decks that had been started.  J E enjoyed his self helping at most every site as well as moving material around. 

We were able to complete a few work requests this week but received more new ones than we completed.  I don’t know exactly what GOD has planned for volunteers working with NC Baptist in the Johnsonville area.  But I see a big request for help and have heard many a great blessings taking place.  One lady stated “Since y’all have been here working the people have started to return to church.”  Another said “I prayed and GOD answered my prayers by sending help.” I am told almost daily (if not several times a day) “thank you for what your group is doing for us.” The volunteers who have listened to GOD’s call to go to Johnsonville, SC to help others in HIS name are special to me.  Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do.

We have made several upgrades here at our housing site in Johnsonville.  We believe GOD has bigger plans than we started out with here so now we are able to house and feed up to 100 volunteers per day. I know this will be a large task for me and the staff but we are ready for your help in sharing the gospel while also rebuilding homes and families.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Carolina Rebuild May 29-June 4

Mission Trip Adventures 6.04     1-NCBM White Hats & Friends; 2-J.E. Skinner & Betsy Skinner; 3-Cornerstone Baptist, Pilot Mountain; 4-Zion Hill Baptist, Shannon; 5-Aaron & Julie Baker-Union Baptist; 6-Chris & Randy, SCBM; 7-Mt. Pleasant Baptist-State Road; 8-Region 6 Feeding TeamMission Trip Adventures 6.041     Some of our white hats decided to come help out on a roof job. They did a lot of the Martin roof.  Arron and Julie along with Mark and Cheryl worked on Peanut’s deck and ramp.  The Cornerstone group worked at the Powell residence installing roofing, siding in the garage and replacing the power pole.  The Mt Pleasant group worked on Mrs. Mae’s floors and bathroom along with helping JE start a back porch for the Parrott’s.  Michael and Wayne helped finish the rear porch and build a ramp out front.  Chris Smith came again to help with finishing sheet rock.  Randy paid us a visit and we also met with Chris who didn’t want to stop working.  I think Randy was trying to watch and learn.

Great work week despite all the rain.  We currently have over 50 roof jobs and over 70 interior repair jobs to be done.  Spread the word that volunteers are needed in Johnsonville to rebuild homes and share the gospel.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Carolina Rebuild Week of May 22-28, 22016

Mission Trip Adventures 5.28     Teams week of May 22-28: 1, 2 & 7-Eastern Baptist Association; 3-The Weathers Family, Garner; 4-The Town of Johnsonville presented NCBM with a nice donation from the proceeds of their Heritage Festival; 5-Region 5 Feeding Team; 6-Galatia Baptist, Murfreesboro.Mission Trip Adventures 5.281     Many teams have put in lots of hours at the Marsh house.  Just a few more minor things and it will again be HOME for the Marsh's.  The outside of the Woodbury home is complete and now teams are moving inside.  The Weathers family installed insulation at the Richardson home, tore out the flooded duct at the Brown home and also helped at the Woodbury home. The Galatia group painted, cleaned and did lots of electrical work. The Eastern Baptist group arrived in batches and worked on roofs and ramps.

We are in need of roofing teams.  We now have over 30 roofs to replace or repair.  Being we are so far out on installations we are also looking a team to install tarps until the roof is reworked.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee Working Together

Mission Trip Adventures 5.21  1-Region 4 Feeding Team-Rhonda, Magdalene, Horace & Paula; 2-Bill, Richard & Gaylon came to visit; 3-David’s still here working hard; 4-Lyndale Baptist, Richmond, VA; 5-Joan & Kent did more mold fogging this week; 6-Fishing Creek Baptist, Wilkeboro; 7-Sammy, Walt & Gene, Monroe area; 8-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 9-Cumberland Plateau Association, TN. See below-Zion Hill Baptist, Shannon, NC.Westwood     The Westwood guys worked on replacing the siding at Mae’s home. Mae is 93 years old and blind. The ladies helped clean up and touch up paint at several homes and then joined the guys to clean the windows that needed to be reinstalled and seal the screw holes on the siding. They also moved a big pile of dirt.Lyndale  The Lyndale team removed the old flooring at the McCray home, replaced it with new floor decking and then new laminate. Other  The Biltmore team returned to the McWhite home to install bathroom fixtures, hang molding, paint, lay tile, and install a new roof. They also framed a deck and ramp for Peanut and worked on two other jobs finishing sheet rock. The plumbers worked on 3 different homes. The Cumberland group along with Walt’s group installed 2 metal roofs and 1/2 of another home’s roof.  They also replaced the back porch for Joyce. The Zion Hill group worked on the flooring at Leslie’s. Fishing Creek worked on a deck.