Sunday, October 2, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 25-October 1, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 10.01.2016 (2)     1-Region 5 Feeding Team (Jamie, Patsy, Bill & Tom); 2-David Fuss finishing up his month here; 3-Chapel Church-York, PA; 4-Colonial Baptist-Thomasville; 5-Union Baptist Association.Picture     This week we had two small groups all week.  One group took on a roof project and after it was dried in and the rain came they started to remove damaged and molded areas inside.  The other team worked with David on two homes we were doing a total rebuild on and they are now complete and the families are returning home 11 months after moving out.  On Saturday we had a group of 24 including youth and all the way to senior. They all went to one home and split up. A group tackled the sand which needed to be put under the home as well as a diversion ditch in order to help keep water from standing under this home.  The others split up inside to replace insulation, ceiling sheet rock and floor decking.  For this family it is a blessing to have a roof that no longer leaks and a home that is becoming free of mold and unsafe floors.

It has been a year since the rain/flood event happened in South Carolina.  Although many homes have been repaired and families are now living in a safe and secure home many have yet to be repaired.  Most of these families have little choice but to continue to live in their home which still have roof leaks, mold in the walls, ceiling and floors along with floors that can not be walked on. Currently NCBM has 89 open rebuild jobs on the roster.  However I know of two other lists that include 48 additional homes in the Johnsonville area that have asked for help but have not received any help yet or put on any rebuild list.  Please pray for these home owners and consider a trip to Johnsonville to help rebuild hope and homes as we share the gospel while repairing homes.

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