Tuesday, May 24, 2016

North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee Working Together

Mission Trip Adventures 5.21  1-Region 4 Feeding Team-Rhonda, Magdalene, Horace & Paula; 2-Bill, Richard & Gaylon came to visit; 3-David’s still here working hard; 4-Lyndale Baptist, Richmond, VA; 5-Joan & Kent did more mold fogging this week; 6-Fishing Creek Baptist, Wilkeboro; 7-Sammy, Walt & Gene, Monroe area; 8-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 9-Cumberland Plateau Association, TN. See below-Zion Hill Baptist, Shannon, NC.Westwood     The Westwood guys worked on replacing the siding at Mae’s home. Mae is 93 years old and blind. The ladies helped clean up and touch up paint at several homes and then joined the guys to clean the windows that needed to be reinstalled and seal the screw holes on the siding. They also moved a big pile of dirt.Lyndale  The Lyndale team removed the old flooring at the McCray home, replaced it with new floor decking and then new laminate. Other  The Biltmore team returned to the McWhite home to install bathroom fixtures, hang molding, paint, lay tile, and install a new roof. They also framed a deck and ramp for Peanut and worked on two other jobs finishing sheet rock. The plumbers worked on 3 different homes. The Cumberland group along with Walt’s group installed 2 metal roofs and 1/2 of another home’s roof.  They also replaced the back porch for Joyce. The Zion Hill group worked on the flooring at Leslie’s. Fishing Creek worked on a deck.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Help needed in Johnsonville

Mission Trip Adventures 5.14.2016     1-Region 3 Feeding Team led by Debra Hinson; 2-1 Baptist Asheboro; 3-Jim & Nancy-SCBM Survivor Care; 4-USC Columbia BCM & Miss Carol; 5-Joan, Lois & Kent; 6-David Fuss-back to help Billy with leadership; 7-Bill & Jim-Cowpens Baptist Church; 8-Tim & Henry-Florence BC, Forrest City.Mission Trip Adventures 5.14  The Asheboro group built a porch and steps for Mrs. Neal. Then they went to Tammy and Michael's to tear out the storm damaged porch and steps and then rebuilt most of it. David and Carol lead the USC-BCM students as they insulated, installed vapor barrier and underpinned a doublewide and singlewide mobile home. Tim and Henry joined them when they arrived after helping with the mold treatment.  Kent and Joan did mold treatments as well as assessments of several homes.  Lois helped the feeding team with cleaning and laundry. Bill and Jim installed flooring at Leslie’s home.

It was a great week with lots accomplished.  However, last Friday we were asked by Florence County Long Team Recovery Committee to take on (or at east look at) 69 jobs with 66 of them being new to us. Also the Pee Dee LTRG has called and asked if we can help them also in the area.  So as of today we have around 90 work request waiting on volunteers to help and more will be added to that when Pee Dee sends their information.  Kent and Lois did work 12 of the mold treatment requests but in doing so brought back reports that 10 of them also need rebuild help.  Hope to hear from many teams willing to listen to the call to go and help.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pandora’s Box and a Baby

Mission Trip Adventures 4.29.2016     1-Region 1 Feeding Team (Warren, Linda, Hollis & Billy); 2-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 3-Ann & Billy; 4-Long Branch Baptist, Lumberton, NC; 5-Connie & Russell on their 2nd week; 6-Bennett & Betsy, Concord; 7-1st Baptist Matthews; 8-This was Mark & Cheryl’s last week until June.  We’re sure going to miss them.Mission Trip Adventures 4.291     Before they arrived I had asked the Biltmore team if they would work on tearing out a floor, hauling in sand, insulating the floor and then lay decking as well as insulate the walls and replace the wall panels.  As normal they said yes what ever you need.  With experience we expected to find a few things extra but this wound up to be a BIG PANDORAS BOX.  But this faithful team gave it their all and by Saturday morning David had floors to walk on safely, a working kitchen and a good working bathroom.   The Mathews team finished replacing siding on a mobile home, under pinned it and built a rear porch. They also took out a floor in a mobile home and replaced it.  Before they left Thursday they went to Miss Joye’s to remove 4 windows and replaced them.   Connie, Russell, Betsy,Bennett and Mark worked at Lynn’s house which is now almost complete. 2016     Introducing our newest grandson - Walker William Andrews, born at 4:35 am April 30, 2016, weighing 7 lb. 12 oz, 21.5 inches long.  The proud parents are Matt & Tanya Andrews. We have fallen in love with this little guy.