Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild - February 19-25, 2017

Collages2     1-Salisbury BC; 2-Bennett & Bill, Concord;  3-Hillside Church, CA; 4-Zion Baptist, Shelby; 5-Calvary Baptist, Reidsville; 6-FBC Matthews; 7-Region 8 Feeding & Rebuild.2.251     8-Green Mt. Bap Assoc, Barre, VT with Steve Carter; 9-Vertical Church, Lumberton; 10-The Summit Church; 11-Village Christian, Fayetteville; 12-Greystone Baptist, Durham; (not pictured) Al Percy, Westwood BC, Cary; Ron,Trinity BC, Raleigh; Ephesus Baptist, pics     Yes there was a LOT of volunteers in Lumberton this week.  They kept the staff on the move.  Teams worked at numerous sites doing many jobs.  Laying flooring, hanging and finishing sheet rock, laying shingles, plumbing, wiring, roof coating, insulating walls and floors, installing doors and windows, doing tear outs and the list goes on.  Thanks to all that came and served this week

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild-February 12-18, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 2.18     1-Region 7 Feeding Team; 2-Westwood Baptist, Cary; 3-Polkville Baptist; 4-Meshach’s Carpenters, Goldson’s UMC; 5-Rick, Pleasant Garden Baptist; 6-Tabernacle BC, Raleigh & First Baptist Church of Fayetteville; 7-1st Baptist Oak Island.Collages2-001     8-Edsel Carter's Group & Bill Martin; 9-Charlene, Ann (homeowner), Cathy & Karen; 10-FBC Kings Mountain; 11-Ed Coltrane.2.18     This week started out slow with only a few folks around. But on Wednesday that started to change with several good size groups arriving. Thanks to the leadership of Bill and Ed the Avent Road framing and plumbing has moved to almost complete. That’s going to be our new home. The Meshach Carpenters framed Fire Chief Allen Todd’s house. Other groups painted, repaired floor joist, installed sub flooring, shingled homes, did electric and plumbing rough ins, laid flooring, installed insulation, did tear outs and cleaned up. For those of you that have worked at Ms. Ann’s, her home is getting some color now.

At the present time we have jobs for about anybody.  Still a big need for sheet rock finishers, electricians, plumbers and roofers.  There is still a steady flow of home owners coming in requesting help and a pretty good flow of teams wanting to come and help out.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild - February 5-11, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 2.11     1-Region 6 Feeding Team; 2-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh; 3-Cathy Hart, WI; 4-Carmel Baptist, Charlotte; 5-Jay & Ashley Baugham; 6-Bill Martin; 7-Walt Burris.Mission Trip Adventures 2.111     8-Church at Charlotte; 9-Antioch Baptist, Monroe; 10-Life Community Church, Greensboro; 11-Shiloh Baptist, Monroe; 12-Walt's People,Kannapolis; Adam Bacon, Ed Coltrane, Help Robeson-Chapel Hill & Sid & Thomas, Spruce Pine no picture.Mission Trip Adventures 2.111-001     Lots of servants (volunteers) came to Lumberton this week.  They worked on several homes doing insulation, framing, laying subfloor, electrical, plumbing, hanging and finishing sheetrock, roofing built a ramp and clean up.  Mission Trip Adventures 2.11-001     Renovation also started at our new housing location. Great group lead by Bill Martin made a big change in the looks of the old warehouse.

Lots of work was done this past week. However it is still just a good start to a major task NCBM has taken on. We are still doing recovery work and have over 100 home owners waiting on us to start helping them rebuild their homes.  As we continue this work others will be coming forward asking for help so consider making plans to serve in the Lumberton area over the next couple of years.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild - Jan 29-Feb 4, 2017

Mission Trip Adventures 2.04     1-Region 5 Feeding Team Earl & Stephen with Paul; 2-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 3-We attended Barnesville Baptist last Sunday; 4-Tramway Baptist Church; 5-Billy speaking for Baptist Men’s Sunday; 6-Cathy Hart is back from Wisconsin; 7-Grace Christian School. Raleigh.Mission Trip Adventures 2.041     The Biltmore group came for the week and split up.  They hung and finished sheet rock, insulated, wired a couple homes, plumbed, put on a metal roof and installed more subfloor.  On Saturday we had 2 teams come in for the day.  One did a tear out in Whiteville while the other group split up doing a tear out in Lumberton and helped to clear out an old building for a new location for us. Hopefully a team can start renovations next week.

The requests for help continue to come in daily. If your group has not signed up to serve in Lumberton I hope you will consider it.