Sunday, June 26, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 19-25, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 06.25.2016 p1     Volunteers this week: 1&2-Gray UMC Youth Choir; 3-SC Feeding Team; 4-Northwest Community Church, Cincinnati, OH; 5-Cornerstone BC, Mt. Airy; 6-Billy & Chris (Florence DOM) with Ms Mae; 7-Swannanoa Baptist; 8-Calvary BC, Cary.Mission Trip Adventures 06.25-001     After several weeks of working at the Parrott home it was getting close to being HOME again.  I decided to send the Swannonna group there for the week with a request to get the house ready so Connie and Eugene could move home. They installed siding, hung windows, finished the kitchen, installed trim work and doors and did lots of painting and cleaning up. Some of the Calvary ladies helped them out on Friday and Saturday.  The Gray team insulated most of the floors at the Burr house. Cornerstone helped finish the job and underskirt it on Saturday.  Jack and Mark lead the Northwest group as they removed and replaced the shingles at the Brown residence.  The guys and couple of ladies from Calvary did tear out and then replaced the floors at the Baccus house.  On Tuesday the FLTRG asked us to join them for the dedication of Mae Woodbury's home.  She seams to be so happy with her rebuilt home.  She is blind so she can not see all the beautiful work but she says "I can feel it."

Thanks again for all the great volunteers that have responded to Johnsonville to help NCBM share the gospel and rebuild the area.  I still see so much more to be done so I know GOD is not done here.  Please come and join us be HIS hands and feet.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Carolina Rebuild June 12-18, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 6.18  1-Mark & Cheryl celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Monday; 2-Austin Grove & Union Grove, Marshville; 3-Youth from Hahira UMC, GA; 4-Betty Anne & Sid, Littleton Baptist; 5 Region 8 Feeding Team, Larry, Don & David.Mission Trip Adventures 6.18-001     The Hahira team removed and replaced shingles on the Bascom home as well as underpinned the home and replaced the rear steps.  Austin and Union Grove team tore out the kitchen cabinets , kitchen floors and then the dining room floors at the Eddy home.  Then they replaced it all with new, dry and unmolded floor decking and cabinets.  Sid and Betty Anne did some mold treatments and then trim work at the Parrott home.

Friday night the NAMB Survivor Care team provided dinner and a great bluegrass band for entertainment for many of the homeowners we have served.

Many people wonder why volunteers are needed 8 months after the rain storm & flood of 2015.  This week we again saw it with our own eyes. Floor decking that had not been torn out because it was dry on top.  Well there was four layers of floor decking and moisture along with mold was between each layer.  Also the kitchen cabinets were growing mold between each other and the wall.  Then there was the roof that was still leaking. Yes it was 12 years old but the excessive rain had washed off most all of the rock and tar and exposed the fibers of the shingles.  HOWEVER best part of the week was the time the teams were able to spend with the home owners & families to let them know why we came - to serve GOD, share His Gospel and help rebuild their homes.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do

Mission Trip Adventures 6.11     1-Providence Baptist, Raleigh; 2-Flat Rock Baptist, Hamptonville; 3-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 4-Reg 7 Feeding Team, Carol, John & Louise; 5-Cheryl & Mark; 6-Carl, Ruth & Richard; 7-Memorial Baptist, Williamston.Mission Trip Adventures 6.111     The Providence team worked on flooring at the Woodbury and Parrott homes. The Flat Rock group replaced the shingle roof and then under skirted the Matthews mobile home. Biltmore completed the McWhite flooring, doors and tile work. Ruth spent the week installing tile.  She did a back splash for David and then floor and bath tile for Leslie.  Carl and Richard spent the week spraying shock wave to get rid of mold.  One of those jobs you don’t see a lot of progress in but now these homes are safer for volunteers to work in as well as for the home owners who refuse to leave their home.  Memorial finished a metal roof, hung sheet rock, finished sheet rock, painted and finished decks that had been started.  J E enjoyed his self helping at most every site as well as moving material around. 

We were able to complete a few work requests this week but received more new ones than we completed.  I don’t know exactly what GOD has planned for volunteers working with NC Baptist in the Johnsonville area.  But I see a big request for help and have heard many a great blessings taking place.  One lady stated “Since y’all have been here working the people have started to return to church.”  Another said “I prayed and GOD answered my prayers by sending help.” I am told almost daily (if not several times a day) “thank you for what your group is doing for us.” The volunteers who have listened to GOD’s call to go to Johnsonville, SC to help others in HIS name are special to me.  Rebuilding homes and sharing the gospel…It’s what we do.

We have made several upgrades here at our housing site in Johnsonville.  We believe GOD has bigger plans than we started out with here so now we are able to house and feed up to 100 volunteers per day. I know this will be a large task for me and the staff but we are ready for your help in sharing the gospel while also rebuilding homes and families.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Carolina Rebuild May 29-June 4

Mission Trip Adventures 6.04     1-NCBM White Hats & Friends; 2-J.E. Skinner & Betsy Skinner; 3-Cornerstone Baptist, Pilot Mountain; 4-Zion Hill Baptist, Shannon; 5-Aaron & Julie Baker-Union Baptist; 6-Chris & Randy, SCBM; 7-Mt. Pleasant Baptist-State Road; 8-Region 6 Feeding TeamMission Trip Adventures 6.041     Some of our white hats decided to come help out on a roof job. They did a lot of the Martin roof.  Arron and Julie along with Mark and Cheryl worked on Peanut’s deck and ramp.  The Cornerstone group worked at the Powell residence installing roofing, siding in the garage and replacing the power pole.  The Mt Pleasant group worked on Mrs. Mae’s floors and bathroom along with helping JE start a back porch for the Parrott’s.  Michael and Wayne helped finish the rear porch and build a ramp out front.  Chris Smith came again to help with finishing sheet rock.  Randy paid us a visit and we also met with Chris who didn’t want to stop working.  I think Randy was trying to watch and learn.

Great work week despite all the rain.  We currently have over 50 roof jobs and over 70 interior repair jobs to be done.  Spread the word that volunteers are needed in Johnsonville to rebuild homes and share the gospel.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Carolina Rebuild Week of May 22-28, 22016

Mission Trip Adventures 5.28     Teams week of May 22-28: 1, 2 & 7-Eastern Baptist Association; 3-The Weathers Family, Garner; 4-The Town of Johnsonville presented NCBM with a nice donation from the proceeds of their Heritage Festival; 5-Region 5 Feeding Team; 6-Galatia Baptist, Murfreesboro.Mission Trip Adventures 5.281     Many teams have put in lots of hours at the Marsh house.  Just a few more minor things and it will again be HOME for the Marsh's.  The outside of the Woodbury home is complete and now teams are moving inside.  The Weathers family installed insulation at the Richardson home, tore out the flooded duct at the Brown home and also helped at the Woodbury home. The Galatia group painted, cleaned and did lots of electrical work. The Eastern Baptist group arrived in batches and worked on roofs and ramps.

We are in need of roofing teams.  We now have over 30 roofs to replace or repair.  Being we are so far out on installations we are also looking a team to install tarps until the roof is reworked.