Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Yellow House is Finished and Dedicated

Teams OBX Rebuild 7.28

  1. Youth Group from Galatia Baptist Church
  2. Colonial Carpenters for Christ from Colonial Baptist in Cary
  3. Ben Godwin and AB Flanagan from Murfreesboro

Dean Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.28

The youth group spent a lot of their time this week helping move Dean, Donna & Janie’s belongings back to Salvo. They also cleaned up the yard and cut the grass for a welcome home present.

Dean Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.281

What once was the little red house sitting low to the ground has now been transformed.  It is now the raised yellow house full of color inside also.  Dean calls it “The Happy House.”  The house was filled with friends on Saturday afternoon for the home dedication.  Russ Howard presented the message. Billy thanked those present for coming and praised God for all the labor that was given in His name. The keys were turned over to the three ladies who ensure us it will be a happy house.   Ann read verses from the Old Testament 2 Samuels 7:29 and New Testament Hebrews 13:1-2  and then presented the bible signed by many of the volunteers that worked on this house.  Then we all were served cookies and ice cream.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 7.28

Ben, AB and two of the youth took on the task of installing roll roofing on Jerome’s mobile home.  Now that it is weathered in teams can start rebuilding the inside.

Steve Meyers OBX Rebuild 7.28

The Colonial team removed Steve Meyers old steps and replaced them with a porch and new steps.  They did spend some time being entertained by locals riding skateboards in Steve’s bowl.  Then when the riders would stop to rest they shared the reason we are here with them.  They were kind enough to leave the placement of rails for next weeks team so they will be able to share the word even more.  If you look close at the hole being dug for the post you will see water with-in 6 inches of ground surface. It has been raining quit a bit lately and then on Monday we got 10 inches per the locals.  What an awesome GOD who created a world where we could live and walk on land that had water with-in inches of our feet. 

VBS Cape Hatteras OBX Rebuild 7.28

Ann went down to Cape Hatteras Baptist in Frisco to help with Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS this week.  She had a great time working with the kids.

Other OBX Rebuild 7.28

Jerry & John helped with sheet rock work at Reba’s in Avon plus worked on rails and pickets at Elsie’s house.  The youth group also painted trim boards for Reba’s house. Ann got Jeffery to try grits and red eye gravy for his first time.  He enjoyed them so much he went back and cleaned out the pot.  The center picture is what the roads looked like on Monday (also what they looked like most of last September while we were here tearing out homes).  And yes we continue to eat good here thanks to lots of local and volunteer donations.

Billy & Ann will be in Salvo for five more weeks.  We ask for your prayers that we complete what GOD has called us here to do by then.  We thank the volunteers who have come to serve and look forward to seeing many more over the next several weeks.  We are full until August 11 but need volunteers for the rest of the month.   We also want to thank NCBM for their support and ask you to join us in prayer for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s guidance on what to do in concern to further witnessing in the OBX area.  GOD is working here in many ways.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Bible School Fire Fighters

Teams OBX Rebuild 7.21

Our Teams This Week

  1. Tim and Billy from Greenville
  2. Harlon and Peggy from Windsor
  3. VBS Team from Sylva and Dillsboro
  4. Fahey and Virgil from  Berea Baptist
  5. Billy Williams Team from Hertford and Tyner
  6. Joey from Durham
  7. Pastor Rick from Nags Head
  8. The Frady Family from Sylva-not pictured

VBS OBX Rebuild 7.211

Linda recruited a VBS team from her home in the Great Smokey Mountains.  They arrived on Saturday afternoon and got right to work getting things ready.  On Sunday afternoon they had a VBS Kick Off with hotdogs for all that stopped by to register. 


The theme was Fire Fighters which was very appropriate since it was being held here at the Salvo Fire Station.  The key bible verse for the week was: Snatch them from the fire-Jude 23.  The kids enjoyed Bible stories, music, crafts, games and snacks.  One day two real firefighters came and talked to them.  The kids were actually able to get in the fire trucks and pretend they were headed out to a fire.

VBS OBX Rebuild 7.21

Pastor Russ from Cape Hatteras Baptist came to present the plan of salvation on Commencement Day with his Big Cube.  Two groups of kids sang songs they had learned this week and the older group did sign language.  It was a great week of VBS that will long be remembered.  Many thanks to the VBS Team for a job well done.  Good news-They are planning to come back next year to do VBS again.

Mildred Midgett House OBX Rebuild 7.21

The Frady family came to Salvo to vacation and help with rebuild while Tiffany Frady helped with VBS.  They scraped the old paint at Mildred’s and started priming for the next team to paint.  On Wednesday afternoon the VBS team helped them.  The house is ready to be painted.

This Old House OBX Rebuild 7.21

This week we started a new remodel in Avon, “This Old House.”  Tim, Billy T., Virgil &Fahey along with Billy L. finished tearing out the kitchen & living area and installed floor decking. Then they installed sheet rock. On Thursday the Hertford team came and helped finish hanging and mudding the sheet rock.

Harlon and Peggy OBX Rebuild 7.21

Harlan & Peggy helped finish up some wiring and plumbing at Elsie’s & Dean’s.

Dean's Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.21

Dean’s yellow house is getting closer to being finished.  Teams finished the ramp & steps.  The scaffolding was loaded and the yard cleaned up some.  The carpet was laid by a crew from Nags Head. Mike built the cabinets and Rob helped him install them.    Plans are being made to have home dedication on Saturday morning.      

Please be in prayer for a carpet & vinyl team that will volunteer to lay carpet in other houses.  Please let me know if you know of someone.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yellow House Looking Good Inside and Out

Teams OBX Rebuild 7.14

Our Teams This Week

  1. The Merry Hill Bunch-Alton, Harlon & David
  2. Chris Shelton from Oak City
  3. Bruce and Nenna Bayes from Kentucky
  4. Joey Burchette from Durham
  5. Cornith Baptist in Elizabeth City-Lee, Merrill, Dan & Steve
  6. Not Pictured-Alan and Sue Harris and Corey Hudson their nephew stayed over from last week.

Deans Yellow House 2 OBX Rebuild 7.14.12

Dean’s Yellow House Inside

Chris did electrical after the Merry Hill Bunch left and then helped Billy put down the tack strips for the carpet.   Nenna, Ann & Linda did a lot of touch up painting.  Joey did some plumbing, helped with the carpet padding and then the vinyl flooring.

Deans Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.14

Yellow House Outside 

Linda, Nenna, Susan & Corey painted the outside of Dean’s house.  Bruce, Alan & Nenna installed the post for the access ramp.  Billy re-caulked some spots that had been missed.  Bruce & Billy also built the steps for the front porch.

New House OBX Rebuild 7.14

Jerome’s House     

The Elizabeth City group started work at Jerome’s.  They finished the T-1-11 siding and then started sheeting the roof.  During the rain they finished cleaning out the inside so rebuild could start inside also.  Jerome blessed them with ice cream.

Food and Fun OBX Rebuild 7.14

Although Ann & Linda helped on the home sites this week they still found time to cook and serve great meals.  One complaint I have heard is, “Usually when you go on a mission trip to serve GOD  you will loose weight but not here.” The volunteers have not only been serving and sharing GOD they have been gaining weight.  The quilt group asked Ann if they could borrow a quilt she made for the show. The first lady that saw it wanted to buy it but Ann is very much like her Daddy was – They make beautiful stuff but it’s not for sale.  If you are truly blessed they will give something away.

Next week is VBS time here at the fire station.  Please pray they can share God’s love with many families on the island.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Week and Heat

OBX Rebuild 7.7.12 (2)

The hot summer days and nights arrived on OBX this week. With no volunteers to cook for Ann & Linda came to Dean's to help paint and clean.  Pastor Steve came by to say hey and decided to hang around and help.  He also got a friend of his to help work on the eve trim.  His daughter Melinda came over with her youth group to  help clean up the yard.  Her daughter Emmaline even watered the garden.

OBX Rebuild 7.7.12

Since we didn’t have any volunteers wanting to spend the 4th of July at the beach we went home to swap trucks and a have quick visit with family.  We returned on Thursday because the Harris family (Allen, Sue & nephew Cory) were due in on Friday. Then on Saturday the Deacon family (Molly, Sarah, Stephanie & John) came for a day trip. The two groups, along with Ann & Billy painted inside and out and worked on the wheelchair ramp.  Molly and Cory helped Ann fix lunch on Saturday and even baked Snickerdoodle cookies.  Ann has enjoyed after supper swimming with the Harris family in this heat.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Janie Hooper

Please watch this NC Mission Offering video to see one of the reasons we are serving God on OBX.  Love this lady.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A House of Many Colors


Our Teams This Week

Ryan, Missy and Chris returned from Oak City

David, John, Art and Jerry from Colonial Baptist in Cary

Wanda, Roger, Karen and Raymond from Village Baptist in Fayetteville

Deans HOuse outside

The House of Many Colors Outside

While Chris & Missy completed the wiring at Tony & Erin’s, the rest of the volunteers worked on Dean’s yellow house. Ann really tried to get her to paint it Red. The rest of the siding was installed and lots of paint when on. Wiring was done and dirt was shoveled.

Deans house inside

The House of Many Colors Inside

Dean has a house of many bright colors inside. Thanks to all the volunteers who have brought this house so far in just a few weeks. If we can get some volunteers over the next two weeks the house could be completed. But we only have eight volunteers for the next two weeks and that will only be for a day or two.

Food and fun

Other Stuff

The cooks have had plenty to do this week: Cleaning fish on their new fish cleaning table; helping at the food pantry; cooking great meals and deserts; and some R&R on the beach with the locals.

Please pray for our mission on the OBX.  Although we have been here for five months some of the locals are just coming to us to ask for help.  At present we are working on five homes. We have four repair jobs we have yet to start along with three complete rebuilds we have been asked to do. GOD has provided additional funding so we can also reopen three jobs which had run out of funds.  Without volunteers we will not be able to complete the task we feel GOD sent us here to do which is provide help to the locals while sharing the word of GOD.  So PLEASE pray for us and come to the OBX to help out.  The food is great, fellowship is great and the fields need working so GOD can bring in the harvest.