Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Yellow House is Finished and Dedicated

Teams OBX Rebuild 7.28

  1. Youth Group from Galatia Baptist Church
  2. Colonial Carpenters for Christ from Colonial Baptist in Cary
  3. Ben Godwin and AB Flanagan from Murfreesboro

Dean Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.28

The youth group spent a lot of their time this week helping move Dean, Donna & Janie’s belongings back to Salvo. They also cleaned up the yard and cut the grass for a welcome home present.

Dean Yellow House OBX Rebuild 7.281

What once was the little red house sitting low to the ground has now been transformed.  It is now the raised yellow house full of color inside also.  Dean calls it “The Happy House.”  The house was filled with friends on Saturday afternoon for the home dedication.  Russ Howard presented the message. Billy thanked those present for coming and praised God for all the labor that was given in His name. The keys were turned over to the three ladies who ensure us it will be a happy house.   Ann read verses from the Old Testament 2 Samuels 7:29 and New Testament Hebrews 13:1-2  and then presented the bible signed by many of the volunteers that worked on this house.  Then we all were served cookies and ice cream.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 7.28

Ben, AB and two of the youth took on the task of installing roll roofing on Jerome’s mobile home.  Now that it is weathered in teams can start rebuilding the inside.

Steve Meyers OBX Rebuild 7.28

The Colonial team removed Steve Meyers old steps and replaced them with a porch and new steps.  They did spend some time being entertained by locals riding skateboards in Steve’s bowl.  Then when the riders would stop to rest they shared the reason we are here with them.  They were kind enough to leave the placement of rails for next weeks team so they will be able to share the word even more.  If you look close at the hole being dug for the post you will see water with-in 6 inches of ground surface. It has been raining quit a bit lately and then on Monday we got 10 inches per the locals.  What an awesome GOD who created a world where we could live and walk on land that had water with-in inches of our feet. 

VBS Cape Hatteras OBX Rebuild 7.28

Ann went down to Cape Hatteras Baptist in Frisco to help with Amazing Wonders Aviation VBS this week.  She had a great time working with the kids.

Other OBX Rebuild 7.28

Jerry & John helped with sheet rock work at Reba’s in Avon plus worked on rails and pickets at Elsie’s house.  The youth group also painted trim boards for Reba’s house. Ann got Jeffery to try grits and red eye gravy for his first time.  He enjoyed them so much he went back and cleaned out the pot.  The center picture is what the roads looked like on Monday (also what they looked like most of last September while we were here tearing out homes).  And yes we continue to eat good here thanks to lots of local and volunteer donations.

Billy & Ann will be in Salvo for five more weeks.  We ask for your prayers that we complete what GOD has called us here to do by then.  We thank the volunteers who have come to serve and look forward to seeing many more over the next several weeks.  We are full until August 11 but need volunteers for the rest of the month.   We also want to thank NCBM for their support and ask you to join us in prayer for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s guidance on what to do in concern to further witnessing in the OBX area.  GOD is working here in many ways.

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