Sunday, July 1, 2012

A House of Many Colors


Our Teams This Week

Ryan, Missy and Chris returned from Oak City

David, John, Art and Jerry from Colonial Baptist in Cary

Wanda, Roger, Karen and Raymond from Village Baptist in Fayetteville

Deans HOuse outside

The House of Many Colors Outside

While Chris & Missy completed the wiring at Tony & Erin’s, the rest of the volunteers worked on Dean’s yellow house. Ann really tried to get her to paint it Red. The rest of the siding was installed and lots of paint when on. Wiring was done and dirt was shoveled.

Deans house inside

The House of Many Colors Inside

Dean has a house of many bright colors inside. Thanks to all the volunteers who have brought this house so far in just a few weeks. If we can get some volunteers over the next two weeks the house could be completed. But we only have eight volunteers for the next two weeks and that will only be for a day or two.

Food and fun

Other Stuff

The cooks have had plenty to do this week: Cleaning fish on their new fish cleaning table; helping at the food pantry; cooking great meals and deserts; and some R&R on the beach with the locals.

Please pray for our mission on the OBX.  Although we have been here for five months some of the locals are just coming to us to ask for help.  At present we are working on five homes. We have four repair jobs we have yet to start along with three complete rebuilds we have been asked to do. GOD has provided additional funding so we can also reopen three jobs which had run out of funds.  Without volunteers we will not be able to complete the task we feel GOD sent us here to do which is provide help to the locals while sharing the word of GOD.  So PLEASE pray for us and come to the OBX to help out.  The food is great, fellowship is great and the fields need working so GOD can bring in the harvest.

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