Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Week and Blessings from the Week Before

Bertie 11

These are the groups that we were blessed with last week.  1st Baptist Mooresville, Oak Grove Baptist from Boone, Sandy Plains Baptist from Gastonia and Kingdom Builders from Fletcher.  Debbie shows the church ladies how to make potato candy.

Bertie 111

Sheetrock finishing began, more siding was hung and steps were built.

Bertie 112

The number of volunteers has been few this week but GOD's work continues.  Even Ann took most of the week off to spent time at home with our daughter Kim and her husband Brandon.  They were in from Ohio for Thanksgiving.  This week we finished hanging sheet rock in the third house.  The siding is complete on two homes.  The electricians began finalizing the wiring.  Lots of clean up has been done and supplies moved around in preparation for the large number of volunteers expected next week.   

After next week we don’t have any teams scheduled to volunteer.  Please consider coming to Colerain for a few days to help finish these homes in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Weeks in a Row

Bertie Co 111

Last week was great and this week is also going good with 44 volunteers.  We have volunteers from Gastonia, Mooresville, Boone,  Asheville, Clayton, Durham and Momeyer.  Sheetrock is being hung in two homes.  Vinyl is being installed on three of the homes.  Exterior trim is being formed and installed.  Plumbing is being worked on in two homes.  It’s good to see so many volunteers coming together for meals in our dining hall in the Colerain Fire Dept. Training Center. The food has been delicious too. 

Please continue to pray for the work and volunteers as we try to follow GOD's call and witness to the people in this area.  We have had two new local volunteers to start helping this week and another today asked how he could get involved.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Good Week in Colerain


Another blessed week in Colerain.

As of Friday volunteers have finished the Mitchell house framing and started the shingles, plumbing and electric.

The shingles at the Early house were completed as well as more of the vinyl.

Insulation has been installed at the Williams house.

Doors and windows have been installed in the Bond house.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vacation and Back to Colerain

Last week Ann took some R & R with Marsha and Debra.  They went to Massantutten Resort where they got to see snow on the fall foliage.  I joined her on Wednesday afternoon.  We took a trip to Natural Bridge, rode on part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and went to see the movie Courageous.
Bertie 112
While we were gone the work continued in Colerain. The Bond house is framed waiting on front porch and shingles.
Bertie 11
The Early house has siding started, is rough plumbed and is waiting on insulation and shingles.
Bertie 113
The Mitchell house has the walls framed and is waiting on the walls to be wrapped and trusses to be set and sheeted.
Bertie 111
The Williams house is waiting on rough in plumbing so the inside can continue. 

GOD has been good as we knew He would be.  He has sent lots of great volunteers who have shown this area how much GOD loves them.  We still have a lot of work to do and need your help so these families can celebrate CHRISTmas in their new home this year.