Monday, February 29, 2016

Working On Ms. Betsy’s House

Mission Trip Adventures 2.27     Our volunteers this week; 1-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville; 2-1st Baptist Norfolk, VA & Calvary Baptist, Newton; 3-Bagley Swamp Wesleyan & Hertford Baptist, Hertford; 4-Macedonia & Williamston Baptist;-5-Reg 1 Feeding Team representing Cornith & Warwick Baptist. Not pictured-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst.Mrs     This is Betsy & her granddaughter that lives with her. This is Betsy’s house. Betsy walked in water up to her neck when the area flooded. She was picked up by a motor boat.   The Hertford, Bagley Swamp, Macedonia & Williamston teams spent the week laying flooring, installing cabinets, duct work, doors, trim work as well as plumbing, electric and painting.Mission Trip Adventures 2.27-001     The Biltmore team spent the week working on the Marsh home.  They completed the insulation, hung sheet rock and finished the electrical and plumbing rough in.  Tom spent several days at Mt. Moriah Church getting the sheet rock ready to paint.   Billy, Phil and Hollis laid flooring at the Lylery house.Mission Trip Adventures 2.271     The Bagley Swamp and Calvary groups removed and replaced the shingles on the Jones home.  The Christ Community group built a front porch for the Owens at their new home.   All the teams went out to eat at The Shady Rest on Friday night.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Short Week

Mission Trip Adventures 2.20.2016     We didn’t have any volunteers come this week until Thursday so it was a short but good week. 1-Ridgeway Baptist Church, Chandler; 2-Joyce & Curtis Thrift, Pittsboro; 3-Recovery ladies helping make sandwiches for lunch; 4-Austin Grove Baptist Church, Marshville and Union Grove Baptist Church, Monroe.Mission Trip Adventures 2.201     The Austin and Union Grove group worked at Mt. Moriah Church hanging and finishing sheet rock.  The Ridgeway group worked at the Richardson home.  They removed old floor decking, installed new floor decking and started the front porch. Joyce and Curtis came to do the cooking but Curtis also was a lot of help for Billy.

There are a lot of requests still coming in for help.  We believe GOD is calling for volunteers to come to Johnsonville and work with Him.  Hope to hear from your group soon.  Call Billy or Ann for available dates.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lots of Work to Be Done in Johnsonville

MissionTripAdventures     1-Tom came down to help out with Chaplincy; 2- The Region 8 feeding team not only cooked and cleaned, the guys also helped with electrical and flooring work; 3-Providence Baptist, Raleigh.Mission Trip Adventures 2.13  The Providence group split into smaller teams.  The teams worked on replacing wood slats on block walls so sheet rock could be installed and also rescrewed the ceiling sheet rock that had sagged due to a roof leak.  Another group did some touch up mud work and started painting Betsy’s home.  The final group installed a metal roof.

We are still getting new request almost daily.  Teams are starting to sign up but lots more help is needed.  Please contact Ann with your groups requested dates or sign up at

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last Week in January & First Week of February

Mission Trip Adventures 1.30     The last week of January was very productive due to several groups of talented volunteers. 1-The Region 6 Feeding Team was led by Fred Simmons. 2-Most men know how to make a mess but Bob’s team from Elkin Valley did a great job of getting the Humpries site cleaned up along with doing several repairs to the house.  3-The Swannanoa team built two decks, a ramp and when it was raining they installed floor decking. 4-The Rockingham group stripped the roof and the other smaller groups finished replacing the shingles.  I believe Tom and Cal from Biltmore felt guilty for for leaving the week before to get home before the snow and ice started falling so they came back and started mudding the sheet rock.   Morris couldn’t make the 1st Biltmore trip so he came down this time to help do a little electrical work. Cal Jr. helped with roofing. 2.06     The first week of Febuary was few in numbers but all had servant’s hearts.  Since we had low number and no feeding team Ann did the cooking. Mark met a group in Sunset Beach to install a metal roof and complete another job. Three of them came to Johnsonville on Wednesday to install floor decking but then needed to return home.  Ricky and Mark came in Wednesday night and then helped Al and Josh almost finish the mud work at the Humphries house.  On Friday we had a visit from our leadership. I am glad to have Gaylon & Bill as leaders I can call on.

We are still looking volunteers for the next several months so sign up at NC Missions or give us a call.