Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last Week in January & First Week of February

Mission Trip Adventures 1.30     The last week of January was very productive due to several groups of talented volunteers. 1-The Region 6 Feeding Team was led by Fred Simmons. 2-Most men know how to make a mess but Bob’s team from Elkin Valley did a great job of getting the Humpries site cleaned up along with doing several repairs to the house.  3-The Swannanoa team built two decks, a ramp and when it was raining they installed floor decking. 4-The Rockingham group stripped the roof and the other smaller groups finished replacing the shingles.  I believe Tom and Cal from Biltmore felt guilty for for leaving the week before to get home before the snow and ice started falling so they came back and started mudding the sheet rock.   Morris couldn’t make the 1st Biltmore trip so he came down this time to help do a little electrical work. Cal Jr. helped with roofing. 2.06     The first week of Febuary was few in numbers but all had servant’s hearts.  Since we had low number and no feeding team Ann did the cooking. Mark met a group in Sunset Beach to install a metal roof and complete another job. Three of them came to Johnsonville on Wednesday to install floor decking but then needed to return home.  Ricky and Mark came in Wednesday night and then helped Al and Josh almost finish the mud work at the Humphries house.  On Friday we had a visit from our leadership. I am glad to have Gaylon & Bill as leaders I can call on.

We are still looking volunteers for the next several months so sign up at NC Missions or give us a call.

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