Sunday, May 26, 2013

Billy’s Birthday Week


Teams: 1-Region 8/7/9 Feeding Team-Herb, Louise & Paul; 2-University of FL-BCM; 3-Westwood Baptist Church, Cary;  4-Steven Jones & Ted Hawkins, Sneads Ferry Baptist Church.


On Monday the Florida team started a tear out.  The rest of the home will be done once the owners move their personal stuff out.  Kris and Maggie did the devotion for us on Monday night. On Tuesday, their last day here, they joined Ted & Steven as they removed foam insulation from under a home.  It has been seven months since Sandy visited New Jersey and there is still water in the foam.


The group from Cary split up into three teams.   Team one cut hung and started finishing sheet rock.  They also did a little yard work.

Westwood 2

Team two spent the week in Seaside Park rebuilding what use to be a fishing shack before they were all converted to homes. They rebuilt walls, reworked sheeting, hung three pocket doors and installed vinyl along with hanging insulation.  Team three did trim work.


Monday we went to the grand opening of the Lavallette boardwalk.  The whole Lavallette Elementary School was there to see Gov. Christie.  I managed to get close enough to get a picture made with him.( if I would have bent down a little you could have seen Billy) It’s been a good week for walking and I saw this beautiful porch in the town of Manasquan.


Thursday was Billy’s birthday so I decided I would spend the day with him.  I helped him fog a house which was a first for me. I rode around with him most of the day checking on jobs.  I made it back to the kitchen in time to make him (and everyone else) banana pudding for supper.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

College Week Again


Teams: 1-Alliance Bible Fellowship, Boone; 2-Grady and Danny, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Fayetteville; 3-University of FL Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Gainesville, FL; Region 1 Feeding Team lead by Hollis and Billy Williams.

FL and Feeding Men

Another week of both tear out and rebuild.  Billy W. & Gerald put down laminate flooring in two homes when they were not cooking.  The Florida college team put in sub flooring, installed insulation and hung sheet rock. On Saturday they did more tear out.  Looks like David pulled seniority and supervised duct work removal.

Mollie Danny and Grady

The Alliance Fellowship college team  & Mt. Pisgah team spent their week doing tear outs. Tearing out sheet rock, pulling insulation, clearing crawl spaces, pulling nails.  Well lets just say “ complete gut out jobs.”


Ever since Sid and Betty Anne were here and we hiked on the trails in the state park I have been eager to do some more.  On Sunday I talked Billy into hiking another part of Allaire.  On Thursday Hollis and Louise and I went for a walk on the boardwalk in Lavallette. On Friday we explored the trails at Manasquan Reservoir. It was a beautiful place with lots of wildlife. Saturday Louise and I went to Allaire Village for their opening celebration. Ann

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Productive Week and Welcome Back Louise


Teams: 1-Region 5 Feeding Team lead by John Johnson;  2-Mitch and Mary Lou Byrum-Center Grove Baptist, Ahoskie;  3-Ray Graham Team-1st Baptist, Matthews;  4-Richard and Carl-1st Baptist, Salisbury;  5-Tom Leeper Team-Biltmore Baptist, Arden.

Biltmore Tearout

On Monday the Biltmore team tackled a large tear out job.  It had been on hold due to Ms Tillie had been ill.  However it is now gutted and treated so the rebuild can began.  You would think after 6 months the floors would have dried out but NO there was still soaked insulation and water between layers of flooring.

Biltmore Sheetrock

The rest of the week they hung sheet rock and started finishing it.

Ray Graham

On Tuesday The 1st Baptist group installed cabinets, doors and trim on Joseph street. Wednesday and Thursday they installed sub flooring, Then on Friday before they left they installed laminate flooring and window trim.

three d's

Everyone looks forward to dinner, debriefing and devotions at the end of the work day. The cooks did a great job this week.  Some of them helped unload materials at homes as well as did mold treatment.  Louise did a good job with her devotion getting the volunteers to help with a lot of answers. Carl and Chad gave a from the heart devotion.  God laid some verses on me to use but I got lost and couldn’t find the meaning to express.  After a long days work many volunteers have taken advantage of the youth lounge while doing a little internet surfing.

Random Things

A Few Random Things: 1-We are happy to have Louise back with us doing her shower/laundry/cleaning thing; 2-Friday night seafood; 3- John got caught doing the dishes; 4-Cookie in one of his favorite spots; 5-Billy hauling off another load; 6-Paul and his best friend, Rosie-We are helping him rebuild his house; 7-Mitch working on sheetrock.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Great Week for Working and Adventure


Teams-1-Sid and Betty Anne Shearin, Littleton Baptist Church; 2-Elkin Valley Baptist Church, Elkin and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, State Road; 3-Theresa Baptist Church and Olive Branch Baptist Church, Roxboro; 4-Region 7 Feeding Team


The Theresa team went behind other organizations and cleaned up the homes after tear out had been done so the mold team could do their job.  They also painted two houses.  Something tells me Chris needs a little more work to do.

Elkin Valley

The Elkin/Mt. Pleasant team finished hanging sheet rock in two homes and started a third.  They also did the most important – they spent time with home owners ( and dog) and shared God’s love. Mary, the only woman on this team was our shower/laundry lady for the week.


The ladies on the feeding team had the kitchen covered so the two guys joined the Shearin work team after breakfast each day.  They moved furniture back into a completed home, pulled nails out of floors,  pulled out insulation plus reinstalled insulation on two homes.  Sid & Betty Anne did mostly mold treatment and assessments.  However they also moved furniture, painted and helped with sheet rock. Don (center) was our lone sheetrock finisher.  Billy was able to work on sheetrock some in between meeting with homeowners and talking on the phone.

Much work was accomplished this week.  It was great to have teams that were so flexible.  Their desire was to share God’s word along with doing what ever was needed.


On Saturday I went on a historical outing.  “A Weekend in Old Monmouth” is a yearly event and has forty-four stops.  Of course there is no way to visit all of them in one weekend.  First I visited MacKenzie House in Howell (top right). Then I went to Allaire Village (no pic) where they were having a craft show.  Then I traveled on t0 Wall to see (on the left) The Allgor/Barkalow Homestead and The Blansinburg Schoolhouse Museum-a one room school build in 1855.  The guide standing on the front porch actually attended the school as a child and was a delight to talk to. Then it was on to Ocean Grove, a camp meeting community founded by the Methodists in the post-Civil War religious revival.  They held their first prayer meeting here on July 31, 1869.  The Great Auditorium was built in 1894 and is the largest wood frame building in NJ. They also constructed a tent city for these meeting.  Families have been spending summers in these tiny tent city structures for over a century. The end of my tour was the Centennial Cottage (bottom left) and the Ocean Grove Historical Museum.

I have been doing a lot of walking this week.  The weather had been pretty nice and there have been volunteers here that like to walk. We have a state park almost across the street and since Sid used to be a park ranger he was interested in hiking some of the trails.  So Sid, Betty Ann, Doris, Ted and I headed out on Wednesday after dinner for a hike in the woods on a well marked trail.  Doris and I walked fast for exercise while the others must have been looking at the scenery.  Anyway we stayed way ahead of them.  The trail was a loop and Doris and I did not realize when we got back to the beginning. I was using the GPS on my phone but the battery was almost dead so I was trying to conserve it.  I checked to see how close we were to the end and realized that we had gone about a quarter mile too far and were looping around again.  We turned back and thought we were headed back to the parking lot but somehow had made too many turns.  Every time I checked the GPS it seemed we were getting further away instead of closer.  I was concerned that my battery was going to die and it was starting to get dark. Sid called and wanted to know where we were. I told him that I guess we were lost.  We finally got going in the right direction and found our way out before dark by the grace of God. It was a great adventure.