Sunday, August 25, 2013

Returning Volunteers from Austin Grove Baptist Church

Hurricane Sandy_Mission_trip_adventures_8.24Our team this week was Austin Grove Baptist Church from Marshville, NC. Four of the team had been earlier in the year.  Their hearts were touched by so much need they returned and brought four more. Being it was a small group Ann, Polly and Rita did the cooking, cleaning, laundry and ice cream making.  They brought their own ice cream maker and peaches so we were good host and said yes you can make ice cream.  Polly made homemade chicken pastry one day.    They also brought a lot of laughter and joy which spreads very well.  Billy had a lot to do with getting some of the equipment ready to move but the team was nice enough to allow him to help with sheet rock mudding one day.8.24The team finished hanging sheet rock and finished it, repaired windows that were about to fall out, cleaned cut a crawl space, laid floor decking and even took a break every so often.  We enjoyed this team being in New Jersey to help with the rebuild process and look forward to their next trip which they are already planning.

NCBM and the people of New Jersey are in need of volunteers to help rebuild the shore area of Ocean and Monmouth counties.  At this time we only have two teams signed up for the remainder of 2013.  However four other teams are working to set a week to come help serve.  We ask that you join us in prayer for the people of New Jersey as well as for teams to come and help as we serve GOD in the way and location we feel he has called us to serve.  There is so much rebuild to be done and gospel to be spread in New Jersey that if the volunteers respond NCBM could spend another year in Jersey and still only make a dent in the relief effort.  If you or your church needs more information about the operation please contact NCBM or Billy and Ann Layton.  If you need somebody to come share with you about what we are doing we will do our best to locate somebody in your area to come tell you what GOD did for them while they were in New Jersey serving. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Team All the Way From Germany

Mission Trip Adventures NJ Teams 8.17.131-Matthews Baptist Church; 2-Region 7 Feeding Team led by Terry Barnes; 3-Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Pittsboro, NC with traveling companions from Charlotte and Hillsborough; 4-Impact Team from Germany with; 5-Alan Harris, Conway, NC; 6-Eric and Billy Cook (Billy came with the feeding team but became a mold specialist along with Eric.Good Night_2001Great week with first timers and returners.  Allen Harris was still here to help us oversee teams and do assessments.  Matthews Baptist returned to do whatever needed. Their second job actually finished one that they started several months ago.  A blessing to be at a home in the beginning and be there for the final.  They installed cabinets in 4 homes.  Almost time for home owners to start cooking again.  A group of young adults were in the area from Germany doing sports camps.  Being they had no camp this week they asked if they could help us. They cleaned yards, painted, moved sand, hung insulation and sheet rock, and help move the contents of one of our storage boxes.  Hard working and energetic group.  The Mount Olive Baptist group built walls, hung sheet rock and helped with mold mitigation.  Eric and Billy Cook also did mold mitigation  this week.

We are in need of additional volunteers each week for the rest of the year.  Please join us in prayer that the ones GOD is calling to go to New Jersey will listen and respond.  Along with prayer PLEASE spread the word that we need volunteers.  Let them know this is a N C Baptist Men’s operation but they do not have to be trained or Baptist or men.  They just need to want to serve GOD and help others.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Little Vacation to Ohio

8.10With no volunteers this week we took off to go to Ohio to see family. We stayed with Kim (daughter),Brandon (son-n-love) and grandson who they are adopting.  Started the week off with Brandon preaching and then baptizing grandson in a swimming pool, followed by a cookout and pool party. Kim had to work so we took the guys to The Wilds on Tuesday for a safari.  On nearly 10000 acres that was previously a strip coal mine there is now a wildlife conservation center.  Kim wanted the carpet out of the grandson’s bathroom so Billy was glad to help with that project. Projects make Billy happy.Back to NJ Aug 2013 (2)We left Kim’s on Wednesday morning and went to Intercourse, PA (Amish Country) and spent the night.  We visited the Pretzel Factory while there and got a lesson on pretzel shaping. We returned to Allenwood on Thursday and was met by Alan Harris who will be helping Billy for 2 weeks.  Billy and Alan spent Friday checking on the status of job sites.  On Saturday Billy worked on straightening out tool trailer while Alan built storage shelves and Eric washed the bunk unit.  Later Billy and Alan sorted all the cleaning supplies we still have on hand.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nine Months After the Storm

8.31-Long Branch Baptist-Lumberton, NC (Ladies-Shower/Laundry & Men-Mold Remediation); 2-Valley Baptist, Middletown, PA; 3-Community Bible Church, High Point,NC; 4-Region 1 Feeding Team-Wayne, Pauline & Gerald; 5-Eric-Hendersonville BC; 6-Steve Wells, Seaford Baptist Church, Seaford, VA and Don Gallimore, Roxboro, NC; 7-Overflow Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC.8.31Lots of good work done this week.  Teams tore out floors and walls of homes while other teams do the final touches on a couple of homes.  The cooks did an excellent team cooking and cleaning up the equipment.  Ann has been helping with the Grace Scouts and this week they went hiking in Allaire State Park

It has been 9 months since Super Storm Sandy struck New Jersey & New York.  Many homes have been repaired and many torn down.  However there is still many that have not been torn out or rebuilt.  Please pray for these homeowners. If GOD has laid it on your heart to go and help rebuild homes while ministering to the people PLEASE contact us or NCBM to arrange a time for you or your team.  At present time plans are for us to be here into 2014.