Sunday, August 25, 2013

Returning Volunteers from Austin Grove Baptist Church

Hurricane Sandy_Mission_trip_adventures_8.24Our team this week was Austin Grove Baptist Church from Marshville, NC. Four of the team had been earlier in the year.  Their hearts were touched by so much need they returned and brought four more. Being it was a small group Ann, Polly and Rita did the cooking, cleaning, laundry and ice cream making.  They brought their own ice cream maker and peaches so we were good host and said yes you can make ice cream.  Polly made homemade chicken pastry one day.    They also brought a lot of laughter and joy which spreads very well.  Billy had a lot to do with getting some of the equipment ready to move but the team was nice enough to allow him to help with sheet rock mudding one day.8.24The team finished hanging sheet rock and finished it, repaired windows that were about to fall out, cleaned cut a crawl space, laid floor decking and even took a break every so often.  We enjoyed this team being in New Jersey to help with the rebuild process and look forward to their next trip which they are already planning.

NCBM and the people of New Jersey are in need of volunteers to help rebuild the shore area of Ocean and Monmouth counties.  At this time we only have two teams signed up for the remainder of 2013.  However four other teams are working to set a week to come help serve.  We ask that you join us in prayer for the people of New Jersey as well as for teams to come and help as we serve GOD in the way and location we feel he has called us to serve.  There is so much rebuild to be done and gospel to be spread in New Jersey that if the volunteers respond NCBM could spend another year in Jersey and still only make a dent in the relief effort.  If you or your church needs more information about the operation please contact NCBM or Billy and Ann Layton.  If you need somebody to come share with you about what we are doing we will do our best to locate somebody in your area to come tell you what GOD did for them while they were in New Jersey serving. 

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