Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Vacation at Home

Vacation Different people spend their vacation different ways.  With no registered volunteers for 2 weeks we went back home to North Carolina for ours.  We did get to spend 3 days at Lake Gaston and enjoyed that very much.   A little relaxing, visiting old friends and several maintenance jobs were done.  At home we cleaned, repaired eve metal and did a lot of grass cutting.  Ann spent 2 days helping our son and his wife, Matt and Tanya, get their bakery ready to open.  Ann was also able to visit some with her quilting friends.Yellow Dog BreadOn Friday, for our last  day of vacation well it was long. We spent the morning in Momeyer.  Ann did last minute house cleaning while Billy finished cutting the grass one last time.  Then we went to Momeyer Ruritan Club to eat some BBQ chicken and visit with friends.  Then we went to Yellow Dog Bread in Raleigh to help them with last minute preps for the grand opening at 6:00.  While the property landlord was making a big mess in the parking lot removing perfectly good trees Matt cooked bread and cookies while Tanya put the first display of bread for sale on the shelves.  Several of their friends and Tanya’s family came to help  however they could.  Thanks to all that came to help because at 5:45 a man came in to buy a loaf of bread because he had to be elsewhere at 6:00.  Well from that moment until 9:10 there was a large steady crowd of customers, family and friends coming in to visit and purchase bread.  When they finally closed the doors at 9:30 the shelves were almost empty.  Many items were sold out.  Please visit them when you are in Raleigh.  They have wonderful bread and pastries.

On Saturday we returned to Jersey to continue where we feel called to be.  We pray many of you will come to Jersey to help us as we strive to serve GOD while also helping the home owners rebuild their homes and lives.

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