Monday, February 25, 2013

My Train Ride


We did not have any work teams this past week so we did not get a lot done.  Of course George and Louise were still there with us plugging along.  We are having some site issues with the local township so please be in prayer for those issues to be resolved quickly.  Ann took the train home on Sunday and will be gone for a week.  She has several appointments and will be attending the Region 1 training  on March 1 and 2 in Murfreesboro.

Ann’s Thoughts on Riding the Train

I was excited for my train adventure but a little nervous too since I had never ridden Amtrak before.   I wasn’t sure of the boarding procedure.  While I was waiting a lady sat down on my right.  I hoped she was a veteran train traveler but no, I found out it was her first time too.  After I chatted with her for a few minutes a man that had been sitting across the room from me but was now sitting on my left spoke to me.  He had seen my NC Baptists Builders coat and wondered if I was in NJ working after the hurricane.  He was a highschool principle from Williamston, NC and said his dad used to do work with them when he attended the Baptist Church.  I told him why I was here and we chatted awhile about mission trips.  I invited him and his church to come help us in NJ. This was his first train ride too.

When it was time to board the train it was very easy.  They don’t search you or your luggage, take your picture, make you take your shoes off or even look at your ticket before you board.  It’s very different from airplane boarding.  You need to be ready though because the train only stays in the station for about 5 minutes. Once on the train they come by your seat and scan your ticket.  The seats were very comfortable with lots of leg room and a foot rest.  The views were good.  I got a glimpse of the Washington Monument. The best thing is that you can use all of your electronic devices and you even have a place to plug them in.  My favorite thing was looking at the map on my phone with the GPS on and being able to see exactly where we were.  I sat beside Jackie, a nice young girl on her way back to school (ECU) from her home in New Hampshire.  On the down side there was a guy one row up and across the aisle that talked on his phone the whole time except when he was asleep.  That got a little annoying.  I took my own food and drink but they have a dining car and a lounge car where you can buy food and the prices didn’t look to unreasonable.

My trip took eight hours (scheduled for 7 1/2) which was longer than flying but about the same as driving.  For one person the ticket cost less than gas and the trip was more relaxing. All in all it was a good trip and I would do it again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Valentine Surprise

Teams2 2.16

Our teams this week-1.  Richard and Carl came with the feeding team but worked as a fogging team.  2.  Region 5 Feeding team members Brian and Tom were helped by our full time cleaning lady, Louise.  3.  Brad Johnson from Cool Springs Baptist in Sanford.  4.  Still here from last week is Paul Gallaway from Fayetteville.  5.  Diane from right here at Grace Tabernacle came in and unboxed and labeled tools all day long.


Richard and Carl spent the week spraying and fogging for mold treatment.  During their waiting time they also shared the gospel.   Brad and Steve (a local church volunteer) spent most of the week going behind other teams and cleaning up so others could fog.  Brad spent Thursday building shelves in our temporary storage unit.

Home School 2.16

Each Monday we share the church/school with a home school group.  Louise and Ann enjoyed joining them in their opening worship time in the gym.  Later that day Ann was surprised with Valentine cards and heart candies with bible verses attached for our volunteers.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Snow Day in New Jersey

Teams 2

We did not have a lot of volunteers this week, but the ones we had worked hard in some very cold weather.

1-Phillip and Martha Heavner, Admin, from Valdese  2-Lynn Baker from Beaufort  3-Region 7 Feeding Team led by Terry Barnes  4-Raleigh First Baptist led by Gerald Dudak  5-Charles Aultman, Recovery Bluehat and Don Gallimore, our favorite sheetrock man, from Roxboro.  6-Paul Gallaway from Fayetteville.

Raleigh Crew

The Raleigh team spent the week tearing out and cleaning homes getting them ready to fog for mold.  On a few homes they removed the insulation from the crawl space.

Rebuild NJ

Don road up up Charles to help us with sheet rock finishing. The ladies helped him one day sanding.  Charles went with Don on Saturday to help sand.

NJ Snowday 2

When we came to the camper last night it was cold but still just raining. However when we went to bed we looked out and the ground was covered.  Then when we got up Saturday morning what a change.  The wind was blowing hard and we had between six and eight inches of snow.   Billy ate breakfast and then started helping Anthony move the snow.  It has melted some today but I am sure it will lay in the piles for several days.  Next week is supposed to be warm so it should be gone soon.  Rudy & Robin brought the rebuild tool trailer up on Friday and carried the skid steer back to NC on Saturday.  So for all of you who want to help with rebuild come on up the tools are here.

We have very few volunteers for the remainder of February so we have plenty of room for you.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recovery , Rebuild & Salvations in New Jersey


We had three great teams this week.  Top-Gary Roberts-crew chief from Woodland Hill Baptist Church, Asheville.  Bottom-Jim Canterbury-crew chief from Westwood Baptist Church, Cary and our feeding team from Region 9 led by Harvey Hart.  They worked hard and shared the word.  There were 31 salvations. THANK YOU GOD


The Westwood group worked on rebuild jobs including sheet rock hanging and finishing along with installing insulation and plywood under a temporary camper to help keep it warm.  The Woodland Hills group worked on tear outs and fogging.


Linda helped out in administration.  It got warm on Friday so Ann & Louise went for a walk around the reservoir.  A young man with the Westwood group celebrated his birthday here.  Gary was trying to find a hat that is hip.  Ann and Tony went to Case Management Training up north for two days so they took the opportunity to visit the Lower New York Bay where you can see across to Staten Island.

The people of New Jersey & New York need your help.  The recovery (tear out & fogging for mold) jobs continue to come in every day.  We have also started a rebuild program which we get requests for help each day also.  Both of these projects will continue for several more months.  Please pray and spread the word that volunteers are needed now and in the months ahead.  GOD has spoken to many who have listened and came to volunteer.  When will you be stepping up to serve GOD?