Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recovery , Rebuild & Salvations in New Jersey


We had three great teams this week.  Top-Gary Roberts-crew chief from Woodland Hill Baptist Church, Asheville.  Bottom-Jim Canterbury-crew chief from Westwood Baptist Church, Cary and our feeding team from Region 9 led by Harvey Hart.  They worked hard and shared the word.  There were 31 salvations. THANK YOU GOD


The Westwood group worked on rebuild jobs including sheet rock hanging and finishing along with installing insulation and plywood under a temporary camper to help keep it warm.  The Woodland Hills group worked on tear outs and fogging.


Linda helped out in administration.  It got warm on Friday so Ann & Louise went for a walk around the reservoir.  A young man with the Westwood group celebrated his birthday here.  Gary was trying to find a hat that is hip.  Ann and Tony went to Case Management Training up north for two days so they took the opportunity to visit the Lower New York Bay where you can see across to Staten Island.

The people of New Jersey & New York need your help.  The recovery (tear out & fogging for mold) jobs continue to come in every day.  We have also started a rebuild program which we get requests for help each day also.  Both of these projects will continue for several more months.  Please pray and spread the word that volunteers are needed now and in the months ahead.  GOD has spoken to many who have listened and came to volunteer.  When will you be stepping up to serve GOD?

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