Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Snow Day in New Jersey

Teams 2

We did not have a lot of volunteers this week, but the ones we had worked hard in some very cold weather.

1-Phillip and Martha Heavner, Admin, from Valdese  2-Lynn Baker from Beaufort  3-Region 7 Feeding Team led by Terry Barnes  4-Raleigh First Baptist led by Gerald Dudak  5-Charles Aultman, Recovery Bluehat and Don Gallimore, our favorite sheetrock man, from Roxboro.  6-Paul Gallaway from Fayetteville.

Raleigh Crew

The Raleigh team spent the week tearing out and cleaning homes getting them ready to fog for mold.  On a few homes they removed the insulation from the crawl space.

Rebuild NJ

Don road up up Charles to help us with sheet rock finishing. The ladies helped him one day sanding.  Charles went with Don on Saturday to help sand.

NJ Snowday 2

When we came to the camper last night it was cold but still just raining. However when we went to bed we looked out and the ground was covered.  Then when we got up Saturday morning what a change.  The wind was blowing hard and we had between six and eight inches of snow.   Billy ate breakfast and then started helping Anthony move the snow.  It has melted some today but I am sure it will lay in the piles for several days.  Next week is supposed to be warm so it should be gone soon.  Rudy & Robin brought the rebuild tool trailer up on Friday and carried the skid steer back to NC on Saturday.  So for all of you who want to help with rebuild come on up the tools are here.

We have very few volunteers for the remainder of February so we have plenty of room for you.

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