Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Valentine Surprise

Teams2 2.16

Our teams this week-1.  Richard and Carl came with the feeding team but worked as a fogging team.  2.  Region 5 Feeding team members Brian and Tom were helped by our full time cleaning lady, Louise.  3.  Brad Johnson from Cool Springs Baptist in Sanford.  4.  Still here from last week is Paul Gallaway from Fayetteville.  5.  Diane from right here at Grace Tabernacle came in and unboxed and labeled tools all day long.


Richard and Carl spent the week spraying and fogging for mold treatment.  During their waiting time they also shared the gospel.   Brad and Steve (a local church volunteer) spent most of the week going behind other teams and cleaning up so others could fog.  Brad spent Thursday building shelves in our temporary storage unit.

Home School 2.16

Each Monday we share the church/school with a home school group.  Louise and Ann enjoyed joining them in their opening worship time in the gym.  Later that day Ann was surprised with Valentine cards and heart candies with bible verses attached for our volunteers.

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