Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Love GA BCM–Week Two

We had another great week with GA BCM. 4-This college team really worked hard and only took one day off for a trip to NYC; 3-Even though they did not get much rest they did try to enjoy themselves while they were working; 7&8-On Monday they presented Diane, the homeowner, with a bible they had all signed and gave her a big group hug; 1-Our feeding team (Joe, Kimmsy, Judy & Charles) was from First Baptist New Bern. They did a great job; 2-On Thursday night a four man team from PA joined.  They did several jobs on the Woods’ home.
The GA group was also able to meet Corrine Woods and had a circle prayer with her. The team learned how to insulate, install pickets, paint trim work, clean up, hang OSB board  and mix cement. 

All of these college kids were basically strangers when they met two weeks ago to go on a two week mission trip to New Jersey.  Now they have formed lifetime friendships as well as left a memory with New Jersey families that will also last a life time.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

We Love Georgia BCM–Week One

image     1-This week our group was from Georgia BCM, twelve college students eager to serve and learn. Jim and Alex (GA Blue Hats) returned as crew leaders along with Chris as group leader; 2-The group gathered around for instruction and prayer; We celebrated three birthdays this week: 3-Justin, 6-Cynthia, and Billy; 5-The weather is getting warm here so the students have been to check out the beach several times; 4-During the day the cook team helped with some painting, cleaning and door knob installation on a few jobs; 7-Paul pitched in to help us get caught up on some painting; 8-Billy & Hollis Williams returned to cook & serve the meals & brought along Bobby & Hazel Eure . 9-Billy & Bobby busy peeling potatoes to go along with the fish that Jimmy Hooper brought all the way from Salvo.image     The GA group divided into two groups.  Alex lead a group that cleaned and resealed Carol’s floors, cleaned up around the outside of Barbara’s and prepared for the rear step platform so the landscapers can do their job next week. They also helped the other group at Dianne’s building the frame work around plumbing and pouring her step platforms.  They finished up the week hanging insulation at the Wood’s home.

Jim’s group has been hard at work also hanging the sheetrock at Dianne’s home.  On Friday they were able to share a little with her garage door contractors who came to hang them and on Saturday they were blessed by being able to share with the family why they choose to come to New Jersey to help total strangers – To share GOD’s Love.

We still have many open days and weeks for the next three months and are in need of additional volunteers and well as a couple to help Ann and I with leadership. We look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Neshaminy Warwick Back to Serve

Mission Trip Adventures 5.16.015  The LORD caused the paths of a group of Neshaminy Warwick Presbyterians from Pennsylvania and ours to cross last spring.  They came back last fall and this week they joined us again in a joint effort to share GOD’s LOVE while doing a little home rebuilding.  Ann was the cook this week so the guys helped cook breakfast and the ladies helped with supper.  Part of them spent the first of the week finishing up the painting and doing some plumbing trim outs at Barbara’s. Mission Trip Adventures 5.16.2015 p2     Others went to the Woods job to help Dave finish the rough in electric.  They also installed joist hangers and porch rails. They finished up their week by painting doors going into Paul and Ellen’s along with removing old insulation from Georgette’s so the home could be rewired and reinsulated to todays standards.

As the weather has turned warm the jobs seem to be also turning.  We should finish three homes this month while continuing to work on three others.  There is also three more that we will be starting over the next couple of weeks. The LORD has always blessed us with volunteers as needed when he also sends us homes and families to work with.  I have wondered many times, as I am doing now, if the volunteers HE is calling will respond this year.  At present time I see the need for 10 more teams this summer.  If you or your church are planning a trip this year to serve GOD in New Jersey please contact us so we can let you know what dates are still open.