Sunday, May 24, 2015

We Love Georgia BCM–Week One

image     1-This week our group was from Georgia BCM, twelve college students eager to serve and learn. Jim and Alex (GA Blue Hats) returned as crew leaders along with Chris as group leader; 2-The group gathered around for instruction and prayer; We celebrated three birthdays this week: 3-Justin, 6-Cynthia, and Billy; 5-The weather is getting warm here so the students have been to check out the beach several times; 4-During the day the cook team helped with some painting, cleaning and door knob installation on a few jobs; 7-Paul pitched in to help us get caught up on some painting; 8-Billy & Hollis Williams returned to cook & serve the meals & brought along Bobby & Hazel Eure . 9-Billy & Bobby busy peeling potatoes to go along with the fish that Jimmy Hooper brought all the way from Salvo.image     The GA group divided into two groups.  Alex lead a group that cleaned and resealed Carol’s floors, cleaned up around the outside of Barbara’s and prepared for the rear step platform so the landscapers can do their job next week. They also helped the other group at Dianne’s building the frame work around plumbing and pouring her step platforms.  They finished up the week hanging insulation at the Wood’s home.

Jim’s group has been hard at work also hanging the sheetrock at Dianne’s home.  On Friday they were able to share a little with her garage door contractors who came to hang them and on Saturday they were blessed by being able to share with the family why they choose to come to New Jersey to help total strangers – To share GOD’s Love.

We still have many open days and weeks for the next three months and are in need of additional volunteers and well as a couple to help Ann and I with leadership. We look forward to hearing from you.

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