Thursday, December 22, 2011

House #4 Dedication in Colerain


What a glorious day in Colerain.  Today we did what some thought was impossible.  What was forgotten was that GOD sent us to Colerain with a purpose and it was time for His glory to shine.  We dedicated the 4th home and turned over the keys to Mrs. Annie Mitchell and remembered her late husband William Mitchell.  I don't know about the others present but I felt the LORD's presence at the dedication.   In closing I want to say THANKS to GOD for the grace and guidance He has provided for us as I have drawn much closer to Him than I have ever been.  Also a big thank you to Ann for her support along with all the volunteers that have served with us in GOD's kingdom.

Keep watching the blog to see where God leads us next.                                                                                                                                                       


It was sad to leave Colerain and the friends I have made there but it is good to be home for Christmas.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three Down and One To Go


This week the push began to finish the Bond house.  Billy set the dedication for Wednesday at 2:00.  As usual, I had my doubts that we could meet the deadline but God sent the volunteers we needed and we actually finished on Tuesday, a day early.  God is so good.


Dedication Day went great for the Bond home.  Even though it was drizzling rain we had a good crowd.

Some days I feel like I am missing Christmas.  You know, the baking goodies, decorating the house and Christmas shopping.  But then we get the privilege of dedicating a brand new house to a grateful family and handing them the keys to their new home.  Then I know that we are where God has placed us and just where we belong.


Meanwhile work continues on the Mitchell house.  Will it be ready by dedication time Thursday at 2 pm?

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Glorious Week and Billy Was Right


When I got back here on Monday night and saw how much more needed to be done on the Earley and Williams houses I just did not believe that we could have these homes complete and ready to dedicate by Friday but Billy fully believed that it could be done.  Well I am happy to report that he was right.  We had many volunteers coming and going all week and the work was complete.  Even got Christmas trees decorated thanks to the Colerain Baptist Children’s group and the Flanagans.


On Friday afternoon at 2:00 just as the cold front came through we had our dedication ceremony and turned the house keys over to the happy but tearful owners.  Dot Earley commented that she had always wondered how God worked and now she had seen how He worked.  Dot, her daughter Crystal and some of their friends had prepared refreshments for everyone so the celebration continued.


  • Crystal Earley and David Earley – No relation but friends for life
  • The Williams house- We were told by Dot that Mrs. Williams liked to decorate this tree in her front yard with clear bottles with colored water in them so we decorated it for her homecoming.
  • The Earley house-I think Dot and Crystal may be spending their first night there tonight.
  • A few of the many volunteers we have been blessed with on this project.

PS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           This project is not over yet.  We still have two more houses to complete.  Billy thinks we can finish them next week. Will he be right again?  We need volunteers to help two more families have a new home by Christmas.  If you would like to share in this blessing please contact us.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Earley House Almost Finished

The big teams have disappeared but the work continues.  Rex & Dana did tile work on two homes.  Billy, Allen, Ben & David did flooring.  Charles and Tom finished the steps and rails at the Early house.  The ladies have been caulking and painting.  The first house is almost done but we still need help completing the other three before Christmas.
To the volunteers who have helped on the Mitchell house, James William Mitchell went home to the Lord this week. Please remember and pray for the family.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Dental Unit

We left Colerain on Thursday so we could pickup the new Dental Bus Unit.  This was our first trip on the new unit and our first dental trip since March. 

Dental Bus2

On Friday and Saturday we worked on the unit at Trinity Baptist Church in Hollister.  Praise God that there was one salvation.

The new dental unit is great.  It is first class and even has digital x-rays.  Hopefully we will be able to make some more trips soon but who knows because God seems to have other plans for us.

We Have Been Blessed with Many Volunteers

We had 41 volunteers to come in Sunday of last week so they could start early Monday morning. It was a beautiful day and lots of work got done. I admit I had concerns about Tuesday due to they called for rain all morning but it lasted almost all day. However GOD ruled again and supplied a place for everybody to work all day. I actually made the mistake of wondering what they were going to do when the rain kept coming , but GOD worked His miracle and lots got done. We all dressed for the cold on Wednesday and again thank you everybody for the amount of work that has been done.

Bertie Co 12

Still working on  sheet rock hanging and finishing, building of ramps and steps, siding, and cabinet installation.

Bertie Co 12-2

Our wonderful volunteer teams.

Next week is looking kind of slim so we need you.