Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Big Team With Lots of Good Workers

Mission Trip Adventures 7.26  This week we had a large group (top) from Our Redeemer’s UMC, Schaumburg, IL.  They came last year and enjoyed working with us so much that they chose to return. With the feeding team from Region 9 (bottom) was Susie, Gina, Myra, Joseph, Dennis and Sam.  Morris (left) came with the Biltmore team last week and decided to stay for another week. Paul (right) continues to help most days.  The UMC group brought musical talent (center) with them so everyone enjoyed the singalongs. Mission Trip Adventures 7.261  Due to the size of the UMC team they split up into 5 groups. Two of the groups worked on Nick's and Rick's houses, finishing up sheet rock, mudding and painting. They have Rick (and his mom Jerrie) home painted and ready for flooring to be put down. They also have Nick and Mary's home primed and ready for painting.  Another group finished the tear out of Aline's home and then put sand in the crawl space. They then installed the sub floor.  Two of the guys helped Paul B. pull wire at his home as he is getting ready for volunteers to help him rebuild.  Another group went up to Long Branch.  For starters they had to remove the ceilings and insulation.  Then they replaced it with new and started the mud work. The final group spent the week at Pete's doing flooring, cabinets, painting and helped Pet replace some of his old water lines.  The days were warm so the sound of the ice cream truck could not be resisted by some. 

NCBM is starting five new jobs (4 complete rebuild and 1 new build).  We have only a few volunteers signed up for the next 6 months so PLEASE if you are hearing that voice from GOD saying “Go to New Jersey” give us a call or drop us a note.  If you are a block mason we would like to hear from you soon.  Framers get ready, you are next.  And yes this is Pastor Todd’s secretary Barbara's home getting ready to start.  We should have permits in hand by end of July.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nick’s House is Getting Sheetrock

Mission Trip Adventures 7.19.14  1-Region 3 Feeding Team; 2-Steven and Cathy Wells-Seaford Baptist Church, Seaford, VA; 3-Biltmore Baptist-Asheville, NC; 4-Community Bible Church-High Point, NC.  Each team has been before and they brought a few newbies.Mission Trip Adventures 7.19  The Biltmore group spent most of their week hanging sheet rock and siding at Nick & Ann’s.  They also completed the kitchen and bath work at Jayne’s.  On Friday some of the guys built temporary steps for a home that had been raised while others laid floor tile. Community Bible-001  The Community Bible group spent lots of time painting, staining and installing molding, building an A/C stand and helping with tear out. Some of them helped the Biltmore team with the sheetrock. Steve brought his wife this trip and they finished a tear out and then installed insulation in a rebuild.  To finish out the week they with the help of the Biltmore ladies painted the outside of a home.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

VBS, Ocean Baptisms & Drawing Closer to God

Mission Trip Adventures 7.12.14  1-Wise Baptist Church-Wise, VA; 2-Zion Hill Baptist Church-Rennert, NC; 3-Region 7 Feeding Team; 4-Ann did some early morning running this week with Rebecca and they were blessed with a beautiful sunrise; 5-Our good friend Paul being baptized; 6-We enjoyed The Wave Saturday night with praise and worship; 7-The candidates for baptism professing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Mission Trip Adventures 2  Wise Baptist was a large group so they split up into several groups. The ladies did Vacation Bible School at Union Church of Lavalette in the mornings and then worked in yards and houses in the afternoons.  Along with the guys they did home tear outs, insulated homes, replaced shingles on a home, cleaned yards and did their part on fire watch (which some really enjoy). On Sunday they presented Barbara (Pastor Todd’s secretary) with funding to help purchase the blocks for the foundation of her new home and a very special block. Hopefully we will be starting on her house very soon and we will be needing lots of help.7.12  The Zion Hill group also did several jobs. They hung and started finishing sheet rock, built a/c platforms, laid flooring, painted and built window frames and got framed (LOL).  The boys decided they wanted to help the Wise group on two days and did a little home tear out.  Hope they forget how to do the tear out when they get home.

It was a good week in New Jersey.  We saw volunteers hearts turn closer to GOD as well as residents here drawing closer.  Rebuilding homes is great but the closer walk with GOD is what it is all about.  Sure would like to see others receive this blessing of GOD at work in their lives.  We are in process of starting five new jobs and could use lots more help over the coming months.  Winter is on it’s way and we would like to see these people back into their homes before summer arrives next year.   FYI – It’s been 21 months since many people of New Jersey have been able to go home and sleep there. 

If you want to plan a future trip we have lots of openings beginning in August. If you want to do a trip now we are full for July But NCBM and the people of the Outer Banks of NC could use your help with tear outs following Authur. There are 20 homes to be torn out.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vacation Week for Us

7.5  We took a week off for vacation while Tim and Vickie kept things going. The rebuild/feeding/chaplaincy team came from Region 5.  The team had requested to do some ministry outreach as well as rebuilding.  They took on the challenge of contacting many of the home owners whom NCBM volunteers had helped over the past 20 months.  The report is the home owners are very happy for all the work done and materials supplied.  Some of the team did mold treatment, insulation and started hanging sheet rock.  Three team members did the cooking.  The Toms River Lions Club had asked to help buy some materials for home owners. Mel, the president with the Toms River Chapter came by to see the work and presented Tim with checks to help on two jobs.

We started off our vacation time at home.  Billy did a few jobs around the house and Ann worked one day at the Yellow Dog Bread Co. We were able to spend a few days with our son Josh. On Thursday we went to Lake Gaston.  Billy did more chores there.  Sorry, but he doesn’t know how to rest. Some of the family came up to join us on Saturday, including our grandchildren.  Matt forced Grandpa to ride him on the wave runner.  Great bonding time. Back to NJ on Sunday to start a very busy week.