Saturday, June 21, 2008

Testing Windows Live Writer

We have been at home since June 12. Billy has been working on shower and laundry units for the Baptist Men. On Friday he took Josh, Eddie & Ronnie with him to Hyde Co. to take everything down and move it out. He also lined up a fleet of drivers to move all the equipment. They did leave the laundry unit but moved it to another location. I have been busy around the house trying to clean and organize.

I found out about Windows Live Writer and how good it is for posting to blogs so I am testing it. Here is my final scrapbook pages for the Mcleod House.

2008.06.02 p1

2008.06.02 p2

Scrapbook credits: AWP Pompey A Work in Progress

So far I really like Windows Live Writer. It is so easy to use and makes blogging so much easier. If you want it you can get it free here:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictures from Hyde County

This is the women's sleeping unit which is a converted horse trailer.

Cooking team from Region 3.
Patty and Dowell in the laundry unit.

Our laundry team-Ann, Beverly, Brenda, Brenda & Ronnie.
Billy really worked hard, as usual. As you will notice, even though he is taking a much needed rest he is still at work on the phone.

We did manage to have some fun and make new friends. Beverly, Josh, Brenda & Me

These two guys are with the National Guard. They set up phones for the firemen (or anyone else) to use since cell phone service is not too great down there. They also set up computers to check email. They also went beyond the call of duty many times helping us with other jobs.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home at last!

We arrived home Wednesday night about 12:30 (guess that's officially Thurs. morning). We were supposed to be at home this week but were called to go down to the Hyde Co. fire (the official name is the Evans Road Fire). We were told in a debriefing on Monday that it was the largest fire in the US (over 40,000 acres). We were in Robbinsville at NCBM training for the weekend. Billy left there with the Command Unit about 5:45 Saturday morning and I stayed until the training was over on Saturday at 1 pm. On Sunday after attending a morning worship wedding in Rocky Mount and going to a family reunion I joined him at Mattamuskeet School. We are serving the firefighters, EMS, NC Forestry, Emergency Management, the military and others by providing food, showers and laundry. I mainly worked in laundry and Billy did maintenance (among other things). Below is a link if you want to read more about the fire and see photos.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home Dedication June 4

Since I haven't even started on the final week scrapbook page I thought I would just post some pictures from the dedication.

Wednesday at 11 am we had The Mcleod's home dedication. We were 99% finished with the work. Pastor Travis spoke and Billy thanked everyone for their help. JD & Terry prayed and asked for the Lord's blessings on the house and family The attendance was good and we had a great lunch afterwords provided by Miss Kim's Blessed Restaurant.

Front row: Colby Second row: Wallace, Terry, Brooke
Third row: JD, Ann, Connie, Rayford Back row: Steve, Billy, Travis

Rayford was overcome with graditude.

The Kitchen is beautiful.
I had to show you this hot pink bathroom.

Week 8 - May 26-May 30

Our major accomplishments this week were installing laminate flooring in the living-dining area, three bedrooms and hallway. Sam, Terry & Travis helped. Phil, Steve & Pat from Raleigh did molding, shelves & painting. Robert, Terry and Colby painted. A professional crew came in to do the vinyl flooring. We got indoor plumbing. Yeah. Miss Kim has been faithfully serving us breakfast each morning.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10
Scrapbook Credits:
Jeanellepaige-Hearts and Laughter