Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home Dedication June 4

Since I haven't even started on the final week scrapbook page I thought I would just post some pictures from the dedication.

Wednesday at 11 am we had The Mcleod's home dedication. We were 99% finished with the work. Pastor Travis spoke and Billy thanked everyone for their help. JD & Terry prayed and asked for the Lord's blessings on the house and family The attendance was good and we had a great lunch afterwords provided by Miss Kim's Blessed Restaurant.

Front row: Colby Second row: Wallace, Terry, Brooke
Third row: JD, Ann, Connie, Rayford Back row: Steve, Billy, Travis

Rayford was overcome with graditude.

The Kitchen is beautiful.
I had to show you this hot pink bathroom.

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Paula Loges said...

The house looks wonderful! I'm sure the McLeods are thrilled to be living in it now. I know you and Billy have a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment as you follow the Lord's leading in each new endeavor. We'll be praying as you are now in Hyde County helping the fire fighters. We do miss seeing you at "home," though.