Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Week of Spring Break and A Full House

Teams 3.30.13

Our Teams: 1-Cook Team Paula and her sons, Chris and Noah from New York and North Carolina; 2-Trinity of Fairview; 3-University of Delaware Alternative Spring Break Program; 4-First Baptist of Staunton,VA; 5-Sharon Chilton-Moser (crew chief for Delaware team); 6-Al Percy (assessor).

Spring Break Del

Sharon was gracious enough to come spend a week with us and teach the Delaware College a few things.  They tore out floors and walls along with yard clean ups.  Billy was concerned with 18 girls and 3 guys but Sharon was able to get a lot of work out of them.

Flory Group

Some of the folks from both of the rebuild teams went to Union Church of Lavallette to do some painting.  Although the building got water inside and walls and flooring had to be torn out and replaced Pastor Todd has been having services there since mid November.  In a few more weeks the fellowship hall and kitchen should be ready for use.

Sheetrock and Insulation

Pastor Todd replaced the flooring with tile so they are still doing the grout.  The rest of the 2 groups repaired walls, installed wall insulation, hung insulation and started mudding in a couple of houses.


The crawl space insulation was replaced in three homes.

Yard Work

On Friday morning several of the ladies from Staunton, VA finished cleaning up a yard to welcome a elderly couple back home.  Then Trinity started cleaning a crawl space up so fabric and stone could be put in.  Shortly after they started putting in the stone some of the Staunton group showed up to lend a much needed hand.   In just one hour the pile of rock was almost done.  Better known as team work.


Thanks to Paula and her sons for accepting God’s call on short notice to be our feeding team this week.  They are from New York but are living in NC right now and she just got trained at the Region 1 training in March.  Thanks also to several other team members that stepped up to help them.  They did a great job.  Does anyone think that Noah (in the plaid shirt) looks like Matthew? 


A few people caught Billy working this week and doing his favorite thing, talking.

We are still receiving lots of new request for tear out and rebuild help.  We pray daily for more volunteers.  Only a few weeks are full at this time and many are still empty.  Please pray and if led by GOD I hope you will go wherever it is He is sending you.  I hope it is New Jersey.  We are in dire need of tear out and rebuild teams during the next few weeks.  If you can finish sheetrock we have several homes ready to finish so teams can continue working.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two Hard Working Teams & A Passover Seder


Teams; Long Branch Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC & Region 1 Feeding Team from Meherrin Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, NC.

Feeding Team jobs

During the day the cook team went out to sites to work for a few hours.  They moved food and supplies at Union Church of Lavallette one day.  Another day they pulled nails and staples. They cleaned up for the rebuild team coming next week.  However they made sure to get back to Grace in time to clean up and fix some great meals.   I understand now that they are back in NC they are going to help Allen build a Baptist Builders tool trailer.


If you notice Elton who came with feeding team is spending a lot of time on the floor, well he lost his legs several years ago in a farm accident but he will not give up.  He still goes and serves and on this trip well it was easier to get on the floor than bend over all day for him. The Long Branch team (and Elton) spent the week replacing flooring and insulation. 


On Wednesday night Grace held a Passover Seder.  Dr. Mitch Glaser, the president of Chosen People Ministries guided us through the Seder.  He explained the traditional foods and actions of the Jewish Passover and showed us how it points to Christ

We only had two small teams this week but they got a lot of work done.  Next week we will will have three large teams.  Stay tuned for what will for sure be a great week because GOD is sending each one for a reason.  Has he called you to go and serve ?  Big question is – when He calls do you listen ?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week Two of Spring Break

Teams 3.16.2013

We had four hard working teams this week.

Tear Out

The college group from West Virginia pulled insulation out of crawlspaces, ripped up floors and pumped out crawl spaces.

Tear Out App

The Alliance group cleaned floors, pulled nails and also ripped up flooring.

Although we forgot to get pictures of the Carteret team working, they finished installing flooring in two homes along with installing insulation and hanging sheet rock in another.

George is still fogging homes and Louise is keeping our site and clothes clean.

Ann had three eye doctor appointments this week for her shingles (in her eye) and is doing much better.  She was able to attend the Women of Grace Spring Thaw Luncheon today. Thanks for the prayers said for her.

Thanks to all who have come to Allenwood to help the survivors of Sandy clean-up and start the rebuild of their homes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Weeks In One

Groups 3.2 numbered

Week of February 24-March 2: 1-Mitchem Group  2-Howard and Glenda Wise  3-Region 9 Feeding Group

Groups 3.9 numbered

Week of March 3-9:  1-Mountain View Baptist Church, Maiden, NC  2-Grace Community Church, Richmond, VA  3-Michigan Group working with Pastor Todd  4-UNC Charlotte Group  5-College of William and Mary Group  6-Region 7 Feeding Group

Rebuild 3.9

Kelly’s group worked on two different homes doing complete tear outs.

Rebuild 3.91

Teams have started putting in insulation and flooring so the plumbers and electricians can get in to do their repair work.

Other 3.9

Ann went home for a doctor’s check-up and then was able to help make badges at region 1 training.  Billy attended the reopening of the A&P in Ortley Beach where he was able to speak to the Lt. Governor.  A group of Americorp/FEMA volunteers came by on Monday to get an understanding on how NCBM works.   The Mt. View team brought up donations of soap & cleaners that had been collected by a girls track team in their town.  The workers leave their boots at the door to keep from tracking up the church.  The UNC Charlotte group made us a NCBM snow man before they left for home.

The reason these posts are so late is because Ann went home for a week and when she got back she developed shingles and has been sick for over a week.