Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Weeks In One

Groups 3.2 numbered

Week of February 24-March 2: 1-Mitchem Group  2-Howard and Glenda Wise  3-Region 9 Feeding Group

Groups 3.9 numbered

Week of March 3-9:  1-Mountain View Baptist Church, Maiden, NC  2-Grace Community Church, Richmond, VA  3-Michigan Group working with Pastor Todd  4-UNC Charlotte Group  5-College of William and Mary Group  6-Region 7 Feeding Group

Rebuild 3.9

Kelly’s group worked on two different homes doing complete tear outs.

Rebuild 3.91

Teams have started putting in insulation and flooring so the plumbers and electricians can get in to do their repair work.

Other 3.9

Ann went home for a doctor’s check-up and then was able to help make badges at region 1 training.  Billy attended the reopening of the A&P in Ortley Beach where he was able to speak to the Lt. Governor.  A group of Americorp/FEMA volunteers came by on Monday to get an understanding on how NCBM works.   The Mt. View team brought up donations of soap & cleaners that had been collected by a girls track team in their town.  The workers leave their boots at the door to keep from tracking up the church.  The UNC Charlotte group made us a NCBM snow man before they left for home.

The reason these posts are so late is because Ann went home for a week and when she got back she developed shingles and has been sick for over a week.

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