Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two Hard Working Teams & A Passover Seder


Teams; Long Branch Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC & Region 1 Feeding Team from Meherrin Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, NC.

Feeding Team jobs

During the day the cook team went out to sites to work for a few hours.  They moved food and supplies at Union Church of Lavallette one day.  Another day they pulled nails and staples. They cleaned up for the rebuild team coming next week.  However they made sure to get back to Grace in time to clean up and fix some great meals.   I understand now that they are back in NC they are going to help Allen build a Baptist Builders tool trailer.


If you notice Elton who came with feeding team is spending a lot of time on the floor, well he lost his legs several years ago in a farm accident but he will not give up.  He still goes and serves and on this trip well it was easier to get on the floor than bend over all day for him. The Long Branch team (and Elton) spent the week replacing flooring and insulation. 


On Wednesday night Grace held a Passover Seder.  Dr. Mitch Glaser, the president of Chosen People Ministries guided us through the Seder.  He explained the traditional foods and actions of the Jewish Passover and showed us how it points to Christ

We only had two small teams this week but they got a lot of work done.  Next week we will will have three large teams.  Stay tuned for what will for sure be a great week because GOD is sending each one for a reason.  Has he called you to go and serve ?  Big question is – when He calls do you listen ?

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