Sunday, February 26, 2012

Volunteers Needed Arrive


Two weeks ago I had no volunteers coming for the week of February 20th and Charles was leaving on the 21th.  But within a couple of days the phone started to ring as GOD touched the hearts of some needed volunteers.  Dale from Manteo came each day.  Sharon & Tim came from Pilot Mountain.  David brought four from Edenton (Chris, Mike, Jan and Lisa).  AB, Ruth Ann, Ben and Becky came from Murfreesboro.  Steve and David came from Elizabeth City.


Alvin lead a team from Memorial Baptist in Williamston.  They arrived on Monday and worked on three different houses while here including installing siding on Chester’s mobile home.  They are a great example of how much a small team can get done when GOD leads the way.


The ladies painted at the Branch house getting it so close to being  ready for flooring to be installed.  If you have not noticed the color it is purple inside and out, just what Jennifer wants.


Two hours after David told me who was coming with him the Methodist Men here asked if we could build a ramp for a 93 year young lady who had fallen.  My first thought was YES GOD I will call David so he can prepare to build it.


As Sharon & Tim worked on getting the pilings and floor system ready they were joined on Friday by Steve &  David from Elizabeth City along with Mike Layton from Edenton.  With the floor in David, Chris, Ben & A B joined Mike on Saturday to build and stand the exterior walls on Elsie’s home.  Oh how much can happen when we listen to the call and respond to where GOD is calling us to serve.  To see pictures of Elsie original over 100 year old house go to Michael Halminski's Photography Blog.

THANK YOU GOD for a great group of men and women who served this week and got so much accomplished.


Ann will not have to go far now when she goes to post office to get the mail – across the drive.  Actually this is the historic post office of Salvo also known as North Carolina's Smallest Post Office in America.   It had to be moved due to a home being built where it was sitting.  It is now on the Salvo Fire Department land and should never have to be moved again.


GOD has provided us with some great food like this Ho Ho cake Ann made.  So when you come plan to serve GOD as we try to follow His call to share His word as we use our actions and hands to rebuild this part of the OBX.  I know you will get a blessing from the work and GOD will provide some great looking and tasting meals.


What a sunset He provided as the week ended on Saturday evening. The sun rises are great also.  My thanks to all who have come to the OBX to serve already.  We are getting many more requests for help so please consider coming to Salvo to serve GOD this year.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Working on the Branch House


Gabe is demonstrating how great JE & Betsy Skinner work together.  Michele has found a new hobby – painting.  Brad & Michele are from Cool Springs.  Dale & Billy are trying to figure out the directions so Dale can correct previous contractors work.  


The Swannanoa team & Brad completed the exterior siding and eve repairs.


On Saturday we were joined by a college age group from Wilmington  along with Vaughn and Tenia from Yadkinville. We didn’t have any wells to dig so Vaughn and Charles did trim work while Tenia and Michelle painted inside.  The youngsters installed insulation underneath and covered most of it with sheeting.  They also started the exterior painting and unloaded the trash trailer.  And don’t forget the food-fish (sea mullet) fresh from the ocean brought up by Rob Anders (Mike’s son) and another great desert (sweet potato pie).  THANKS cooking crew.


Thank you Charles.  You’ve been Billy’s right hand man and Ann’s picture taker, coffee maker and trash man.  We love you, will miss you and are looking forward to your return.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Oakdale Baptist Church on Mission at Salvo


Click here to see their pictures and report.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Teams Have Arrived

This week we had four different teams come to Salvo to work. We have worked on rebuilding existing homes, building a new home, reinstalling a fence and moving furniture.  As the saying goes, the LORD works in mysterious ways and on each job this week I feel He was present and active.  Also met Gabe a local resident who has been working in Jeniffer & Wesley's home with us.  He as many others out here are doing what they can to help each other.


At present time we do not have any volunteers scheduled to come and work on the week of Feb. 20th.

Feb. 20th is President's Day so if you have off it would be a great day to come to the OBX.  If all plans hold together we will start the floor system for Elsie Hooper's new home that week.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

OBX Rebuild Officially Started This Week

After a few days at home and a trip to Camp Caraway for Blue Hat training we are now back in Salvo.


Charles Aultman is our only construction volunteer this week. Billy and Charles have been helping Tony frame his house.


Charles has also been helping to repair Paula’s house.


Hayden and Sonny from Cool Springs Baptist Church in Sanford brought us 2 freezers and a load of food from Raleigh.


Ann decided this trip that she wanted to do the cooking for the teams.  Linda Skinner is here helping her and we have been enjoying these chocolate covered strawberries she made.

We have five jobs going on and as you can imagine we need more construction help. We also would like witness teams for some community activities.  Please consider coming out to OBX to serve our awesome God by giving us a hand.