Monday, February 20, 2012

Working on the Branch House


Gabe is demonstrating how great JE & Betsy Skinner work together.  Michele has found a new hobby – painting.  Brad & Michele are from Cool Springs.  Dale & Billy are trying to figure out the directions so Dale can correct previous contractors work.  


The Swannanoa team & Brad completed the exterior siding and eve repairs.


On Saturday we were joined by a college age group from Wilmington  along with Vaughn and Tenia from Yadkinville. We didn’t have any wells to dig so Vaughn and Charles did trim work while Tenia and Michelle painted inside.  The youngsters installed insulation underneath and covered most of it with sheeting.  They also started the exterior painting and unloaded the trash trailer.  And don’t forget the food-fish (sea mullet) fresh from the ocean brought up by Rob Anders (Mike’s son) and another great desert (sweet potato pie).  THANKS cooking crew.


Thank you Charles.  You’ve been Billy’s right hand man and Ann’s picture taker, coffee maker and trash man.  We love you, will miss you and are looking forward to your return.

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