Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whether You Are Young or Old God Will Use You If You Are Willing


1-Oak City Baptist Church brought a large team wanting to do what ever GOD led them to do. Tripp was the youngest (5) and GOD led him to love each of us and he also did a great devotion.  2-Don & Bill were two individuals who came, met and became a good team and I assume friends forever.  3-The Pactolus group also came with a heart to serve at whatever God needed them to do.  4-Steve Hudyma joined up with the Center Grove team from Ahoskie which heard the call for help and went.  5-And for all who say they are too old to do mission work well you need to try to hang with the Matthews group. They ask what to do and then it gets done.  So a big THANKS to GOD and his children “young, senior and in between.“

Fuller and Tony

Pastor Chris from Oak City did some electrical work at Tony’s while the girls did lots of clean up.  The Matthews group worked on the Fulchur house in Avon.  They did electric, plumbing & laid flooring.

K Williams2

Mike Daughtery (aka Chief Mike) built cabinets for the Williams house in Avon.  Since Roy from Oak City knew Mike he went to help along with Rob. That is the largest butterfly bush in Kathy’s back yard I’ve ever seen.

Janie 1

Most of the Oak City team spent the week at the now “Little Yellow House” (previously red).  They cleaned up, moved sand, built and planted a vegetable garden, built an a/c pad.

Janie 2

They moved everything in the attic including the floor to install new insulation.  They installed floor insulation under the house and then put up the underpinning.  Chris gave lessons on pulling wire.  Don & Bill finished the rails & pickets on the rear deck.  Then they did the main part of the front deck.  They also helped get the siding started. Of course under the house was the favorite “taking a break and cooling off spot” for everyone. 

Janie 3

Richie (local) continued to finish the sheet rock.  He not only finished it he also did the knock down and primed the ceilings.  The Pactolus group helped get a lot of the siding done and some of the ladies have started painting the exterior. 

Meals devotions and fun

Lots of people this week so the dining area was full during meal times and devotions. Top right is Tripp with his mom at his side for support while he told us all about Jonah and the whale and how we should all turn from our sins.  After a long hard days work the Oak City guys said they were going to go catch supper.  Well they didn’t catch much of anything so I’m glad that Ann and Linda went ahead and prepared a great meal as they have six days a week since Feb. 1st. 

There are two guarantees if you come to the OBX to serve GOD: 1- you will get a blessing out of it while you enjoy yourself   2 – Forget your diet cause the way Ann & Linda cook, let’s just say its your own fault if you get up from the table hungry.  I assure you your belly will get full because they prepare plenty of great tasting food and deserts.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Short But Good Week


We had a short week in Salvo.  We started Monday with three volunteers – Bruce, Tim & Billy T.  Then Thad (a Baptist Man on vacation) came and helped on Tuesday.  We worked on Dean’s little red house, which by the way is not red any more and will now be referred to as Dean’s house.  We installed the windows, built a porch and steps and started hanging sheet rock.  On Wednesday Richie and Ann joined us hanging sheet rock.  Although the volunteers left by Wednesday lunch Richie came back on Thursday to help finish hanging the ceilings.   We left to go home on Thursday but Richie was still hanging rock and said he would work on it until we return on Sunday.  And believe it or not that is Billy on the pier Sunday evening fishing.

Please continue to pray for us and the many volunteers GOD is calling to go and serve. The month of July is basically open.









Obituary of Ina Claire Moore Ezzell

We went home to attend the funeral of Ina Ezzell who was our daughter-in-law’s grandmother. She was such a sweet Christian lady and will be greatly missed. Billy had known her & her husband Bill for many years.

We also were able to make a short but enjoyable visit to Lake Gaston.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wow! What a Week!


Volunteers-David brought his transit so we could level Dean’s piling band.  Charles and Don from Roxboro finally meet.  Carey from Whiteville and Andy from Clinton came via Murphy & lets not forget our new friends Bruce, Bill & Donna from Kentucky. Wayne from Hertford.


More volunteers-AB from Murfreesboro , The Deacon Family-John, Stephanie, Sarah & Molly from Youngsville, Lisa 1 from Edenton and Lisa 2 from Roxobel, Lewis, Brenda, Linda and Warren from Elizabeth City, and George, Arthur and Charles from Roanoke Rapids.

Deans Pilings

Little Red House #1-Abode House Movers finished raising Dean’s (also known as the Little Red House) on Monday.  On Tuesday Able Marine installed the pilings. Then the Baptist volunteers cut the pilings and set the banding so Wayne’s crew could lower the house on Friday.  Although the week started off a little slow doing odd & ends due to schedule changes we were very flexible when Wayne’s schedule changed and he wanted to lower Dean’s house on Thursday afternoon. The men & women worked hard and steady to get things ready.  When Wayne had the house set down and his guys were getting their equipment up and loaded he came over and spoke precious words “It is great to work around a group like yours. They work steady and the language is clean and joyful.”  I enjoy that part a lot myself. 

Dean Lowered

Little Red House #2-If you have never banded pilings, cut and set bands or tied it all together it is a lot of thought, check & recheck. Although the volunteers had not done this before they stepped up to the plate, asked what to do and did what would have taken an average beach crew 3 or 4 days to complete in 2 days. THANKS VOLUNTEERS and PLEASE forgive me for getting a little tense and short.

IDean Lowered1

Little Red House #3-John Deacon brought his girls with him this trip. They cleaned up, installed insulation (on 2 jobs) and moved fill sand under Dean’s house.  John, Bruce, Bill and Don built the back deck.  A group came from Elizabeth City and painted trim.  Lowe’s brought the sheet rock but forgot to send anybody to put it in the house.  Again THANKS to the volunteers who stepped up to the challenge of handling 90 pieces of sheet rock.  Silver lining – the fork lift operator and a passer by both asked why we are working so hard and where we were from.  I must give Charles the credit for stopping to answer their questions. 

Elsie & Tony

Elsie’s and Tony’s- Some did entrance wiring and insulation at Elsie’s and others helped frame and install underpinning at Tony & Erin’s.


Pastor Steve and Wesley & Jennifer-Couple of weeks back the college group removed the old shed at Wesley & Jennifer’s so a few volunteers went by to finish the ramp to the new shed.  Volunteers also worked at Pastor Steve’s finishing sheet rock, painting and exterior trim work.


We made new friends and formed relationships that will last on into heaven when we meet again or maybe before.  NCBM and KYBM definitely worked side by side.  Ann enjoyed perhaps her last OBX quilt meet and luncheon for this year.  Charles and Donna bonded due to she would point out mistakes he had noticed already and was figuring on a correction plan. The guys were able to put their thoughts together and figure out how things are done.  BEST of all GOD gave us beautiful scenery and great fellowship so we could enjoy another day in paradise.

Please pray we get more volunteers in the next few weeks as there is still lots of work to be completed.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day 5K, a House Raising and Good Food

robin and Glenn

Monday through Thursday our only volunteers were Linda’s friends from VA, Robin and  Glen. We worked on floor replacement at Kathy M’s and insulation at the Little Red House. Robin and Glen also went to Avon on Thursday to paint and install base molding. Then they had some R & R time.  They are a great couple and we hope they will come again.


On Friday & Saturday we had groups from Ignite Church in Greenville.  They put up insulation & hung sheet rock at Pastor Steve’s house in the room he is fixing up for one of his daughter’s and her family to live in.

Little Red House-001

On Friday our new house raising team started bringing in equipment and then after it was in spot on Saturday they started raising The Little Red House (of course it’s not red any more).  You can see the before and after pictures but it still will go higher. God had his hand in arranging for Wayne’s crew to raise this house.  Pray for us that we don’t miss the opportunity to serve GOD as he has planned.

Food and Fun

Ann and her friend Melinda ran in the 1st Annual Shore Break 5K in Avon.  It was a tough race ending on the beach.  Thanks to a lady that goes to Cape Hatteras Baptist Church we had a bushel of fresh blue crabs delivered on Monday.  Linda was in crab heaven.  Other than what we ate Monday night she picked the rest by her self “THANK’s LINDA”.   We are still having great meals and desserts. Normally teams will take a day off and go out at least one night for local food.  But so far the teams have worked each day they are here and everybody looks forward to the next meal with the comment “we can diet when we go home” or “This is the best food I’ve ever had on a mission trip.”  Beryl came and went.  It only left us a small amount of rain and the winds, other than for about 2 hours, were basically normal.  What beautiful sights GOD provides after a storm.

Billy did get a five second spot on WRAL.