Saturday, June 29, 2013

One Team But They Worked Hard

NCBM NJ 6.29.20131-Billy with Ms. Florence (one of the women here that thinks Billy is a saint); 2-Central Baptist Church, Dunn; 3-Region 5 Feeding Team-Rob, Kay and Mervin; 4&5-Billy and Ann working on Susan’s house in Seaside Park.6.29The Central Baptist team split up and worked on several jobs.  The bags of tear out material from Union Church in Seaside Heights were too heavy for the trash truck so some of them rebagged the material. Another group went to Joan’s house to paint trim work that had been installed.  We had a few dry days so several of them finished filling in the dirt under Susan’s home.  The rest of the team worked on moving a wall and running some water lines at Jayne’s

July will be a very busy time for NCBM in New Jersey and New York so PLEASE pray that we will follow GOD’s guidance and share his grace with the ones he has sent us to serve.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Trip to The City for Ann

TeamsWe only had one work teams this week, Drexel Baptist Church.  Our Region 4 feeding team was Martha Ann and Tom from Clayton. We were able to celebrate Austin’s 19th birthday with him. 

On Thursday afternoon most of the Drexel Team went to New York City.  I saw this as a good opportunity to go (they had a big bus) since Billy will probably never take me.  We took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  When we got off the ferry we were entertained by a group of street performers.  They were very gymnastically talented.  Then a group of us walked to the 911 Memorial.  It was very moving and the group even saw the name of someone they knew that died at the Pentagon.  We had supper at a Panini shop and headed back on the ferry just at the right time to see a beautiful sunset. 

On Wednesday I started working with the kids in Grace Scouts.  ~Ann~

NJ Disaster Relief 6.22.13The Drexel team split up into several groups.  They spent the week painting, installing cabinets, installing sheet rock installing doors and putting up trim work.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Welcome Visit From Home

New Jersey 20131-Colonial Baptist, Cary;  2-Momeyer Baptist (our home church); 3-Austin Grove Baptist, Marshville; 4-Riverview Baptist, Pactolus;  5-Benson Baptist;  6-Feeding Team Region 1-Edenton Baptist;  7-Conerstone Christian Fellowship, Sparta.Momeyer I think you don’t realize how much you miss your friends from home until you see them again.  We really enjoyed having the Momeyer team here. They were on a roll this week.  They picked up their rollers and brushes and painted for Florence and Joan.  They also took time to stop and talk with the homeowners when they would come in to visit.  It was a  joy to see home folk. Cary and CornerstoneThe Colonial and Austin Grove teams hung and finished sheet rock as well as doing trim work.  The Cornerstone group started their week with a complete tear out.  Then some moved sand while others installed insulation.  During all the rain on Thursday they did another tear out on a church building.  On Friday night they did two skits for their devotion.TimThe Riverview and Benson teams installed floor decking, repaired walls and cleaned old tile grout so new tile could be installed.

With the large number of volunteers a lot of work got done.  However thanks to the teams, I saw where 5 different homeowners received the blessing from GOD, “I will provide for your needs”.  Thanks to the volunteers who have helped open the doors of sharing the love of GOD by volunteering in New Jersey and through out the world.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Four States Serving God Together

NJ Teams 6.8.121-East Fork Baptist, Kentwood, Louisiana;  2-Steven, Yorktown, VA;  3-Feeding Team Region 7, Denise, Barry and Louise;  4-The Self Family, Milledgeville, GACBombria-CinnamonNutmeg_2001Four teams with the same goal “SERVE GOD“ where needed.  Several families were so grateful this week for the work done on rebuilding their lives and homes.  Sheet rock was finished. Painting was done. Trim work installed. Tools gathered and a porch was even raised.  What simple task of work each of these were, BUT they were the task that GOD called this group to do in New Jersey this week so HIS GLORY could shine through the work and workers.Rename On Sunday Ann wanted to go touring so Louise and I joined her.  Our first stop was at Deep Cut Gardens where we saw some beautiful flowers.  Then we went on up to Mount  Mitchell Scenic Overlook which is said to be the highest point along the eastern coast.  There was a great view of New York from here however it was a little overcast which caused the view to be a little hard to see.  There is also a monument there in remembrance of 911.   

On Saturday I asked Ann to ride with me as I made my weekly check-up rounds and meet a few home owners to go over a few details.  We went by Joan’s so she could explain to Ann what colors she wanted her walls painted and I could measure for interior doors.  Then we went to Jayne’s to met her and her mother. Jayne, her daughter, a big dog and a cat have been living with her mother since the storm in a one bedroom town house and she is looking forward to being able to move back home.   Richard was also there waiting on this group that would help him rebuild his home and all he had to do was ask. 

GOD has been so good here in Jersey since Sandy made a visit that will never be forgotten by the residents.  We have seen and heard GOD at work in their lives.  As the work North Carolina Baptist and others continues I ask you to take a moment and pray that we listen to GOD’s calling and respond in the way HE is leading us.  Here in New Jersey our biggest need now is for N J licensed electricians to step up to the calling.  Please join us in prayer that the need will be met.

Are you following GOD’s call where ever it may take you ?


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faithful Workers

TeamsTeams:  1-Anthony, Steve and Mark-Corinth Baptist, Elizabeth City; 2-Denise & Barry-Reg. 7 Feeding Team;  3-East Fork Baptist-Louisiana; 4-Alan-Conway Baptist; 5-David-Bethesda Baptist, Durham.NJ 6.1.13The Corinth team finished sheet rock in three homes.  They were supposed to leave Saturday but decided to work one more day and leave on Sunday. The East Fork group came in on Wednesday night.  They hung and finished sheet rock in one house,  removed foam insulation from crawl space of another and did mud work and trim work on a third home.   Allen Harris spent the week hanging doors and installing trim work.  David worked on a tearout job.  For fun on Sunday, Ann & I went on a walk around the Manasquan Reservoir.  A long five mile walk.  Ann saw the ducks and their little ones on another three mile walk around Carasaljo Park Lake. She went on this one without me. Billy