Sunday, June 2, 2013

Faithful Workers

TeamsTeams:  1-Anthony, Steve and Mark-Corinth Baptist, Elizabeth City; 2-Denise & Barry-Reg. 7 Feeding Team;  3-East Fork Baptist-Louisiana; 4-Alan-Conway Baptist; 5-David-Bethesda Baptist, Durham.NJ 6.1.13The Corinth team finished sheet rock in three homes.  They were supposed to leave Saturday but decided to work one more day and leave on Sunday. The East Fork group came in on Wednesday night.  They hung and finished sheet rock in one house,  removed foam insulation from crawl space of another and did mud work and trim work on a third home.   Allen Harris spent the week hanging doors and installing trim work.  David worked on a tearout job.  For fun on Sunday, Ann & I went on a walk around the Manasquan Reservoir.  A long five mile walk.  Ann saw the ducks and their little ones on another three mile walk around Carasaljo Park Lake. She went on this one without me. Billy

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