Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Welcome Visit From Home

New Jersey 20131-Colonial Baptist, Cary;  2-Momeyer Baptist (our home church); 3-Austin Grove Baptist, Marshville; 4-Riverview Baptist, Pactolus;  5-Benson Baptist;  6-Feeding Team Region 1-Edenton Baptist;  7-Conerstone Christian Fellowship, Sparta.Momeyer I think you don’t realize how much you miss your friends from home until you see them again.  We really enjoyed having the Momeyer team here. They were on a roll this week.  They picked up their rollers and brushes and painted for Florence and Joan.  They also took time to stop and talk with the homeowners when they would come in to visit.  It was a  joy to see home folk. Cary and CornerstoneThe Colonial and Austin Grove teams hung and finished sheet rock as well as doing trim work.  The Cornerstone group started their week with a complete tear out.  Then some moved sand while others installed insulation.  During all the rain on Thursday they did another tear out on a church building.  On Friday night they did two skits for their devotion.TimThe Riverview and Benson teams installed floor decking, repaired walls and cleaned old tile grout so new tile could be installed.

With the large number of volunteers a lot of work got done.  However thanks to the teams, I saw where 5 different homeowners received the blessing from GOD, “I will provide for your needs”.  Thanks to the volunteers who have helped open the doors of sharing the love of GOD by volunteering in New Jersey and through out the world.

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