Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Have Volunteers in New Jersey Again

Mission Trip Adventures 10.25  1-Region 8 Feeding Team and Rebuild Team; 2-Lakeview Baptist, Albemarle, NC; 3-Momeyer Baptist Church, Nashville, NC (our home team).Mission Trip Adventures 10.25-001  With volunteers back at work we were able to accomplish a lot. Tim and Chris finished the cabinets at Paul's.  The Momeyer group painted the walls, doors and trim and installed most of the cabinets at Michelle's.   The Region 8 team split up and worked several jobs. They did final paint and clean up at Jayne's, did touch up paint and final clean up at June's, did trim work and painting at Paul's and installed 2 sets of cabinets on Dupont Street.  The Lakeview Baptist team did insulation, tear out and clean up.  They insulated Paul and June's crawl space, tore down a foundation and floor system, did a complete tear out and started two more.  I believe they would have finished all three but the dumpsters were full.  They also cleared the sand off Barbara's lot so we could see what we had to start working with.

It sure is great to have volunteer coming to help again.  Without volunteers the work effort is very slow.  For the ones of you who have been asking about when are we starting Barbara's house - She now has permits and we are hoping to get the foundation started next week.  So if you can frame we would like to hear from you about helping out.  Hoping to get foundation done and floor system in by Thanksgiving.  If that happens then we want to start framing when we return to Jersey on December 2nd.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Weeks With No Volunteers

10.18  It’s been mighty quiet around here for the past couple of weeks with no volunteers.  We have continued to work and visit.  1-Ann went to the boardwalk to enjoy the rides before the cold sets in.  2-Ann and I took a trip to Ohio to see Kim and the guys.  After revival Sunday evening we went by Dairy Queen. Tim and Vicki went home for a few days also. 3-Billy installed an exhaust vent at June’s house while Ann, Tim and Vickie finished the painting.  As soon as her appliances arrive she home will be complete. 4&5-Tim and Chris installed the bamboo flooring at Paul’s.  6-Saturday ended up being busy.  We were asked to attend the North Jersey Net (a Southern Baptist association of churches in the northern half of New Jersey) meeting to speak about disaster relief and rebuild on Saturday morning. We enjoyed worship with a great Hispanic praise band from one of the associational churches. Then we returned to Seaside and attended a Lions Club Beafsteak dinner where we were thanked for our work in the area.

PRAISE-Barbara Hastings finally got her building permits this week so please call and make reservations to come and help build her home. 

We are now waiting on three volunteer teams to arrive.  Sure will be nice to again have some help.  Got to remember GOD has control of all and all must be in His timing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Region 5 Rocks!!!

Mission Trip Adventures 10.4  I’ve lost count of the number of time that Region 5 volunteers have come to NJ with a feeding and rebuild team combined. They were small in numbers but came with a heart to serve GOD. The ladies cooked some great meals and did some fall cleaning.  With so many volunteers coming through it is nice to have a group every now and then to do a good deep cleaning.  The guys started out the week moving belongings at a home that is going to be raised.  The rest of the week they spent at the Gross home adding a layer of floor decking and bridge blocking the studs for sheet rock and trim work later.  Tim and Billy worked on finishing up the new vinyl siding.  Ann, Vickie, Tim and Billy also did trim work, caulking, painting and final plumbing hook ups at June’s home. We celebrated Frances’ birthday on Wednesday.

We don’t have any volunteers for two weeks so think we will just go fishing.  Just kidding, but seriously we could use some help.