Saturday, October 4, 2014

Region 5 Rocks!!!

Mission Trip Adventures 10.4  I’ve lost count of the number of time that Region 5 volunteers have come to NJ with a feeding and rebuild team combined. They were small in numbers but came with a heart to serve GOD. The ladies cooked some great meals and did some fall cleaning.  With so many volunteers coming through it is nice to have a group every now and then to do a good deep cleaning.  The guys started out the week moving belongings at a home that is going to be raised.  The rest of the week they spent at the Gross home adding a layer of floor decking and bridge blocking the studs for sheet rock and trim work later.  Tim and Billy worked on finishing up the new vinyl siding.  Ann, Vickie, Tim and Billy also did trim work, caulking, painting and final plumbing hook ups at June’s home. We celebrated Frances’ birthday on Wednesday.

We don’t have any volunteers for two weeks so think we will just go fishing.  Just kidding, but seriously we could use some help.

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Ann Harlow said...

I was looking at recipes and saw your and your husband's name. It stood out like a sore thumb because my and my husband's name is Ann and Billy. We've been married 50 years as of last month. Wish you the best on your Mission Trips!!